Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rave Review: 1028 Visual Therapy Brownie Eyes eyeshadow palette!

Brownie Eyes palette! Are you ladies a lover of neutrals like I am? Do you own the Naked palette? The Too Faced neutral eye kit? The Lorac Pro? Mac neutral palette? I on the other hand although I love eyeshadows I do not own that many eyeshadow palettes of the neutral sort! 

I was so happy to see this asian brand which I believe is from Taiwan selling at John Little Plaza Singapura and also now at Watsons! There were two versions of this 6 pan neutral palette and I chose this one although the other one had a pretty peach shade I really loved!

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1028 Brownie Eyes eyeshadow palette!
1028 Brownie Eyes eyeshadow palette!
1028 Brownie Eyes eyeshadow palette!

This palette is a lovely small size  of about one and a half iphones next of each other! I love the metal tin and have always admired metal packaged palettes! It's a lovely concept of color and design, a pretty metallic brown and hot pink with a  cupcake and a chocolate seal on the front! The box looks like it's been wrapped with the string design on the case!

I really like how the shadows are packaged in this slim tin case and that there isn't so much extra space that bulks up the palette! Due to the fact that this brand is a Taiwanese or Hong Kong brand everything on the back is in mandarin and I can't read much of it!

Besides the packaging being so fitting to the name 'Brownie' I don't see any downside to this palette, it's lightweight, sturdy and pretty! I guess a mirror would've been nice for those who take this traveling and some shadow names or numbers!

Look at that gorgeous range of 'brownie' shadows! Most all cool toned browns, two lights, two medium and two darker shades! A perfect set of 6 colors that drew me in immediately!
Swatches from 1028 Brownie Eyes eyeshadow palette!
Top row of shadows: matte cream, pearly light pink, medium bronze brown

Bottom row of shadows: cool tone teak brown, warm medium caramel, dark cool tone chocolate

1028 Brownie Eyes eyeshadow palette!

Besides the packaging sweeping me off my feet I straightaway loved the cool tones to this palette! I always prefer using cool toned dark browns for my crease and outer V to smoke out my netural looks but then I also loved the two medium bronze shades of browns which I would always use! 

Right from the swatches in store the texture of these fine shimmery shadows are so buttery, soft and easy to blend out without losing pigmentation at all! These are two finishes that I can distinctly say there are, a soft matte from the cream and the rest of the shades are all a super fine shimmery texture that is so smooth and looks like a satin on the eyes!

The color range is great, I love how it's 2 lights, 2 medium and 2 dark shades! For those who love neturals and don't need many shades to satisfy, this great small range will make you very happy! I've made super light and bright eye looks using two shades or did more bronzey and deep brown smokey looks with this palette too!

These shadows are beautiful and last all day and night with a good primer beneath. I usually use a brown cream shadow stick or pot shadow and these are completely true to what you see in the palette!

1028 Brownie Eyes eyeshadow palette!
Paid: $28.90 SGD or about $23 USD (This is about $12SGD less in Hong Kong!)

This is an amazing price as Mac single eyeshadows retail for $33 SGD for one!

Recommend: YES! If you need or want a pretty, high quality, versatile and small palette this is for you! The textures are so soft, buttery and they are so pigmented and easy to blend together!

Repurchase: YES! I would totally want to buy this for a gift or to buy more things from them!

Bottom line: A super versatile, pretty and high quality neutral palette with soft satin/shimmery finishes that are great for both day and night. I would recommend anyone to take a look at 1028 for their small make up line!

Do you prefer small or larger neutral palettes?
Matte or shimmery finishes?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Wow... those eyeshadows are definitely pigmented!

    Phoebe | Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  2. Nice colours! The packaging alone is totally getting me. That's a perfect little palette for sure since I also prefer cool browns. :)

  3. Oooh, those colors are lovely for neutrals! They seem like they would work really well together, and I love the inclusion of the matte highlight shade.

  4. pigmented and gorgeous colors, I hope I find this at Watsons here...

  5. wow the shades are so beautiful! they all look well pigmented and smooth! the packaging is also very cute, perfect for a gift :-)
    I will never have enough neutral eye shadows. lol

  6. What a gorgeous neutral palette. Definitely like the cool tones too.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  7. Wow, this palette is really very pretty, loved the packaging and shades. They seem like they would work really well together, and the matte highlight shade is so gorgeous. Can't wait to see some eye makeups honey <3 Kisses <3

  8. What a lovely palette :)
    I love the packaging too and the shades are just stunning :)

  9. What a cute palette, love the slim casing and pretty decorations :) I have way too many neutral palettes but I do use them all the time, so I don't feel guilty when I buy them haha




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