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Review: Memebox Special #33 K-Style 2!

The K-Style 2 box! Yes, it's another Memebox ladies! I've been lucky enough to have the company sending me this second box and I almost died of joy when I opened it and realized it was all make up! If you've missed my first review of my first (memebox the Special #32 OMG 2 box see here!)

In a summary from the description card provided in this box (see below) this box is about Korean beauty and how the products will be able to help you recreate a K-celeb's look. It's about elegance and flawless bright skin, k-pop eyes with a lip to match. This box is meant to upgrade your beauty collection! I have to agree overall with the description. This box holds some korean beauty essentials and some lovely surprises!

Continue below for the reviews and my K-style look!
Memebox Special #33 K-Style 2!
This memebox is basically a smaller version of the previous box which was a skincare based box!
Freshly opened Memebox Special #33 K-Style 2! Oh my, all that make up! Yay!

Products description card of Memebox Special #33 K-Style 2!
Memebox Special #33 K-Style 2!
Secret-Star girl S-Style set no. 9 Cat's Eye false lashes! Price: $7
Description and directions: ( I believe they made a mistake on the description of this product, it says to "apply the downy cheek along your cheekbones for a naturally rosy look")

You either got a more dramatic point pair or a more natural gradual pair of lashes. They apply like regularly false lashes. 

I was very excited to get the more pointy pair, the design is lovely and the length is just right for my little eyelids. I had to trim the ends slightly as I normally do with all false lashes and I used my own lash glue to apply these. My only complaint about these are that the bands are quite stiff and a bit wider than most asian lashes so it makes it a bit difficult to apply.

Secret-Star girl S-Style set no. 9 Cat's Eye false lashes! Freaking love the volume and the fluttery finish! Trimmed slightly, they are perfect!
Royal Nature Pantone Shadeliner in 476C Sweetly You (dark matte brown) Price: $12
Description and directions: It's an 'auto type' eyeliner like a gel liner that includes a sharpener. The product should dry within 5 seconds of application, has a long lasting waterproof and oil free finish. You can use this smudged out as an eyeshadow or as an eyeliner.

There were four shades you could've gotten at random, a mint, black, hot pink and dark brown. At first I was a bit sad to have the brown and then I realized I would have not wanted a black and I just purchased a matte mint green so getting the pink would've a slim chance and brown is super versatile and useful as I'm more likely to use it!

I used this in my waterline and it was lovely. I love that this shade is a deep matte brown it's not a black brown but it's dark enough that it can define the eyes very well. This also would be great for tightlining. It lasted very well through the night on me and when it did fade, it didn't smudge or transfer to my under eye at all!

RiRe Luxe Mirror Eyeliner Black Price: $14
Description and directions: A brush dip eyeliner that has a 'tiny mirror' on the back of the bottle. It's meant to be handy for retouching. This is a very strong formula against water, oil and sweat and it washes off easily with warm water. The thin brush is meant to be helpful for in between the lashes and making a defined look.

This product is exactly what it says, super black and super resistant to water, rubbing and oil which makes this an incredibly long lasting formula. However there is a huge downside to this formula. For all those who curl their lashes and then apply eyeliner or who have already naturally curled lashes the slightly bit of this getting on to the lashes makes them bunch up and solidify like a mascara! 

Also I don't favor this form of eyeliner because it's such a pain in the ass to dip the brush into the pot again and again when I don't need to do that with a pen eyeliner! The mirror is a neat addition but it's really too small even for touching up and you wouldn't need to touch this up because it's so long lasting. Due to how much easier it is to use pen eyeliner and how it won't coat my lashes with a liquid vinyl like this would if it accidentally brushes my lashes I would not recommend this.

Shara Shara Color Eyes Stick Shadow in GL01 Caramel Gold Price: $7
Shara Shara Color Eyes Stick Shadow in GL01 Caramel Gold Price: $7
Description and directions: You get one of the two best shades from the line, they glide easily onto the skin and have a 'silky smooth' finish. It's creamy in texture and is an auto non sharpening stick that's a must have for beginners. 

This product is really lovely, it's exactly as described. A great silky creamy stick eyeshadow it is waterproof and I love it as a base for either golden or neutral looks. The only thing that's a bit off is that the color of the shadow looks like it might be a deeper more antique brown gold or as suggested by the name "caramel" but actually on the skin it's a straight up light yellow gold!

I would totally use it on it's own as an eyeshadow all over and blending out but I used it for an eyeshadow base for my night time look!

Swatches of Royal Nature Pantone Shadeliner, Shara Shara Color Eyes Stick Shadow and RiRe Luxe Mirror Eyeliner Black!
Original Raw Ten Cushion Foundation shade 21 Price: $32
Description and directions: A make up base, CC cream it has sunblock as well. This is suppose to be moisturizing and help cover up imperfections. It's meant to provide a glowing complexion. You are suppose to use this instead of a sunblock or as a make up base.

The shade 21 which is provided is a great light yellow shade, a bit lighter than Bourjois Healthy Mix 52 (although they look same in swatches). It's of a lovely liquid texture, I like how it feels a bit like a sunblock but smells and looks nothing like one. It actually has a good light-medium coverage. You could use it sheerly but you can use it like a foundation too. It's good enough to cover up the skin if you don't have very textured, red blemishes or dark scars. 

This foundation has a dewy brightening finish. You'd have to set it like me if you either have oilier skin or you prefer a more matte finish. If you are any darker than a NC 25 it will be way too pale. I'm about a NC20 right now and it's a bit light. I finished by using my favorite foundation powder on top of this to set the foundation completely.

Bourjois Healthy Mix shade 52, Original Raw Ten Cushion Foundation shade 21, Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse in 103 True Ivory
Bourjois has the most skin like color with yellow and a tad of beige too. The Original Raw foundation is the most neutral light yellow whereas the Rimmel isn't as brightening but the most beige of the three in the same shade category.

Bourjois Healthy Mix shade 52, Original Raw Ten Cushion Foundation shade 21, Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse in 103 True Ivory
Left: Bare face                                          Right: Original Raw Ten Cushion Foundation shade 21
Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer in RD01!
Swatch and layered swatch of Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer in RD01!
Description and directions: This is a lip gloss, lipstick and a lip tint all in one. The colors you could receive randomly are vibrant and will leave the lips moist, glossy and radiant all day long! This can be used for a gradient lip look or for a full lip color!

I was so pleased to receive this shade. I like that this is a bright chilli type red, a tad of orange but just a bit. The first thing I was surprised by was the scent! This product smells like sweet honeydew melon! It's so good! The texture is a thick gloss that's a bit liquidy, not sticky at all or thick. The applicator is precise and helps with application.

Warning, this product stains in seconds, it stains so evenly, so quickly and if you wear it out at night, expect to have a slight stain still more than 24 hours later even after a shower and lip scrub. Unless your lips peel a lot like mine, that helps with the stain going away faster. 

I usually totally avoid stains and anything that might be drying but this has the most beautiful glossy finish and it feels soft and moist for a good 4-5 hours with need for minor touch up if you're eating/drinking!

Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer in RD01! I literally applied it, took a photo and then wiped it off and look at that stain! It's so even, so staining and wow!
Wearing Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer in RD01! Such a pigmented, glossy and even finish! It never bleed at all through eating/drinking/talking!
Wearing all the products in the Memebox Special #33 K-Style 2!
Wearing all the products in the Memebox Special #33 K-Style 2!
Paid: Sent to me from Memebox! (This box retailed for $23 USD and shipping is $6.99)
This box is currently sold out on their website!

Recommend: Yes! This box is perfect for those who either love make up products or for those would are eager to try k-style type products!

Repurchase: Yes, I do plan to eventually order some boxes from them! I would love the Cutie Pie Marzia superbox, Blackout Memebox, Electric Brights Memebox and the Makeup Edition 2!

Bottom line: This box is filled with lovely make up goodies! Totally the kind of products for a classic defined eye, bright complexion and bold lip look! I really enjoyed this box overall, the products are of great quality and I loved the look I was able to create!

Memebox coupon code: 58X8HL  
  (valid for November for $5 off any order over $30, one use per person)

What do you think of the products in this box?
Do you have any memeboxes?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!  


  1. These products look really interesting! I love the caramel/golden stick and the lip lacquer looks amazing on you!

  2. Those lashes look gorgeous on you, Sharlynn! (Too bad about the thick band, though -- my eyes are really sensitive, and I just can't deal with falsies unless they're SUPER flexible and lightweight.)

    Loving the look of that lip lacquer, too :) This box looks awesome!

  3. Oehhh lovely contents really c:
    And the cushion foundation looks really
    great and natural on you! But you have
    a nice clear skin as well c:

  4. omg ♥ Sharlynn! Your skin is F L A W L E S S!!! Love those two final pictures ^^

  5. Ah, those lashes look so nice. I personally don't wear false lashes, but I'd totally love to rock those for a night out!

  6. Wow, love the final look with all the products in the box! Such a glamorous look, especially with the flawless, dewy base, shimmery lids, liner, falsies and that glossy red lip. :)

  7. Wow! The final look is va va voom hot! The lips are amazing! So shiny!




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