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Rave Review: Clio Nail Styler polish (Glitz Pink, Disco Blue, Glitz Jade, Tropical Mint, Disco Red, Golden Peach, White)

Clio's Nail Styler Polishes! I really don't do any posts on nail polishes, although I do wear nail polishes quite frequently. Recently I cleared out my polish boxes which are two small boxes of polishes I've bought the last 5 years. I don't ever buy collections of polishes or sets so usually it's one bottle at a time but the last two years I've used so little polish that I had plenty of dried out polishes to get rid of. I never buy high end polishes so it doesn't hurt to do major clearing!

I never realized Clio had nail polishes but when I came across this range at Watsons at AMK hub I just so many shades that screamed out at me to buy them! 

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 Clio Nail Styler polish (Glitz Pink, Disco Blue, Glitz Jade, Disco Red, Golden Peach, White)
Clio Nail Styler Polish The brushes are a medium width and have a good dense size, however every single bottle I bought had one bristle on at least on side of the brush that was sticking out at an angle! Every single bottle! it's still usable but it gets in the way so I need to cut them off!

I think for a drugstore brand Clio really has nice packaging. These polish bottles look of medium fanciness to me and I think the slick design of the name really is complementary to these bold and gorgeous shades. I do like the shape of these bottles although they are more bulky side ways than other bottles which are round or more square.

The brush of this polish is exactly the same shape of Essie's nail polish but slightly smaller in width. A problem I had with every single shade I bought was that there was one or two bristles on the brush which were bent! I couldn't believe it! However without cutting them off I'm still able to paint the polish on flawlessly without any problem.

Clio Nail Styler Polish in Glitz Pink! It's not really a pink but a rose toned bronze! My favorite neutral polish shade this year! It reminds me of a nail polish version of Kiko's long lasting eyeshadow stick in Rosy brown. One coat is almost opaque but two is opaque!
Clio Nail Styler Polish in Disco Blue! This shade called for me! It's not just bright but the shimmer just looks like broken glass stained with the bright blue and it's so intense and so bright and so glowing in person! I wish this shade is available forever! One coat and you're good!
Clio Nail Styler Polish in Glitz Jade! A stunning deep cool toned shimmery jade that I HAD TO HAVE. I don't really love greens unless their cool toned. This is beautiful and although bold still looks super subtle until it catches the light!
 Clio Nail Styler polish in Tropical Mint! My first true creamy mint shade! It's exactly what it looks like in the bottle, a perfect creamy glossy finish slightly more teal toned mint! LOVE IT!
 Clio Nail Styler polish Disco Red! A seriously stunning bold shade, as neon and bold as Disco Blue! It's a deep hot red toned fuchsia pink that's full of iridescent blue toned shimmer! 
 Clio Nail Styler polish in White! My first white nail polish in like 6 years! My first white polish was a super cheapy one that I used a lot and then gave up on. This formula is exactly like tropical mint, creamy with a glossy finish!
 Clio Nail Styler polish in Golden Peach!  This shade is exactly what the names says, it's a super fine liquid golden peach, you need a good two coats or a beautiful liquid iridescent finish!

These polishes are the reasons why I love asian brands of polishes and when I say that I think of brands like Skin Food, The Face Shop and Etude House. These polishes despite being a normal cream finish or a shimmery finish usually take only 1-2 coats to be fully opaque! This is the case with Clio. All the shimmery shades with exception of Golden Peach take 1 coat to be opaque! Even a thin coat is 90% opaque!

The cream finishes which are Tropical Mint and White are just stunning. Although there might seem to be a few brush lines right after application, they dry out to a completely smooth finish. The most important thing besides that these polishes look exactly like what you see in the bottle is that they are so long lasting. 

These polishes can last up to 4-5 days chip free if you're not actively using your fingers doing dirty work or picking/opening things. It's amazing how freshly painted and how hardy this formulation is and I love it! In addition, something extra which I totally wasn't expecting is that these polishes are scented! They have a lovely sharp sweet fruity scent and it lasts for at least a good two days after painting!

Wearing Clio Nail Styler polish Glitz Pink!
Wearing Clio Nail Styler polish in Glitz Jade!
Wearing Clio Nail Styler polish Tropical Mint!
Wearing Clio Nail Styler polish Disco Red!
Wearing Clio Nail Styler polish White!
Wearing Clio Nail Styler polish Golden Peach!
Wearing Clio Nail Styler polish Disco Blue!
Clio Nail Styler polish (Glitz Pink, Disco Blue, Glitz Jade, Tropical Mint, Disco Red, Golden Peach, White)
Paid: $8.90 SGD each or about $6.90 USD

Repurchase: YES! I already have! My first purchase was the first three shades, and then I bought the mint and the red and lastly I went back to get the white and golden peach! I do plan to get some of the more neutral/natural shades!

Recommend: Yes, if you love natural, colorful, fun or bold and glitzy glittery crazy shades Clio Nail Styler has a great line of polishes! I love polishes with such intensity, long wearing qualities and they are so easy to apply! The range is huge so do check them out!

Bottom line: Besides a bristle or two being bent on each brush, these polishes are phenomenal. Great color, great finish, dries quickly, sweet scent and so long wearing! I totally would love to collect more shades!

Would you like to have any of these nail polishes?
Tried anything from Clio before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Aw! These colours are so chrismassy! My picks go to the Glitz Pink & Disco Blue, Sharlynn. Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  2. Hey Sharlynn, What a nice review of Clio Nailstyler. Firstly the name intrigues me coz nail styler sounds too cool. Secondly, I'm in love with the glittery shimmery ones. They look like really fine quailty nail polish. A pity about the bristles and every single one means that's really a machinery fault or something. But I'm glad that cutting helps. The price is great too. I might purchase them!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  3. wow I didn't know Clio have nail polishes as well! They do look very pigmented , judging from your swatches ^^ Glitz Pink and Glitz Jade are my faves out of the bunch..
    Essence does have good nail polishes as well,do give them a try if you are on the look for new nail polish :-D

  4. Wow 4 days chipfree! Sounds great o: the
    main reason why I rarely wear nailpolish is
    I let them chip reaaaally quickly. Like it will
    happen in the same day! Which leads to
    total frustrations...
    Anyway, love the 'disco' theme c: the
    'Tropical Mint' is my favorite!

  5. Ermahgawd Disco Blue is amazing! Definitely need to pick up the next time I see it.

  6. Glitz Jade and Tropical Mint really stand out to me! They look so pretty and unusual, will take note of them.

  7. Wow so many gorgeous shade. Loved all but Glitz Jade and Tropical mint are so so so pretty..looking beautiful on your nails honey. Have a great weekend doll. Kisses .

  8. Woow! great shades! the mint one is my fave :) We have that brand here but they dont have polishes here.

  9. Such an eyecatching collection here, I am in love with disco blue...LOVE there colour so much !!!!!

    恵美より ♥


  10. Hi Sharlynn,

    You look like you have been counting down to Christmas with these glittering looks. Very pretty nails :D

    Btw, I'm also organizing a giveaway for 4 lucky winners. Hope that you are a one of them :D


  11. lovely post!

  12. These nail polish bottles look pretty cool and I like the bronze and dark blue shades :)

  13. Great haul! The disco blue one looks like a ton of fun

  14. Gorgeous! I don't think I have ever seen your nails before, but great polish job! Very neat!




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