Sunday, 20 July 2014

Meet up with an old Highschool classmate! (Purple golden eyes with Sleek's Vintage Romance Palette)

Purple gold! That's what I think of when I did this eye look! I've done very similar in the past with the Vintage Romance palette from sleek and that's because I'm in love with the purples and gold shades! I love how there are cool and warm shades of purple and a bronze and light gold in the same palette! 

On the same day of this look, I met up again with an old highschool and classmate from Cambodia, she had studied there at the international school all her life and I met her when I moved there for grade 6! We were so keen on meeting up again as I've only managed to meet up with her three times the last two years!

Continue below for the look and day out!
Purple golden eyes with Sleek's Vintage Romance Palette!
Check out my grumpy pissy looking kitty cat crouching on my bed while I get my make up on!
Purple golden eyes with Sleek's Vintage Romance Palette!
Inner corner- Meet in Madrid, lid- Marry in Monte Carlo, Outer lid and crease- Honeymoon in Hollywood, touch of Propose in prague in the crease!
Wearing Korres lipstick in rose and NYX butter gloss in Vanilla cream pie!
On my cheeks is my favorite blush from bourjois Rose de Jaspe!
Products used: Sleek Vintage Romance palette, Sleek contour kit in light, Revlon matte shadow (for brows), Biore UV Aqua watery mousse, Missha perfect cover bb cream, The Face Shop Power Perfection BB cream, Essence gel eyeliner, Bourjois baked blush, K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner, Kiss me Heroine mascara Long & Curl, itCosmetics mascara, NYX butter gloss, Korres lipstick
Purple golden eyes with Sleek's Vintage Romance palette!
Purple golden eyes with Sleek's Vintage Romance palette!

A coat of NYX Butter gloss just makes my lips so much fuller and plump!
My favorite palette for purples/golds! Purple golden eyes with Sleek's Vintage Romance palette!
On the same day I had met up with an old high school friend who is currently studying in Singapore! We met and ate lunch at Nam Nam Noodle bar at Dhouby Ghuat! I had a sandwich and she had a chicken Pho!
Just chilling by some stone seats out in front of Plaza Singapura! We talked for hours and then I encouraged her to buy Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner in Perversion! She hasn't regretted it since!

Would you also wear purple and gold?
Want this palette from Sleek?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I like the lip colour best! I've always enjoyed meeting up with old classmates; so much things to chat about :D

  2. Sleek Vintage Romance is one of my favorite palettes! My most used shade is the golden one ( no.2 on the upper side ) to apply it on my bottom lash line ( aegyo sal - ish ).. It is so pretty!

    Love how you created the bold purple look! and the lip color is also very pretty ^^

  3. Awh gal you look gorgeous! You always have amazing eyes look ^-^ and love that lips and cheeks color x

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  4. I love how feminine this look is! Gosh, you always have the most creative and fun looks. Ugh, and the food looks delicious too!

  5. Gorgeous look, your cat is just jealous you're getting that pretty that's why he has the grumpy stare.

    I've been wondering about the NYX butter glosses and they look supergorgeous on you. The Biore sunblock is one that I like too: so light and well protecting.
    I hope the meetup has been amazing

  6. Love the makeover. Your cat is super cute.

  7. Love the purple + gold eyeshadow combo! Kinda reminds me of ~royalty~, tbh. Really love how feminine this overall look is; you and your friend are gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful makeup, I love the purple and gold together!




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