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Review: Arnaud Institut Paris Gel Wash and Exfoliating Cream!

Daily facial care with Arnaud Institut! Firstly a big thank you to the company which sent me these skincare products to try! This brand from my little research is a well established long time brand from France that has a lot of research put into their formulation of their products. It reminds me a lot of brands like Avene and Bioderma. I was sent a gel wash and an exfoliating cream from their facial care line to try and I've been using them for several weeks now and am ready to report!

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Arnaud Institut Paris Gel Wash and Exfoliating Cream!
Arnaud Institut Paris Exfoliating Cream!

Right to the point, I'm a fan of the packaging! I like the color scheme of their facial care which is orange/white, the packaging really looks like it's been formulated by a company that is concentrated on skincare. When I say that I mean I get the vibes that the products are really professional looking and makes the product look so sleek and promising. These products are in super practical and simple tubes and the plastic is very thick but soft and I've got no qualms with that!

The product itself is damn amazing! Right out of the tube, it's white and looks creamy like toothpaste but to touch it's full of fine rough scrubbing bits. The texture is thick and paste like, not smooth and creamy or whipped but dense and so packed with granules which I love! You don't need much and with a small amount and a wet face you get the best scrub ever! These granules don't disappear when you use it which I also appreciate. Most importantly I'm a fan of the pleasant baby powder type smell.

This scrub promises to be gentle and yet scrub the skin well and it really delivers! I'm in love with the creamy paste like texture and yet the fine rough grains make for the perfect scrub when I want to remove face make up!
Arnaud Institut Paris Exfoliating Cream! It may look like a cream but actually there are super fine rough gains that scrub your face so thoroughly!
Arnaud Institut Paris Gel Wash!
Much like the scrub, this gel wash has a lovely packaging color scheme. I like the orange color and how 'clean' the packaging looks. You get a lovely amount of product and the labeling on the tube is very detailed and there's description on the back in multiple languages!

The gel wash claims to be softening and it is suppose to foam and remove make up. Firstly this wash is very interesting. It's a thick gel and I didn't expect it to soap up or foam up like a normal cleanser, however once it gets wet and you work it on your skin there's a very 'slick' soap feeling. The funny thing is that this doesn't actually foam up, it does feel very soapy but there's not a build up of foam. That's not a bad thing though, as this wash is very cleansing and it leaves my skin feeling a bit tight, super clean and very soft! The big down side is that this wash smells strange, like dried stale seaweed and sawdust. It's not nice at all and just for that reason after using about 1/3 of this tube I needed to stop. 

This wash does exactly what it says though, so I don't fault it's performance in that sense. I'm guessing the smell is because of the botanical ingredients but I personally prefer a more 'scent free' type of smell or a more conventional soap scent.

Arnaud Institut Paris Gel Wash!
Arnaud Institut Paris Gel Wash!
Arnaud Institut Paris Gel Wash and Exfoliating Cream! The Mikatvonk CC cream was also sent to me by the same company that sent me the skincare! I did a (review here!)
Paid: Both Gel Wash and Exfoliating Cream were sent to me for consideration!

Both products retail in Singapore in store and online at $29 SGD or about $22.70 USD.

Recommend: To the exfoliating cream, a giant yes! The texture, formula and how it works is brilliant. For the gel wash, not really, the strange smell is quite off putting for me although it works well as a wash for sensitive/oilier skin types.

Repurchase: Yes, I would totally repurchase the exfoliating cream. It works so well and has the perfect scrub consistency. You can rub it really hard and exfoliate your skin brilliantly without being too harsh.

Bottom line: These two skincare products are perfect for those with slightly more sensitive or normal/combination skin. The scrub is the perfect consistency that would work for everyone whereas the gel wash works just like any other gel wash although the smell really isn't pleasant so it's not for me.

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