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Holiday Special: Day 1 & 2 in Bangkok, Thailand! (Jan 2015)

 Day 1 & 2 in Bangkok, Thailand! I recently was away for 5 days with my mom on a food and shopping trip to the most awesome and jam packed Bangkok! My blog ran as normal as I was gone as I always pre-write my blog post so I just had to click 'post' while I was away! It's super easy for first time travellers or seasoned visitors to get around Bangkok city cheaply and easily! It's a bustling city for those who love food, shopping, friendly people and a huge array of old school markets and upscale modern hotspots!

This post is of our first evening there and the next day's first morning in Bangkok. I will be breaking up my holiday in posts by days and then separate posts for the haul of snacks, beauty and then skincare shopping! Hope everyone enjoys the photos!

Continue below for the photos!
Holiday Special: Day 1 & 2 in Bangkok, Thailand!
We arrived mid-afternoon and I was sooo happy realizing that the streets right around our hotel was spotted with food carts! Bangkok street fried chicken is the best ever! 15 Baht for a wing or 30 for a large thigh! It's marinated through the meat and has an amazing savory slightly sweet taste, tender moist meat and the outside is super crispy!
A cart selling charcoal BBQ chicken liver, chicken hearts, pork strips, pork belly and more! All coated with that same sweet savory marinade the deep fried chicken had! Get 1-2 sticks for about $1 SGD or less than $1 USD!
A crepe man! They make traditional french crepes but you have a choice of sweet and savory fillings and sauces like chocolate, pandan, strawberry jam, condensed milk, egg, sliced hot dog, crab stick and sweet spicy chilli paste! I ordered one for a little more than a dollar!
With the deliciously thin, crispy goodie filled crepe! We had egg, crabstick, mayo, sweet spicy chilli paste and chilli sauce! So good eaten freshly made! Great to share for two!
One of my favorite things in Thailand...their 7-11 stores! Soooo packed of such a huge array of snacks, drinks and bodycare products! You'll never see so many beauty products at a 7-11 in Singapore! They have face masks, pore strips, mini face powders, lipsticks and sample sizes of most of the regular sized face washes/creams!
Just look at all those sandwiches, butter cakes, banana cakes, fruit flavored sponge cream cakes and single slices of bread with spread packaged to grab and go! Seriously love the variety in Thailand!
Our first main meal! Dinner at a nice clean cafe down the side street of our hotel! It's typical to have 4 types of condiments at all Thai restaurants (pickled chilli, chilli powder, sugar, fish sauce)! We didn't have to wait very long for our food to arrive one after another!

A must have in Thailand! The Tom Yum Goong! A spicy, sour, savory seafood soup filled with herbs and spices! If you can't take truly spicy foods, you might need to only taste and then pass on this!
Filled with shallots, lemongrass, fresh staw mushrooms (so rare in singapore to get these), coriander, shrimp, squid and fish! This is sooo good eaten on it's own or with rice!
Sweet sauce fried noodles! Made with wide flat rice noodles, egg, kai lan and sweet sauce this dry fried noodle is a must try! I only wish for more sweet sauce for a saltier flavor and deeper color to the nooodles!
Fried spring rolls! Another must try side dish in restaurants/cafes! There's a habit of cutting them in half before serving which I don't get but they were delicious nonetheless. Filled with seasoned vermicelli noodles, shredded carrots and black mushroom!
Lastly my mom ordered a plate of stir fried mixed vegetables! Done just right with oyster sauce! Loved the fresh sweet corn, I wanted more!
Snacks from 7-11! I bought the Pretz to bring back to singapore (although we get the Larb flavor) and these bags of cashew nuts with tom yum seasoning is out of this world. It's not just a tom yum powder....shredded bits of deep fried lemongrass, lime leaves, dried chilli all stuck onto the sticky coating of the cashews and anchovies! So intense and fragrant!

When walking around on the street at night, make sure to pick up the steamed sweet corn! This unlike the fresh corn in Singapore is much stickier and starchier in texture and has a slightly gooey mouthful. It's wonderful and different to the typical canned sweet corn.
A delicious moist buttery sweet cake for a late night snack with tea and my mom picked out a vanilla strawberry jam sponge cake! Both from 7-11!
Our first morning in Bangkok the day after arriving! This is the street down the side of our hotel! It's full of life in late morning and at night! Lots of pushcarts selling snacks, fruits, BBQ meat and more! We were so glad to have this area around us!
A stick of beautifully BBQ chicken hearts! Delicious, chewy and tender! I miss this so much already!
Having late breakfast in a small cafe around the corner of the hotel! The noodle making station in the front of the shop! Since we decided not to pay for breakfast at the hotel in out booking as we know how cheap and good it is to eat in Bangkok!

My mom being all cute! The shop was very small but very clean and comfortable, after we went in the shop filled up slowly with other tourist and locals!
My mom intended for this to be dessert but it came first! A bowl of 'red ruby' dessert which are sago covered chestnuts! Delicious but there weren't that many pieces and the ice pieces melted diluting the already not so sweet coconut milk!
Our breakfast! The noodle on the top left was mine, a pork rice noodle soup that's slightly spicy. It came with fish cake, fish balls, sliced pork and bit of minced pork. My mom ordered the noodle on the top right 'yong tao fu' which is just like the yong tao fu stalls in singapore. A plain broth with rice noodles, sweet red bean sauce, cured cuttle fish, some pork, fish cake and balls and morning glory!
The street food vendors along the same street! This one was parked outside another 7-11 outlet! Nothing but fried fish cakes, fish balls, sausages and other fish paste looking things!
Another typical sight! Freshly made mandarin orange juice bottled up for sale! Last time we visited Bangkok in October pomegranate juice was selling everywhere! Now it's mandarin orange season! Super fragrant, sweet and a tad salty at the end, this juice is delicious and so much better than buying the bottled type at 7-11!
Lastly to end our morning stroll before heading back to the hotel to get our bags to head into town we passed this big table of thai desserts! Egg custards, jellies, tapioca desserts covered in grated coconut, baked cassava cake slices and more! How colorful, sweet and yummy!

We definitely had a food filled first evening and morning in Bangkok city and I can tell you now that the rest of my post will not fall short on mouth watering photos of street food and other meals we had while there! It's totally awesome to experience street food as it's been eradicated in Singapore due to food hygiene laws and other government regulations! Stayed tuned for the rest of day 2 in Bangkok!

When was the last time you visited Bangkok?
Do you eat street food when in Asia?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Please put me in ur bag next time I want to come along next time haha! all ds food looks so yummy!

  2. Hope u had great time in Bangkok! You're welcome back anytime :D

    xx Stella
    Extravaganza K-Cosmetics Giveaway

  3. OMG OMG Sharlynn!!! You should do a visit Thailand advertisement because this post really made me want to go there :D
    The street food is just to die for, I think I will surely gain weight there. LOL

  4. i luv stick meat.

  5. Hi Sharlynn,

    I have not been to Bangkok before... Seeing all the delicious Thai food that you eat, I will try to convince my husband to plan a vacation to this wonderful city :D

    Got to say that your mum is cool!!!


  6. I'm so jeaous! I really want to travel around Asia, but I have bad motion sickness so I hate being planes / in cars for too long.

    Your mom is also so adorable!

  7. omg thanks to you, Sharlynn, now I'm hungryy >.< T.T
    I really enjoy their street bbq, the sauce is really deliciouss,,,
    Hope I can go to Thailand next holiday!

  8. I love Thailand so much, can't wait to head back there. I eat some street food there but often don't know what's what, which makes it hard! Your breakfast options are so different to what we have in Australia, I know savoury dishes are popular for breakfast over there but my brain just can't handle that, lmao

    I love the crepes we get in Phuket too, I have mine with fresh shaved coconut and nutella yummm

  9. Helloo! The corn is called "khao poad mun pu" literally means "crab oil corn". You know the egg part of a crab? That's what this corn tastes like! :)

    Be sure to check out Watsons and Boots! Watsons recently bring in Bourjois. In Boots there are Essence, Catrice, Collection and I am so loving No. 7 skincare right now! :)

    And I also spotted 50-70% discount on some Etude House products.

    If you will go to Chinatown (Yaowarat), do try some pomegranate juice (I think they sell for 40 baht for small bottle?) or orange with green skin juice (naam som cheng - the orange looks like mini version of pomelo). Around Thonglor there are lots of eating shops too. Japanese food is generally quite good. There's also riverside shopping place called Asiatique. Have you been there? :)

    1. Thanks for telling me all this! I never thought of the corn like that but it definitely has that texture! I didn't care much for watsons and etude house as I can easily buy it in singapore although you guys in thailand have sooo many more brands! I really wanted to visit chinatown but didn't get to visit!

    2. Sharlynn ,Although my English isn't good but I really want to tell you more about the corn and some desserts in Thailand.So please forgive me when i write something wrong or unclear. We Thai called that corn "sticky rice corn".You were right and good at to know the differences between the typical yellow and sticky rice corn when you chew it.It was stickier than the normal one like we eat the sticky rice with Som Tum.About the taste it is not sweet much but softer and oilier .That is why many street stalls in Bangkok have it beside the yellow one.Moreover we also have "a purple sticky rice corn" that is packed with full of nutrients in its little seeds.You may find some in some local market. For the desserts I recommend the right bottom ones in your picture.We call them "Kanom Taan".The delicious one is hard to find in Bangkok but can easily found in the western part of Thailand.Please try some when you come here next time.I garantee.....the last one your mom is really cute for her age i agree.bye bye

  10. This makes me want to go back to Thailand again! I miss it so much!! Great pictures and the food looks so good!!

  11. ohh I want to go back to Thailand so bad! and the food looks delicious. haha street corn was my favourite thing in Taiwan!

  12. FOOOOOOOOD <3 I want to try them all and street foods are the best.

  13. Nom! I'm so jealous, I absolutely love tom yum soup! My mouth is literally watering right now thinking about it. There seems to be a lot of meat, how vegetarian friendly is Bangkok in your opinion? I'm not vego, I just rarely eat meat :). Oh and I loved the crepes in Phuket! I assume they would really similar to the ones you tried. So sinful and so cheap! Can't wait to see the rest of your Bangkok posts.

  14. The last time I was in Bangkok??....probably 8 years ago :p (But seriously, I AM JEALOUS THAT YOU CAN GO ON THESE TRIPS SO EASILY BECAUSE YOU LIVE IN THE REGION) I love sweet baby corn too, and YOUR MOM THOUGH, HAHA. It is kinda embarassing when my mom does the peace sign though...

  15. A trip with your mum, that's so fun! I LURVE Thai food and I had a great time in Phuket and Bangkok last time. You know how people always say the real tom yam are those clear spicy ones? I believed but when I went to thailand, I saw that all their tom yam soup are red! I thought Tom Yam hails from Thailand? Anyway I super love Tom Yam. Did you have difficulty eating the crepe coz the ingredients sound like a lot and yummy.

  16. I see you and your mom enjoyed yourselves, your mom is so cute. :)

  17. There are cheap flights atm from melbourne to bangkok but I was worried that it wouldn't be as fun as a beach town or something because I can't go away for too long. But seeing this makes me want to go even more!
    Gosh I love 7-11s in Asia, they're amazing! The food seems incredible too *drooling

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo (previously à la foliee)

  18. KYAAAA, DELISH! Makes me want to know which hotel you were staying at. Can't imagine a better vacation than one surrounded by food ^.^




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