Thursday, 12 December 2013

Rave Review: Kiko Color Shock long lasting eyeshadow (shades 01, 02, 04, 05, 06)!

Color Shock! Good December evening ladies! For those of you who didn't know I did an exciting beauty swap with the lovely Pam from Jade in the Palace blog a few months ago and I asked for a bunch of Kiko products! Something I was drying to try after seeing vivid swatches of were their cream shadows!

She got me everything I asked for and so much more, do check out our swap here!

Continue below for the review and swatches!
 Kiko Color Shock long lasting eyeshadow in shades 01 Island Shimmer, 02 Sunset Coral, 04 Decisive Stone, 05 Fierce Violet, 06 Lagoon Blue
 Kiko Color Shock long lasting eyeshadows, look at how reflective and shiny the caps are!
Beautiful cardboard packaging, its textured to the touch and has a slightly plastic blend quality. Very well designed.
The screw on metal caps have such a shiny completely reflective finish, it's so hard to take a photo of it without being in the reflection!
The labels on the bottle of the frosted glass jars. I like the gold touch, very luxe even though they are a mid-range departmental brand!
Due to the super gel cream quality to these shadows, when you first open them, there might be some to a lot of the shadow stuck onto the lid!

Very well thought through and very luxe, a bit weighty and very beautiful overall. I love the frosted glass jars, they are a bit big but are not bulky and the labeling and gold cap is just the cherry on the cake. I feel like I have five pots of super expensive cream eyeshadow even though they are just really really good departmental store brand product! 

There's really no downside to the packaging especially if you are into pot cream shadows. I would've obviously bring more than one of these on a holiday as they are weighty. Otherwise these store very well and I'm not worried when or if one of these accidentally fall, they aren't going to shatter or crack!

 Kiko Color Shock long lasting eyeshadow in 01 Island Shimmer (A super golden tone beige)
 Kiko Color Shock long lasting eyeshadow in 02 Sunset Coral (true golden rose gold)
 Kiko Color Shock long lasting eyeshadow in 04 Decisive Stone (dark slightly purple slate brown)
 Kiko Color Shock long lasting eyeshadow in 05 Fierce Violet (vibrant warm eggplant purple)
 Kiko Color Shock long lasting eyeshadow in 06 Lagoon Blue (Cerulean blue)

Right off the bat, I immediately judged these as high end products. The packaging and the shocking vivid colors in the jar just made me so excited when I saw them! They are so luminous, creamy and metallic!

The color payoff is amazing, exactly what you see in the jar, they are true to color and incredibly pigmented, even the beige and the rose gold shades are completely opaque. I realized that these were not going to be base shadows but these will be used an eyeliners or shadows by themselves because they are so pigmented and have such a smooth metallic finish!

The tiniest bit, the lightest dip of the edge of your brush into this still is enough to be completely opaque and spreadable on the lids! I've used these as eyeliners and as all over eyeshadows, they have the most matte velvet feeling once dried on the lids and do not flake off like other cream shadows I tried including the Maybelline color Tattoo. 

Cream shadows flake usually when you've layered them but these don't need more than more application as they are so opaque with one application. Overall these have been crazily waterproof, they will not move, smudge or change at all once set on your lids and you will need an oil based remover to get it off.

As a product as a whole, these perform amazing and together with the jars they come in, you could easily mistake these for products from a high end brand like chanel or Dior! This is the best quality of cream shadow I've tried, more of a gel liquid cream than a thick solid lump like Mac paint pots.

 Swatches of Kiko Color Shock long lasting eyeshadow in shades 01 Island Shimmer, 05 Fierce Violet, 02 Sunset Coral, 06 Lagoon Blue, 04 Decisive Stone
Don't you find them so beautiful?
Paid: $3.40 EUR or about $5.80 SGD ($4.60 USD)

Recommend: Yes! Completely! These are so pigmented, smooth, metallic and waterproof! Amazing as an all over shadow or as a vivid eyeliner, I'm sure that everyone could use a bright or more wearable shade form them!

Repurchase: Yes! In terms of the quality and the packaging together, these are so great. Although I probably won't be getting more anytime soon.

Bottom line: Absolutely brilliant formulation, these however are super gel like and very creamy compared to other types of cream shadows. The color pay off, texture and lasting quality is exceptional and the only thing I'm worried about is not blending it well enough before it sets because I had too much on my brush! Amazing product, if you can get these do go for it!

Do you own any Kiko products?
What shade do you like?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you very much!


  1. wow I never thought they would be so good!! I didn't have any of these cream shadows but now you made me want to get some! lol
    KIKO is a great brand for the price, the packaging is also expensive-looking, similar to MAC or NARS or sometimes even better.. ^^I
    I'm glad you ended up loving these ^^

    1. They are, they really are this good! They are sooo pigmented waterproof and all round! Thank you!

  2. They look amazing!
    No wonder they're called european MAC. I would say it's better than MAC.
    I also love their packaging. :)

    1. Hahah, yes, I'd think it is very high in quality and consistency maybe even better than mac except like choice!

  3. Gorgeous colors and there very pigmented! its my first time hearing about this brand thanks for sharing :)

    1. They are incredibly pigmented! You're welcomed!

  4. They look so awesome! love the blue one <3

  5. The colours look AMAZING. Seeing your review of the Kiko bronzing blush and now these cream eyeshadows makes me wish Kiko was available in Canada. Hopefully someday, because I will buy them all! Thanks for reviewing these products. :)

    1. They are very very great. That blush is now my HG blush! if you get the chance do try to get a product or two from them!

  6. wow they look fantastic! I wish they would sell here. I'd love to try their products. I especially like that dark brown and purple shade.

    1. They are really really great! If you ever get a chance, do try to get a thing or two!

  7. the shades look extremely pigmented and color payout was really good! ^_~

    1. Truly some of the most amazing shades I've come across in cream shadows!

  8. These seem to be little pots of gold! They look absolutely stunning. I wish Kiko was more available in other places so I could get to try them out. If I do every see them I'll definitely pick up a few!

    1. They are! So high end feeling and looking! Yeah, thats why when Pam and I decided to swap I wanted everything from Kiko!

  9. wow these look insanely pigmented!!!! they look so fun and perfect for holiday parties. island shimmer looks gorgeoussss. thanks for introducing these, i've never heard of Kiko before :)

    rachel x

  10. These look amazing! I was surprised to read that they didn't crease or budge on you because they do look so creamy in the packaging. I've never heard of this brand but now I'm in awe! Can't wait to see you use some of these in some looks! xo

  11. I'm not big on cream formulas, but I love the look of the Lagoon Blue!




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