Monday, 26 January 2015

Snack round up for November/December 2014!

Year End Snacks! Yes! I have been going through way too many snacks the last few months but I think I went through the most during the last two months last year! My boyfriend does help me out with the snacks you see but sometimes I'm guilty of finishing some by myself! I had gone a bit crazy going between japanese type snacks and lots of chips! I've got a thing for salty and sweet, eaten together or one after another!

However for this year I totally will be cutting back on these salty/sweet snacks that I really shouldn't have lying around! I'm never one to totally cut something out but I will be eating these less in order to get fitter!

Continue below for all the snacks!
Snack round up for November/December 2014! (strawberry jam biscuits, green tea pocky, cocoa banana hello panda, potato waffle chips!)
Strawberry Cookies from Diaso!
Strawberry Cookies from Diaso! These are soft and chewy and the filling like a firm jelly!
Potato waffle chips! A delicious and such cutey packaged bag!
These chips are lovely large pieces that are thick and sooo crisp!
Instant sweet corn soup from Diaso! Just add water! It's more sweet than savory and is nice with a slice of toast!
Traditional Sugar Crackers! They're basically crisp wheat crackers coated in sugar! Super yummy! Great alone or with coffee!
Calbee Hot & Spicy chips! Deliciously coated typical cheap potato chips!
A super awesome even layer of sweet, spicy and salty powder! Not too spicy for those who can't taste spice! These were so yummy!
Green Tea Pocky sticks! Coated with a milky matcha coating! Yummy!
Deliciously small bites of  chocolate chip cookies! This brand is now found at most of the 7-11s in Singapore! There are like at least 6-8 different flavors! I've tried Green tea and it was da BOMB.
They are mini sized, perfectly circular cookies! Great for kids and great for portion control! (that is if you have any!)
Classic Hello Panda! Chocolate on the outside with banana cream inside! A new delicious but yet traditional combo!
Tao Kae Noi Hot fried seaweed, Treatz wacky cheese flavor chips, Pocky sticks in banana chocolate and classic milk flavor! My last batch of snatches for 2014!

Yes that was a huge bunch of snacks! I swear I didn't eat all of them by myself! I shared! I wasn't selfish! I hope this post was quick and fun, giving you an insight into the types of snacks I gravitate towards. I mean, I do enjoy rice crackers, fruit and vegetable chips but at the end of the day when the calories end up being the same/similar I reach for whatever I'm craving without thinking twice!

What snacks have you been munching on?
Do you like sweet/salty snacks more?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Oehhhh those waffle chips looks funny :P
    Thanks for sharing your snacks ;) I actually
    love sweet more actually o: Xx

  2. OMG asian snacks!!!! the pocky green tea is so good, right?? I really miss the asian snacks :'((
    Do you like Indo snacks like Chitato potato chips, and Silver queen chocolate for example?? I love them!

  3. Hahaha! Just realized you're a glutton like me. I love food so much, & enjoy snacking too! The Hello Panda is one of my fave ones :D

  4. Oh my gosh I love asian snacks so much! I basically live off Hello Panda (have one practically every week). I'm curious to try Green Tea Pocky. But OMG TAE KAE NOI! And sugar crackers are like my childhood haha!
    Oh you know what would be fun, a SNACK SWAP! lol Just a random thought.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames




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