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Review: Shiseido InteGrate Milky Flower Cheek Limited in 1 Flower Pink!

Milky! Shiny! Flowers! Don't as me what that's exactly suppose to mean! Those exact same words are on the front of the packaging! I think the 'milky' refers to the gradient colors and how the shades are a bit pastel/soft in tone, the 'shiny' maybe due to the shimmer and the 'flowers'...well that one remains a giant mystery to me! 

This beautiful blush was purchased through the Japanese cosmetics site, the sell everything from Japanese drugstore brands like Kate, Visee, Lavshuca to departmental store high end brands like Jill Stuart, THREE, Addiction and Suqqu!

This brand InteGrate is a Shiseido owned brand and it can be found on the website under 'Shiseido'. All prices on the website include shipping so what you pay for both the product/shipping is the price listed for each product! 

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Shiseido InteGrate Milky Flower Cheek Limited in 1 Flower Pink!
Shiseido InteGrate Milky Flower Cheek Limited in 1 Flower Pink!
Shiseido InteGrate Milky Flower Cheek Limited in 1 Flower Pink!

Shiseido InteGrate Milky Flower Cheek Limited in 1 Flower Pink!

Being someone who already has a penchant for Japanese drugstore brands like Canmake, Kate, Kiss me Heroine the design and packaging of this blush is no surprise to me. It's a somewhat sturdy plastic case with a pretty metallic finish cover with a clear section where you can see the blush. That's something I really like, I love seeing the product inside. Also do take note that the see through pane of plastic has a pretty dimensional cut design like the surface of a gem. These bits of details really stand out for a drugstore brand!

You also get a nice dense small-medium sized brush which actually is good enough for blush application if needed, otherwise I always like using my small rounded blush brush. Overall the packaging is slim, practical and also has small pretty details. Not as detailed and pretty as Majolica Majorca but nowhere as plain as Canmake's blushes. Another plus point is that all Japanese drugstore make up that comes in metal pans are super easy to depot, no heat needed!

Shiseido InteGrate Milky Flower Cheek Limited in 1 Flower Pink! (Just look at those pretty strips of color! From pink to orange!)
Swatches of Shiseido InteGrate Milky Flower Cheek Limited in 1 Flower Pink!

Face it. This blush is DAMN PURTTY. When I saw the photo of the product, I was all starry eyed! I love how you get six slim strips of color! Three strips are pink, three are orange toned. Each color goes from a pigmented matte shade to a medium matte shade and then each have a light pastel with fine shimmer! Above is a photo of all 6 shades swatched next to each other. As you can see there's a good gradient of shades. The textures of this blush are soft and the pigmentation is good. It's the type of blush that can be pigmented or can be worn more lightly/sheerly if you just want a slight pinch of color!

Besides being a fan of the gradient color concept which means I can have a blush which is more pink, more orange or a mix of both this blush blend out like a dream! It's hard to over do this blush as it's very soft but not powdery. As seen below all shades mixed together gives you think sort of milky natural slightly shimmery coral pink shade which would be so flattering to most asian skin tones. This blush last very well on the skin when applied on top of a powdered surface. I always powder on top of my liquid foundations and hence in general most of my blushes last at least 6 hours looking fresh.

All 6 shades swatched together of Shiseido InteGrate Milky Flower Cheek Limited in 1 Flower Pink! It's a gorgeous natural flushed type shade!
Wearing Shiseido InteGrate Milky Flower Cheek Limited in 1 Flower Pink!
Shiseido InteGrate Milky Flower Cheek Limited in 1 Flower Pink!
Paid: ¥ 2350 JPY or $26 SGD or $19.50 USD (This includes the international shipping fee)

Recommend: YES. I absolutely recommend this pretty blush! It's not only pretty but it has great color pay off, is versatile and would be flattering to those with fair-light/medium skin tones!

Repurchase: No. I'm super satisfied with this blush but would love to buy another type of gradient blush where the one color is a gradient from one side to the other.

Bottom line: A gorgeous drugstore product from InteGrate, I totally love how there are 6 shades as it really can produce 3 distinct colors. The blush has a great soft texture which blends like a dream on the cheeks, you can't go wrong with this shade!

What are your favorite Japanese drugstore brands?
Do you own any gradient blushes?
Let me know!

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  1. wow that is one beautiful blush!! the finish on your cheeks is so glowy and radiant! ^^
    It is quite rare for Asian brand blushes to be so pigmented, that is one good quality!
    I used to order a lot from Ichibankao but now I am converted to ebay hehe

  2. I was wary of those pinks in the pan, but then when it was all swirled up and on your cheeks, OH MAN. IT'S BEAUTIFUL. It's like the most perfect pink.

  3. That is such a pretty compact, and I love the colours of the bars within the blush! xx

    Gemma |

  4. This is so pretty! I absolutely love gradient-like blushes, and this one is such a pretty shade.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  5. hmm yea i have no idea what 'milky shiny flowers' is supposed to mean either lol
    i don't think i would use each shade individual but swirling them all together gives a great pink.

  6. This is an amazing find! At first it didn't look like much to me but when swatched, I can see the beauty in it. You can focus on the pinks if that's what your mood calls for... or the oranges, if that's what you feel like. And swishing them altogether also looks really pretty!!!

  7. omg I love Integrate! I wish I had access to their products more often. The blush looks stunning on you, and I love how versatile it is! As you said, I also tend to gravitate towards the cute, feminine packaging of Japanese cosmetic products. WIsh more brands here in the U.S. were like that.

  8. This looks amazing on you! We love our blushes so we are always on the look out for new ones to try and add to our collection! We might have to hunt this one down!

    M + K

  9. very pretty it suits you its nice that i come with different shades :)

  10. Woah! At first I wasn't sure how wearable a pink and orange gradient blush would be but this looks beautiful when mixed together. I am also super attracted to gradient blushes although most stay in the same colour range. Ah seeing the brand shisheido integrate reminds me of my holiday to Japan, these items were sold in the 7-11's :) beautiful swatches too!

  11. The colors are so gorgeous! Especially the pink part. I think flowers may have refer to the diamond look packaging x

  12. Ooo nice! I like how versatile this blush is and the color is beautiful.




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