Friday, 4 July 2014

Rave review: MUA (Makeup Academy) Heaven and Earth palette!

Heaven and Earth! MUA has always been a brand I've been keen to try from before I got my first Sleek palette! They have been famous for these 12 pan eye palettes, they have so many out and they are mostly of all really great quality. I've had my eye on their neutral palettes the moment I learnt about these babies and was so fortunate to have an old school friend of mine Becky gift this to me a while back!

I didn't touch this baby for a while since I've been loving the Undress palette form them and the Oh So Special from Sleek but after starting to use this I've loved it so much!

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MUA (Makeup Academy) Heaven and Earth palette
MUA (Makeup Academy) Heaven and Earth palette

These MUA palettes are all packaging in a light plastic clamshell compact. It comes with one double ended sponge tip applicator which I don't use but I keep them in a bag in storage. The cover has a clear section where you can see the shadows which is fine with me because I don't mind no getting a mirror as I don't often use the mirror in eye palettes when I do my make up.

The downside of this type of packaging is how fragile it could be if this was accidentally dropped. However for the super cheap price tag and the quality of these shadows I'm not upset!

MUA (Makeup Academy) Heaven and Earth palette
In a palette of 12 shadows and a total of 9.6g, that gives you 1.25 grams for each shadow which is enough for any regular girl!
Swatches of MUA (Makeup Academy) Heaven and Earth palette

MUA shadows from my experience tend to be very good quality when it comes to the shimmery shades and satin shades but when it comes to the lighter shades and matte shades quality isn't very good. I love how there's a great variety of browns here, not browns that all look similar but there are browns with warm undertones and cool undertones.  I love that there's an old gold shade and orangey bronze too!

I use these over a shadow stick or my favorite maybelline color tattoo in Bad to the Bronze and then these shadows really are true to color and will last all day! I'm sorry but I can't say how these work without a base or primer as I always use one. These colors are great and if you love browns and shimmers this palette is a delicious treat for the eyes!

Swatches of MUA (Makeup Academy) Heaven and Earth palette
Just look at those browns! So rich and pigmented and I love the shimmery quality to them! All swatched without any primer beneath!

Warm reddish brown eye with a bronze on the lid!

Orange gold and bronze eye for a more awake and bright look!

Paid: Gifted to me from my friend Becky! 

It's £4.00 on the MUA website! ($14.50 SGD on

Recommend: YES! For those who love neutrals and a wide variety of undertones of browns and neutrals this palette will be such a great one to have. It's great for those days when you don't really want to think and just one, two or three shades together would be enough for a flawless look!

Repurchase: YES! Not the same palette but I would get this as a gift for someone!

Bottom line: A super affordable palette with a great range of shimmery browns with so many undertones, you could come up with infinite looks for any occasion. I totally recommend this to those who are looking for a cheap neutral palette!

Do you any palette from MUA?
Would you like this?
Let me know!

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  1. It looks amazing! I've heard heaps about these MUA palettes, the quality sounds so good for the price! If I ever get the opportunity to pick one up, I definitely will.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. We both bought this and love it! The quality and the price is just perfect for newbies, loving your orange gold and bronzed eye look you did with it :)

  3. I've heard so many good things about this palette, would love to give it a try!! Great review :)

  4. This looks so so pretty! Especially with the gold detail... I need to try something similar soon :)

  5. ...YUPP, DEFINITELY PICKING THIS UP WHEN I GO TO LONDON LATER THIS MONTH. (As well as a bunch of other MUA eyeshadow palettes!! I'm so excited!)
    In love with all the eyeshadow looks you've done with this palette--can't wait to layer some of these shades over Bad to the Bronze on myself!




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