Monday, 13 January 2014

First look with Sleek i-Divine Snapshots palette!

Bright eyes with the Snapshots palette! Happy January ladies! This is another recent palette I acquired in December! In the last bunch of make up items I purchase at the end of year I decided after comparing for a very long time that out of all the rest of the Sleek palettes I don't own I had to have this one because of the shade selection!

I'm so smittened by the bright shades in this palette, plus how most of them are shimmery just the way I love my eyeshadows. For a first look I jumped straight into my favorite shades, the green, blue and teal! Although I haven't posted the haul with the palette I just need to share this look!

Continue below for the full look!
Green and blue look using Sleek's Snapshots palette! (Kiwi Flower, Humming Bird, Green Iguana)
My bare skin (very clear thanks to long term medication!)
One layer of a mix of Missha Perfect Cover (my review here) and Peripera BB cream (my review here) The finish of these bb creams are very dewy, I must set them!
My foundation set with my holy grail ZA powder! (my review here)
For my intended look, I used Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze and Tenacious Teal as a base for the look (my review here)
The completed look! I used 3 shades from the Sleek Snapshots palette!
I used Kiwi Flower, Humming Bird and Green Iguana, placing the green on the inside and blending the blues into the brown in and above my crease!
A super easy way to wear bright greens and blues, use it strictly on your lid, use a brown to blend them out and add some eyeliner and mascara!
Products Used: Biore UV Aqua Rich watery Mousse, Missha Perfect Cover BB (my review here), Peripera I Love BB Cream (my review here), Sleek Snapshots palette, Lancome (dark brown shade used), Sleek true color lipstick (my review here), K-palette eyeliner, Kiss me heroine mascara (my review here), Revlon matte shadow (for eyebrows), Canmake blush (my review here), ZA 2 way cake powder (my review here), Maybelline color tattoo (my review here)
My completed blue and green look using the Sleek snapshots palette!
Brightening, soft and warm! I love the soft cheek and lip color (also from sleek)
Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Barely There Sheen formula (my review here)
Green and blue look with Sleek i-Divine Snapshots palette!
My January has been very relaxing so far. I've only had a week of school but am going back to work in two days times into a new section in my kitchen! Hope things go well and I adapt quickly! I've been very strong this month so far and have not spent any money on make up yet.

 I just purchased a lavender body scrub from Boots and a John Frieda conditioner yesterday! Also I finally put in my order to Beauty Bay for my Babyliss conical hair curler in pink! Sooo excited, this is my first order with them! I can't wait to use it!

Would you buy a shimmery colorful palette like this one?
What shade do you like best in the palette?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
Thank you!


  1. The whole look is pretty fancy and girly!! I really like the colour of the lipstick and the subtle line of eyeliner!!

  2. A very beautiful look ! I never bought this palette , because i have most of the colors in other sleek palettes :)

  3. Hey Sharlyn, the look & colours of the eye-shadow are of a beautiful peacock! I'm truly impressed with your make-up technique. I'm tempted to put on some too. ^_^

  4. Such an amazing Look <3 Love this lipstick on you <3

  5. Love it!! I use to have the Teal tattoo, but it dried up so fast! ):

  6. Great look here! It reminds me of a peacock tail feather =)

    xxx Kat @ Katness

  7. Your eye makeup is stunning! Gorgeous use of colours, Sharlynn. I haven't used a lot of vibrant colours like these on myself before because I usually shy away to neutrals, but this looks really good!

  8. I love the look you did here! The combinations of all colors are gorgeous! I definitely would buy a colorful makeup palette. <3

  9. Love how this eye makeup looks on you! I haven't gotten around to be daring on my makeup to be that bold and colorful! looks absolutely stunning! I need to get my hands on these Sleek makeup.... hopefully I can get my friends in the UK to sneak them over on the way back!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  10. you look great in that teal eyeshadow.. i'm a scardey cat and stick to my neutrals but always love to see people rocking the colors! and that sleek lipstick look so gorgeous, it'll make the perfect spring lip color! if only i could get my hands on sleek stuff here in hong kong!

    rachel x

  11. So pretty! Thanks for the tutorial!

  12. The lipstick looks gorgeous on you. Pretty makeup look! I love the pigmentation of the eyeshadows.

  13. WHOAH gorgeous eyeshadow look! Totally reminds me of a peacock, and I actually have the same Colour Tattoos! I'll probably try and recreate this look...and sit at home all day because I think I'd be embarrassed to wear it out, haha.

  14. I love this look! The blues and greens are beautiful on you and I love how you paired a peachy pink lipstick with it. We need to do some colab posts on some looks since we both enjoy doing them so much and aren't afraid of color ;p




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