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Rave Review: Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover foundation in OC-C!

Go powderless with Kate! For many asian girls here in Singapore and south east asia, the hot humid and crazy warm weather really sucks. Your skin stays oily for longer, tends to get blemishes more often and your make up does not stay on with heavy matte formulas or a shit ton of powder like myself! I had helped Pam from Jade in the Palace acquire this in a beauty swap we did last year and after getting it for her I was so curious I had to buy it myself to try it!

My normal face make up routine consists of one base product (foundation/bb cream/concelaer) and a good amount of foundation powder packed on top to keep my face flawless all day or evening! Hence knowing that this product dries down to a matte finish although being a liquid was very appealing!

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Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover foundation in OC-C!
Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover foundation in OC-C!
Ingredients list! As you can see listed are all the 6 shades available!
Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover foundation in OC-C!

The boxed packaging for this foundation is quite professional and pretty! I like how there's a photo of the bottle on the box and that the finish of the exterior box is shiny. Everything is in Japanese though so although I can tell there are instructions and small photos on the back I can't read anything!

In terms of the actual foundation bottle, it's a super plain plastic bottle with a cap. It's really nothing special and I think they could've made it looks a bit prettier since it's not the cheapest foundation. However this bottle is very practical and lightweight and would be great for bringing around in a travel make up bag!

Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover foundation in OC-C!
Swatch and blended swatch of Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover foundation in OC-C!

This foundation is called "Powderless liquid" for a reason! It's a liquid foundation that will have a powder like finish when dried and it really performs up to standard! The consistency of this foundation is a medium thickness and has a very light feel on the skin. One layer of this foundation still feels pretty much weightless and with more layers it still feels cake free. The color I choose OC-C is a light yellow shade which seems to adjust very well to my complexion.  It's exactly my shade but when I'm a bit tanner it also blends in seamlessly and looks exactly like my skin.

This foundation has a medium coverage, it can build up as well with another layer but isn't right for covering up or correcting dark discoloration or scars. There's a gorgeous glowing soft matte finish to this foundation. Although it feels dry on the face there's a lovely brightening effect too. It's of a light texture so it doesn't layer up as well as something thicker and creamier. There's a light sweet scent to this foundation and after a good minute or two on the face it dries to an almost all matte touch.

I think for those who have normal or dry skin this would be perfect by itself or with a light setting powder. However for someone like me who loves a good matte long lasting finish I brush on a good amount of foundation powder and it lasts for as long as I want it to! The only downside about this foundation is that it has a small shade range with only 6 shades ranging from a pale neutral yellow to a light-medium beige yellow, typical of Japanese make up brands.

My bare face! I have slight darkness under the eyes and lots of light pigmentation!
Wearing one layer of Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover foundation in OC-C!
As you can see up close, this foundation is perfect for me! I love how even it makes my skin looks although you can see light traces of my pigments on my cheek this really does an amazing job. For those who don't need much correcting and coverage this would be a great everyday base to look flawless! 

Up close, wearing a layer of Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover foundation in OC-C!

Comparison of foundations!

Comparison of foundations: Shiseido Aqua Label White liquid foundation in BO10, Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover foundation in OC-C, L'oreal Lucent Magique in N2, Bourjois Healthy Mix in 52!
In comparison to three other foundations the Aqua label and Kate have the thinnest consistency followed by the L'oreal lucent and then bourjois healthy mix with the creamiest although it's not very thick at all. The Kate also is the most beige toned although on it's own it looks very yellow. The L'oreal and Aqua label are the most yellow and neutral which is very brightening on my complexion which then my regular powder adjusts.

The bourjois healthy mix and the Kate are the most perfect match for me on their own and I like how they adjust well to my skin if I get a bit tanner or am fair.  Out of all of them the L'oreal and kate are the most long lasting followed by the Aqua label and then bourjois healthy mix. 

Comparison of foundations: Shiseido Aqua Label White liquid foundation in BO10, Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover foundation in OC-C, L'oreal Lucent Magique in N2, Bourjois Healthy Mix in 52!
Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover foundation in OC-C!
Paid: $34 SGD or about $26.70 USD 

(This was purchased at the drugstore! This is about $5-10 more than other drugstore brands like L'oreal, Maybelline although the Revlon whipped foundation is $30.90 SGD here)

Recommend: Yes! If you are of my complexion or slightly lighter or darker you'd probably find a match. This foundation is the perfect everyday lightweight, almost completely matte finish base. Paired with a light powder this can really make it through a day!

Repurchase: Yes! I think if I ever do finish this I would repurchase it if my foundation collection weren't so large! I really love the formula of this and I only have slightly oily skin so this really works well for me!

Bottom line: A great foundation for those who don't have much to cover/correct, this would be best for those with normal or slightly oily skin. I love the natural glowy finish and yet the matte feel to touch. This is definitely a great foundation that I've been reaching for!

Do you have a favorite matte finish foundation?
Care to try this from Kate?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Glad you love this one as well! I wore it a lot during summer time, but it is a bit too matte for winter so I will put this aside first and venture it more next summer ^^
    Kate Kanebo def has some nice products. Their eye shadow quads remain my favorite ^^

  2. I agree, the packaging is pretty plain...but that formula looks SOOO good! *_* It pretty much looks like you're wearing nothing in the after photo. But your skin is already so good without any foundation. I'm so jealous!!

  3. Think I'd be too pink for the shades. :( Also, I thought your 'before' shot was the after shot. You have great skin.

  4. wow! this foundation looks so amazing on you!
    I need it too! hehehe :D ;D
    so gorgeous <3

  5. this looks SO like something i would love even if we don't have humid weather here. i love when foundations dry to powder.

    A Beautiful Zen

  6. Wow this looks amazing! I so wish we had easy access to asian cosmetics in australia. I love that it has a definite yellow undertone which is SO hard for me to find here. It gives your skin such a flawless finish!! I'm really regretting not buying more base products on my last trip to Japan!

  7. I have tried the Kate liquid liners and love them - this I would probably love too! Great price and the results are excellent. Thanks for the review!

  8. This looks like a FANTASTIC foundation. What a great finish! Although, I LOVE your skin bare. You have a gorgeous glow all on your own!

  9. I walked past Kate's counter today and was really tempted to get myself something lol I ended up didn't buy anything because I couldn't decide on which one to try out. Definitely gonna give this a thought once I passed by their counter again! Thanks for the review :D

  10. Great review and I have to say you look so naturally beautiful without makeup! x

    The Belle Narrative

  11. Ohh my the finish really does look like a powder has been used! ^ v ^

  12. The finish look looks so flawless *0*

    恵美より ♥

  13. I was so curious to try this out. It seems really good and I'm glad you like it too but the coverage is an issue for me because I have so much dark acne marks to cover. But thank you for the review. Saved me a few bucks. Haha!




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