Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Food post: Home made meals from October, November & Decmeber 2014!

Tuna Steaks, pork tonkatsu, meat pie & more! Time again for my awesome and mega foodie posts! This post will be 95% filled of meals cooked at home by me or my boyfriend or both of us! We cooked and ate everything from a meat pie, lots of pastas, roast chickens, steaks, fish & chips and plenty of asian stir fried dishes!

This food post covers the months of October, November and December of 2014 as I've collected photos from all our best home made meals! There are some meals that were eaten out but mostly are from my kitchen. I really hope there'll be a couple dishes you'd like to dig into as well!

Continue below for my delicious meals!
Food post: Home made meals from October, November & Decmeber 2014!
Pepper crusted striploin steaks! Roasted tomato soup made from scratch and garlic butter toast! These steaks are super lean so medium-rare to medium is the most you should cook them!
Goat cheese and bleu cheese! The first for me, the second for my boyfriend and dad! Eaten with crackers and balsamico reduce and slices of salami! On the bottom right is our beef stew! Made with beef broth and red wine! The meat is all soft and fallen apart!
A gorgeous bottle of pink sparkling moscato! I've been on a moscato kick, trying all the pinks and white types. I just love something fruity, floral, light and refreshing!
A mini cold cut/ cheese plate for my dad! Slices of mini baguette, crackers, ham, pork and beef salami/dried slices, foie gras pate, bleu cheese, goat cheese, Camembert cheese and some marmalade!
Snack type meals! Slices of spicy otah otah (top on the left) on slices of bread with cucumbers! Fried chicken nuggets and fish fingers, a milo (like a chocolate malt drink) with a fried dough fritter (crispy fried bread), a bowl of soupless ramen with egg!
A meat ball sandwich (with tomato sauce and cheddar cheese), Fried fish (with coleslaw) from Astons, sirloin steak (with onion rings and potato salad) from Astons, seafood angel hair spaghetti! (it looks like a hot mess but tasted great)
Baked orange glaze chicken cutlets with chunky potato mash, boiled carrots and roasted cherry tomatos and zucchinis!
Home made fish and chips! A thick crispy golden brown beer batter, crinkle cut crisps and corns and peas!
A delicious stir fried udon noodle with vegetables and slices of pork, a plate of stir fried pork and shrimps, a pot of stewed pork belly with eggs and tofu, a home made vietnamese baguette with pickled carrots/cucumbers, ham, pate, coriander  and lettuce!
The small grocer near where I live now sell Arizona tea! My boyfriend is a fan and we've so far tried these two! They're great and I want to try their green tea and ginseng next!
A giant 400g wagyu steak, juicy pork shoulder tonkatsu chops, pancake breakfast platter, roasted garlic chicken with spinach and roasted pumpkin and potatos!
Rib eye steaks for the family with one beautifully marbled wagyu steak for my dad! The sauce on the steak was made from pork juice from a previous sous vide of a pork belly mixed with roux! Lastly a big baked Guinness beer and mustard glazed ham for New Year!
The inside of my boyfriend's ham! So juicy, tender and moist whereas many people tend to over bake them until they're dry inside!
Japanese set meal I had for lunch! Grilled salmon with terriyaki sauce, mixed tempura, chicken and rice bowl. I wished there were more pickles as I love eating them with the rice! Eaten at Ichiban Sushi! I love this franchise outlet!
Home made mince beef and pork pie curry sauce pie!! A nice deep dish pie made with pre made short crust pastry!
A carbonara linguine (lots of onion, bacon and cream in the sauce), instant macaroni and meatballs, tomato sauce with eggplants and zucchini with a seared tuna steak, a big chunk of my curry sauce beef and pork deep dish pie with a side of salad!
My boyfriend seared the steaks to a perfect medium-rare/rare! He prefers his beef and tuna cooked to this doneness!
Lastly here are some dishes from two dinners I made! Stir fried shanghai greens with sweet crunchy leek shoots, mince pork with salted vegetables with sesame and chilli oil, fried dou miao (pea shoots) with juicy shrimp, Singapore style fried kway teow noodles with rice and yellow noodles, bean sprouts, slice pork, egg and calamansi limes to garnish!

Are there are of my meals you'd like to try?
Do you cook at lot at home?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I love your food posts! We like to be in the kitchen, too, so it's always fun to see what other people are cooking up! So delicious!

  2. Woah! Food galore! Now I regret visiting your blog because I'm back in my diet! Hahaha! But every food you shared looks really delicious! I'd like to try and cook some too. I don't cook much because of my sched but I try to find time when I'm inspired to try something out and those meat dishes you'ce shared look really good and seem so delicious and I want to try them out myself!

  3. Hi Sharlynn,

    Happy 2015 to you, your family and your boyfriend!!!

    Wow!!! You have feasting well for the last 3 months of 2014! You are such a great cook and can cook your chay kway teow so well.

    Interesting too that you have drinking tea from Arizona! All sounded really fun...


  4. omg.. they all look so delicious *.*
    never knew you are such a great chef :D

  5. Your food posts always inspire me to cook more. (But I just end up making ramen, lol.)
    I see so many favourite dishes! I love the pea shoots and mince pork with salted veggies.
    Also, your boyfriend does the perfect medium/rare!

  6. It all looks great! I really need to start learning how to cook.

  7. Ugh, Western and Asian foods it's all looking good at
    your home! Arizona tea are the best ;) Xx

  8. Ahhh *drools* & omg fried dough fritter my all time fav!

  9. The orange glazed chicken and the steaks look so tasty!!!




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