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Special: My Holiday in Bandung Indonesia! (Sept 2014)

My holiday in Bandung, Indonesia! Yes everyone! I had taken a good long 10 day holiday to the bustling, vibrant city of Bandung which is the home town of my boyfriend at the start of September! My blog ran as normal as I had prewritten enough posts to not be MIA! We both stayed for the most part at his grandparent's property which is about 2 hours drive away from the main city area. 

They're property is a beautiful flower farm unlike most of their neighbors. Let's just say that the majority of the properties and homes outside of the main city area belong to the poorer class of people and most live off the land or small businesses. Staying on the farm meant being 1 hour drive away from restaurants, supermarkets and any kind of shopping center. So it was really a secluded and peaceful place to be!

Continue below for my holiday photos!
Special: My Holiday in Bandung Indonesia! (Flower farm stay, local food, make up shopping)
BEHOLD. The beauty of this rare flower farm property out in the outskirts of Bandung! My boyfriend's grandparents property is the only one like this in the whole area. Here he stands in front of the second farm house on the property. Below is a central covered area, driveway and a kitchen!
Look at this gorgeous wooden and brick farm house! The temperature is temperate and ran between 15-20 in the daytime and goes down to 8-10 in the early morning and night!
Taken from the balcony of the house, on the far left is the kitchen, an open space and the roofs in the back is the main farm house! The property goes until the fir trees in the back, it's like a long rectangle!
Sitting on the bench on the balcony looking down onto the property and the mountainous scenery! We would sit at the balcony in the day time with our laptops out!
Selfie up on the balcony! Loved the lighting in the daytime!
A few shots of the farmhouse, the living area is really spacious with two small long couches, two single couches and a wooden central table with four seats. There is one bedroom downstairs, two bathrooms, a kitchen area and a large loft upstairs!
My boyfriend having a good time with all three tech devices out and being used! Yes, he's the kind who gets his work done and has his fun all with a laptop and a good internet connection!
A medium size vegetable patch! Lots of lettuce, beets, spring onions, coriander, celery and some papaya trees in the background! Let me say again that the cool and temperate weather in Bandung is perfect for farming!
The space in front of the main farm house! A beautiful open lawn with lots of flower patches and designs in progress!
The furthest building in the back is the farmhouse we were at! I was standing in front of the main house facing right!
Sooooo many baby cactus plants!
Rows of vegetable patches with chillis, chinese greens and other green vegetables!
Various flowers out in the garden! The photo on the top left is of two ladybugs....procreating! HEHEHE
More beautiful colorful flowers! I love how many colors there are on this property!
On the days I wore make up this is what I wore! Foundation with a light coat of powder, cream eyshadow, one or two powder eyeshadows, mascara, blush and lip balm! The weather was cold and dry, so different from singapore, I was amazed that I didn't ever sweat or need to touch up anything!
Eaten at a franchise restaurant at Cihampelas Walk shopping center!  My boyfriend had a roast chicken and I had a ox tail soup, we also had this freaking delicious fish past fried wanton with a peanut sauce!
Having afternoon fraps with delicious donuts! We got a freshly fried and glazed donut with the coffees! Eaten at Paris Van Java shopping center!
A super super sized cling wrap! That roll weighed at least 3 kilos! I really love how you can get mini and giant sized products! I wish we were able to have such a large range of product sizes in singapore!
The skyline of Bandung City area from our first hotel stay in the city which was the super affordable, clean and convenient Ibis Bandung Trans Studio hotel! It's located next to the big trans studio mall (TSM) and it's luxury hotel counterpart The Trans Luxury Bandung!
After a day out walking around the mall I put on a mini skirt and my hot pink lip cream for dinner at a restaurant at the Trans Luxury hotel, they had several restaurants at the first floor that are accessible to the public.
Our dinner! Chicken ceasar salad (very nice although the croutons with not crispy and there was a bit much sauce), sirloin steak (loved the grilled side veg and wedges) and my boyfriend's wagyu steak (his ordered medium rare but it came more rare!
Bread Life! It's indonesia's franchise bakery and I freaking LOVE IT! I wish it would be in singapore but we have so many bakeries here, most famously Bread Talk. I love how their breads are so affordable and the sizes are so big! And the breads are more creative!
Lunch eaten at the Trans Studio Mall next to our hotel! My boyfriend had duck and I had beef (the meat just falls apart) we ordered fried tofu and tempeh as sides and had sweet indonesia iced tea! The food was so yummy, it's considered cheap food but it's so authentic!
That face!
Lunch at the farm house! Most days my boyfriend and I would eat lunches and dinners with his grandparents so I didn't take any photos of those meals but here was a lunch the two of us had. Fried morning glory with garlic, fried tofu and tempeh chips, stewed sweet dark sauce chicken and home made chilli paste! I love eating the food his grandmother and home helper fresh and homely and I love the flavor of indonesian tofus.
This was a special meal my boyfriend and I made for his grandparents before he left for my last two nights in the city. We some how managed to make this meal in their not very modern/conventional kitchen. We did take 3 and half hours because of the size of the table top oven! We made steak and roasted chicken! AND I baked a double layer banana cake!
Local sirloin steak! Cooked to medium-well, roasted garlic and pepper chicken leg (which took FOREVER in the small oven) and a double layer banana cake which was a pleasure to make! (with peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles!)
This was the last meal eaten with his lovely grandparents before we headed to the city again. We ate at a restaurant famous for satay! We had lamb satay with the sweet sauce and peanut sauce with pressed rice cakes. Indonesia food is not only cheap compared to the rest of asia but so tasty. This is nothing like satay in singapore, the meat they use is so juicy, lots of bits of fat besides meat and the flavor of the meat is still there and not masked by the seasoning!
Our room at Aston Primera Pasteur Hotel! I had chosen this hotel for my last two nights because it's super near the airport! Loved the modern look, sleek interior and nice space outside which we sat at during nights and enjoyed the breeze and also had our room service dinner!

Breakfast at Aston Primera Pasteur Hotel! They have a lovely medium sized spread of food with basic western dishes (eggs, pasteries, salad, yogurt, sausages) and a good amount of local Indonesian/asia foods (fried noodles, stir fry vegetables, soups, porridge) I really really loved the pasta they had that morning and the bread pudding was really good!
The FREAKING BEAUTIFUL POOL at Aston Primera Pasteur Hotel! The photos from do it no justice!
Pool at Aston Primera Pasteur Hotel! From the opposite end! Check out the sun covered long seats! We cozy and look at the little waterfall in the back!
A long koi pond at one side of the pool! This is so creative and I love being able to hang over that side of the pool and watch the fish!
Pool at Aston Primera Pasteur Hotel! See! The koi pond is on this side of the pool and you can hang over the edge and look at the fish and on the further left off the photo is the outside seating for their restaurant!
We both quickly grabbed these seats but then again, it was nearly noon and there was no one else but a family with little kids at the pool!
The water was freezing cold because the weather is cold but yet the stones were so hot because of the sun!

Loved this photo my boyfriend took for me! I had splashed water onto the stone so it would be not too hot!
Posing below the small waterfalls!
It took soooo much convincing to get him into the pool! He only stayed for 10 minutes! He found it too cold! Yes, we both were #nomakeup!
And, he thought it would be funny to take this photo and some more embarrassing ones when I turned over to sun my back!
The make up I did the day I was going to leave! A smokish eye with the Sleek Oh so special palette!
My outfit! A top from H n M and a skirt I bought the day before from Berskha! Wearing sandals from Charles & Keith!
My second last night's dinner in Bandung! Again eating at another franchise oultlet! We had the smashed fried beef (which was freaking amazing) and  I had a curried stewed beef, a sour soup and battered friend tempeh! I loved eating at these outlets, the food is cheap and so tasty, nothing high class but exactly what I'm looking for on holiday!

Breakfast on my last day in Bandung! I had bowl of porridge with pickles, dried beef floss, lots of spring onions! My boyfriend had lots of pastries, the mini croissants and pain au chocolat were fresh from the oven!
My last dinner in Bandung at our hotel's restuarant! I had a clear tom yum soup, my boyfriend the sirloin steak and we shared a lava cake! (the food was decent but not amazing, our mains came very far apart in time and my soup was served almost cold and the claypot was barely three quarters full! The lava cake was okay but needed to be a lot more soft and molten inside!
My sexy simple dress for our dinner in the hotel! I ordered it from size 12! My simple wedge heels are from New Look!
Three photo to capture my Bandung Indonesia holiday: A beautiful flower farm, cold weather, relaxing days out shopping, sunning at the poolside and lots of local food! I also did a lot of shopping but that's for another time!

My trip was a great 10 days of relaxing and lots of spending (unfortunately). I went a bit overboard with certain purchases but they were all at a big price reduce or were exclusive to Indonesia or just unavailable in Singapore! I will be doing another separate post on my food/ beauty haul soon!

Have you ever visited any city in Indonesia?
What do you think of my holiday?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. That house and the views are beautiful! *drools* over your foodie pictures x

  2. Oh Sharlynn, this post makes me miss Bandung! I come originally from Jakarta but we often go to Bandung as it is only 2 hour drive away.
    Lingga's grandparents' vila is soooo nice!! You must totally get the true essence of Bandung, staying in a beautiful vila like that!
    and the hotel looks great as well! Did you two have any problems to book one room for two in the hotel? as you know they're more conservative with things like that in Indonesia, am I right?

  3. what a beautiful and calming place♥♥

  4. Wow, those gardens, that food, that pool! I'm so jealous right now! I hope you came back to reality all peaceful and relaxed after what looked like a smashing holiday ^^

  5. What a gorgeous place. You lucky girl!

    Char xx

  6. okay I officially want to go there! I'm planning to go to Bali next september so maybe I will drop by there too! the little cottage place you stayed in looked amazing!

  7. Wow, Sharlynn!

    Your holiday looks fantastic! You looked very relaxed and pretty. Plus, there is so much delicious food to eat :D


  8. The farmhouse is really really gorgeous! I thought it was a resort when I first saw the photos w/o reading yet. It seems like you have a lovely time with the boyfriend!

  9. What a great holiday and beautiful place!

  10. Bandung is indeed a beautiful place but you are treated to such beautiful spots. Envy you. I love Bandung and have been going very frequently for breaks.




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