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Food Post: Things baked in November/December 2014! (cake, cookies, cupcakes)

Year end home baked goodies! Since last year it's become a habit for me to bake more towards the end of the year. The blogsphere towards year end is just flooded by tutorials and recipes and posts of beautifully decorated cakes, sweet home made desserts, cakes, pies and everything yummy! Last year my boyfriend and I made cookies and cranberry buns around the end of the year which I featured in a similar year end baking post! (See the full post here!)

This year I tried to step it up a bit and although I didn't bake many items I think the quality of everything was really good! For those who missed my recent home made cinnamon sugar rolls post (see it here!) Also if you'd like to see my banana muffins and cream custard pie (see it here!)

Continue here for photos of all the baked goods!
Things baked in November/December 2014! (Lemon butter cake, rainbow vanilla cookies, christmas sugar cookies and chocolate cupcakes with frosting!)
This lemon loaf was adapted from this recipe by Trishie from the Under Lock and Key blog!
I tend to add more butter and lemon juice into my loafs for a more moist cake! Mix lemon juice with icing sugar and grated/chopped lemon zest for the perfect zesty taste in the glaze!
A simple vanilla cookie recipe with rainbow sprinkles! They are crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside! So damn good! Had to cream sugar and butter together for the recipe I used!
Using rainbow rice shaped sprinkles and I chucked in some chocolate chips too! I totally need to make this again!
These cookies are from a recipe where you scoop the dough onto the tray and they slowly spread out! I didn't cream the butter/sugar as much as I did it by hand (as I don't own a mixer of any kind) I probably should have so they didn't spread as much!
Chocolate muffins with frosting and chocolate spread! I'm really not the best decorator...I had no piping bags at home or anything that could pipe out frosting so I ended up just slapping the frosting onto them messily!
Upclose! Decorated with chocolate and rainbow sprinkles! Weeee!
Christmas sugar cookie time! I spent so many hours making, cutting, chilling, baking and cooling the biscuits! My oven can't take so many at once and it's hard to keep the dough cool for very long! Here is the spread of all the colored icings and sugars I made!
Ta-Dah! All my decorated christmas sugar cookies! This is the first time ever I've made and iced cookies with this degree of 'prettiness' at home EVER! I think although it was a long, arduous, sticky and tiring process I can't wait to decorate cookies again! I know better now!
Heart shaped cookies! These big bad boys were so fun to decorate! I was so happy I figured out this fancy but super easy web pattern! On the left are some I just scribbled icing on and then sprinkled sugar/rainbow bits on top!
Christmas trees!! Love the green sugar on them!
Christmas men! I only have a few because a lot of them broke or were really delicate and didn't make it! Next time I'm seriously going to give them outfits! Proper outfits!
Out of everything I really loved how these small hearts turned out! The colorful sugar made for a great decorating item! I totally am keeping the ton of left over colored sugars for future cookies!

Did you bake any special goodies in December?
Which cookie did you like best?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Wow! Everything looks great c:

  2. Oh no, my sugar craving is kicking in! These look amazing. Your christmas men turned out so well! The only thing I baked in December was a blueberry cheesecake, but it's only because I was helping out my mother (she's the real baker). I much prefer cooking dishes. As my mom lovingly puts it, my strengths lie outside of baking!

  3. I love the web design on your cookies! Everything looks so yum once again!!
    I baked macarons and a caramel slice for Christmas gifts last month.
    xx Kat @ Katness

  4. Oh, you're so good at baking! I've lot to sink my teeth into one of your cupcakes!

  5. OMG this all looks so good! I want that lemon cake right now :D

  6. Everything look so good! Glad you tried that lemon loaf recipe and thanks for the link love xx

  7. Oh wow, your pastries are all so fun & colourful! What a festive treat, Sharlynn! I want some!! xoxo
    Luxury Haven




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