Saturday, 4 February 2012

Quick look: NYX Round Lipstick in B52!

 Hi again! Just another NYX round lipstick from my NYX haul last year! This shade is called "B52" one of the popular shades that is more of an everyday color!

NYX round lipstick in B52!

My bare lips...they are quite pigmented. Sometimes they're darker and look like a deep berry shade.
Looks quite pink on my lips...maybe because of how my lips are quite pigmented already
NYX Round lipstick in B52

NYX Round lipstick in B52...looks a lot darker and brown in the tube!

Revlon Soft nude, Maybelline totally tofee, nyx B52, nyx Hades...

Overall I am a fan of this color although I  haven't worn it that much...this would probably look lovely in tanner skin tones and would make a solid muted pink/brown on fairer skinned people. 

The formula is creamy like all the round lipsticks are, perfurmed like marshmallows/ sometimes a bit plastic like but overall they are hydrating but don't last too long.

On me I'd consider this a 'nude' color that's quite pink...revlon soft nude which seems to work on a lot of people at blocking out their natural lip color makes me look like a corpse, not pretty at all. 

Do you like more brown or pink toned 'nude' lipsticks?

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


  1. Nice blog! I am following you now ^_^.

    Btw please participate my 1st INTERNATIONAL giveaway if it fancy your liking ^_^.

  2. I think brown toned lipsticks are very flattering. They're effortless but I love pinks and nudes as well :D I think the NYX one looks gorgeous on u!

  3. NYX B52 is my fave!! looks really pretty :D
    your blog is cool! I'm following now <3


  4. Love your blog. I just followed you! I recently started my own blog and would love some feedback or a follow back?! Thanks so much!

    Justinerawr, xo

    1. Hey there! Thanks for following! I'm checking your blog out, it looks quite awesome! Wish I had access to make up in the US! Do enjoy my blog! :))

  5. b52 looks soooo good on you! it's a perfect nude...i prefer more brown nudes on me, suits my complexion/lips better

    1. Aww, thanks! I prefer slightly more brown toned nudes too actually! xd I find my natural color a big over powering sometimes.

  6. I just got this lipstick in the mail and I am so excited to try it! I think this will be my next favorite shade :)

    1. Aha, hope it works well for you! I like it but have since passed it on to my mother who loves it! :)


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