Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Review: Bourjois little round pot eyeshadow in 3 shades!

Single, single eyeshadows! I've had one bourjois eyeshadow for the longest time, a sheer champagne shade great for the eyes and face. When I was visiting my best friend in Cambodia I got two more for free together with other items I bought from the Bourjois counter!

Continue below for swatches and the review!
Old Bourjois single eyeshadows in shades 08, 05 Brun Irreel and 72 Violet Absolu
Old Bourjois single eyeshadows in shades 08, 05 Brun Irreel and 72 Violet Absolu

Packaging & Product!

This line of single shadows are of an older formula and packaging from Bourjois, some were good, some were not as good. they're packaged simply with a small mirror inside the snap on lid however I don't find it of any use for application as it's too small!

Two of these three shades are lovely, 05 Brun Irreel and 08 (champagne) are very lovely, even in color and a very nice even finish, these work well all over the eyelids and 08 is great as a highlight under the brows! The shade 72 Violet Absolu however is a complete fail! Maybe its the one I got but the texture was chalky and inconsistent as you can pick out from my swatch!

I love using the brown shade all over my lids but I do have to pack a lot on, on top of a good primer! Then I use the champagne shade as a highlight in place of my favorite theBalm Mary-lou highlighter!
Swatches of shades 72 Violet Absolu, 05 Brun Irreel and 08

Paid: $18 SGD ($15 USD) in Singapore (I received the purple and brown shade free with purchase)

Recommend: The newer reformulated single shadows are much better in quality consistency and they are so pigmented to touch and are very soft! I think these older ones are now discontinued! Don't bother picking these up!

Repurchase: No way in high heavens! Not these older singles, I've swatched others before and they aren't consistent in pigmentation! The newer slimmer singles are soo much better in terms of quality!

Bottom line: If you plan on looking at these older formulation singles, check out swatches or get the chance to test them out because they aren't all great. Otherwise overall they are sheer and need a good primer. I'd point you to check out the new formulation!

Have you tried any Bourjois single shadows?
 Seen any shades you like from the new line?
 Let me know!

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  1. I think that the bourjois eye shadows are quite hit and miss!

  2. I always prefare single shadows dunt know y :/ Btw love the 08 thanks for sharing!

  3. aww, I have to agree that the pigmentation is a bit lacking on the older formula. I definitely would go for the newer versions~

  4. I have just recently bought the borjouis foundation and blush and I love them so much! the foundation in vanilla is a bit too fair, but I can manage it with powder.. the blush blends like a dream.. i am looking forward to buy more!!
    these single eyeshadow pots are on my next wishlist, but now I am not sure because you said they arent that good..

  5. I like the brun shade, I'm always a sucker for natural shimmer shades like that, it looks so glittery your swatch!!

  6. Ouch, the Violet shade isn't as good as the others. :/ Pigmentation for the newer ones looks nice though!
    Thanks for sharing~

  7. I've not tried anything from this brand yet. The purple looks a bit powdery.

  8. purple one looks super pretty!

  9. I just bought a few of the newer formulation ones and they are quite nice!

  10. The purple one looks so good in the pan, but too bad it's not pigmented =\
    You're right, the Intense (new) versions are way better than the old ones.





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