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Review: Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence water base SPF 50!

Slap on some Watery Essence! Ladies, as the majority of us beauty and skincare obcessed junkies would know, sun protection is essential to better long term quality of our skin. Like many I avoided any forms of sunscreen growing up hating the texture, the feeling and the hassle of applying anything on unless I definitely was going to be in direct sun for sports or an activity that will take a while. It's only been in the last few years that I've been using both make up and skincare to protect my skin.

I've already tried Biore's UV Aqua Whitening Mousse base (my review here) which was lovely, lightweight and easy to use beneath my make up or on its own. Today I bring to you a quick review on it's other famous version, the watery essence base!

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Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence water base SPF 50!
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence water base SPF 50! The claim of feeling like nothing is completely true and makes this great for those who don't like any type of residual!
I also really enjoy that this is made in Japan as some products from Japanese brands are now often produced in China which I sometimes avoid!
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence water base SPF 50!
Packaging & Product!

The brand Biore always makes me think of simple, clean and pleasant packaging. From their face washes, body washes and their UV milks, mousses and this watery essence all of their designs are minimalistic despite the exterior card board packaging being very busy and bright! The tube is a pretty baby blue and has a matte looking but luminous plastic finish. I really find such designs very pleasing to the eyes and the twist lock cap ensures the product stays leak free.

What comes out of the tube is a slightly lemon curd colored product that resembled a whipped light sunscreen. The scent is a lovely light citrus sweet sunscreen smell which I actually would love if it lasted. Once your fingers start blending and melting this into the skin it feels like a gel serum and leaves the skin feeling slightly silky and dry to the touch. 

I prefer using this beneath my make up as not only does it leave my skin feeling silky and smooth but it dries very quickly. This base is very well named as a 'watery essence' as it really does feel that way. This probably would be a great product for those of us who can't stand thicker sunscreens or those who have sensitive skin on the face.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence water base SPF 50! Initially it looks like a light lemon curd!
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence water base SPF 50! It blends out like a gel texture and dries to a slightly silky dry finish!
Paid: $18.90 SGD or about $14 USD

Recommend: Yes, this sunscreen is very lightweight and easy to use. For those who have sensitive skin or who are keen on using something that leaves the skin feeling dry to the touch and not sticky this watery essence base from Biore is totally worth checking out.

Repurchase: Maybe, I've really enjoyed this but because I buy sun protection so rarely as it takes a while to use I think I'll be trying another product in the future instead!

Bottom line: This is a fantastic option in the sun protection category as it suits all skin types especially for those who have oilier skin. If you've always had issues with regular sunscreen this lighter texture, lovely sweet fresh scent and soft matte finish will leave you wondering why you've never picked this up!

What brand of sunscreen do you use?
Tried any from Biore before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Oh to be young and able to use alcohol in my skincare products again... I can't do Biore sunscreens but I do love Mentholatum, Atopita, and Shigaisen ones. They're all alcohol-free!

  2. Omg I was looking at this product the other day and was wondering whether to buy it or not. Coincidently I saw your review, which makes me want to reconsider it ^_^
    Great post! ^_^ thank you for helping me to my decision

    Lauren xx | laurlauu

  3. I have this waiting in my collection, I still have to get through 2 bottles of the UV face milk before I break into it though! I'm glad you like it though, it sounds great!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. I really like this Biore sunscreen, it is my HG I'd say. I find it perfect for my combo skin and it doesn't create white cast as bad as other brands do.. I also like that it is lightweight and absorbs well into the skin. :) The alcohol in ingredients is a bit worrying but I don't have any problem with it so far ^^

  5. I tried this on the back of my hand and thought to myself, 'This is heaveeennnn'. Absolutely agree that the watery gel texture is an advantage and the fact that it didn't leave behind any whiteness. I was very close to buying this but then I saw alcohol listed as the second ingredient and I had to put it back down!

  6. I'm soooo guilty of not using SPF moisturizers/sunscreens and you remind me that I really need to make use of the Sephora goodie package I bought last year which was suppose to be my motivation to use it during the summer, but I haven't even been able to go through a single small tube and I've been only using it when i remember....soooo bad lol. Your post is a good reminder XD I haven't tried Biore sunscreens but this looks like a great one for the future! :)

  7. Biore have so many interesting products :)
    I need this ;D

  8. This is an amazing sun screen! Just bought it recently and I really love the texture of it and how it feels non sticky!!

  9. I love their sunscreens and this water-based one I use daily because it's so lightweight! :D :D :D

  10. This sunscreen sounds good, never tried this brand. It's really nice that it doesn't leave whitish cast behind it. Nice review dear! Kisses <3

  11. It looks really moisturizing so I'm surprised that by your experience, it's more suited to dry skin. Shame! I like sunscreens with a little extra hydration.

  12. I think I tried the mousse version and currently have the gel version. The mousse one balled up on me and made me oilier, but the gel version is so nice. It slightly mattifies myself and works so well under makeup! I don't know if I'll try this version you reviewed since the gel version has soooo much product that I don't see myself using it up any time soon.

  13. This is what I am currently using! I'm also layering the all mineral sunscreen from Neutrogena as an experiment. Hopefully that will fade some of my freckles! :)




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