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Review: Mikatvonk Super 3 Smart BB Cream!

Super Smart BB cream! By now everyone in both the western and asian beauty world would know about BB creams and how they're usually a great foundation alternative for those of fair/ light-medium skintones. I personally love and prefer high coverage bb creams and usually always wear them set with powder. Its common that bb creams are a bit grey/ashy or just too light but in the last few years more and more brands have much more wearable neutral/yellow toned shades.

This product was kindly sent to me by the Olive Tree Pacific company in Singapore! Only a few months ago they kindly asked if I was interested to review a new eyeliner by the brand "Perfect" which I have reviewed here!

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Mikatvonk Super 3 Smart BB Cream!
Love the in depth description of the product, it's supposed to be whitening and anti-wrinkle! Love the high SPF too!
Mikatvonk Super 3 Smart BB Cream!
Ingredients list! I'm no scientist and I'm not sensitive to anything so far!
This is made in Korea! I've had no luck accessing their website and there is very little info I can find about this brand online!

Gold, fancy, luxurious and detailed! The words that come straight to my mind when I looked and held this lovely golden box in my hands! It's a slightly textured finish so it's not a glossy gold like YSL products. 

The BB cream itself comes in a large tube! It's very big in size although it does hold 40ml which is 10ml more than the regular amount. I have other products where the 30ml is in a very small and handy size but this is totally oversized so it's not convenient for travel.

On the flip side, it's very hygenic and easy to use and the pump dispenses very easily! The tube is actually is hard plastic and not soft or squishy at all, this makes the packaging very durable and tough which is a big plus. Overall there's nothing really negative at all, I really think a lot of thought has been put into the packaging and it's a very nice bottle to have!

Mikatvonk Super 3 Smart BB Cream!
Mikatvonk Super 3 Smart BB Cream!
In terms of color comparison amongst these four bb creams the Mikatvonk is the best shade match for me, next is the lioele which is just right, not too beige and not ashy at all. Although the Mikatvonk looks very light and bright the yellow tone blends into my skintone perfectly. The Peripera is slightly more beige than I'd like and The Face Shop is not only too beige but a bit grayish on my skin.

I wear all of these bb creams set with my holy grail powder, ZA two way foundation cake in OC00. Amongst all of these Lioele is full coverage and the longest lasting, followed by the Peripera which si also full coverage and second longest lasting. 

The third is The Face Shop with also full coverage but not the best color matching and Mikatvonk comes in at fourth in terms of long lasting qualities even when set with my powder but it looks the best in terms of color. Although all these four are amazing! These are my top BB creams.
BB cream comparison: Lioele Triple the Solution (my review), Mikatvonk Super Smart, Peripera I Love BB Cream (my review) , The Face Shop Power Perfection in 02 (my review)

This BB cream surprised me as it is a light and bright yellow shade which made my very happy! Most bb creams weather the high coverage or sheer tend to look beige or slightly ashy toned, most light shades of BBs are pinky and not very light yellow so this is a much better match even if I'm not the palest, a light yellow blends in very well with my skintone.

Right off the bat, the color is the best BB color match I've come across with all the BB creams I own, although I do at the end of my face make up routine will set this with my holy grail ZA powder. In terms of texture, this BB isn't as thick or solid in form as the lioele, it's more the consistency of a thick gel but nowhere as liquid as the drugstore bb creams from Maybelline/L'oreal.

In terms of how this feels on the skin throughout the day, this is very comfortable and lightweight. I love how it feels like nothing throughout the day. The color of the BB cream also doesn't oxidize or change tone even with a setting powder and lots of sweating which is a big plus. I also like the light sweet slightly floral scent!

The only downside to this BB cream is how my oiliness around the nose seems to eat through this bb and my powder around and on the nose area. Only on up close in your face inspection do I see the caking around and on my nose, it's not obvious but it's visible compared to how other of my BB creams perform at the end of a long sweat filled day. With a good touch up of powder this cakiness from my oils and sweat is taken care of!

My bare face! As you can see, my left cheek is healing from some blemish scars recently!
As you can see, the color match is perfect on my current skintone! I'm pretty much at my fairest I am naturally in the face which is a NC20ish. Below is just the Mikatvonk BB cream and no concealer or anything else. All light spots or faints cars, under eye darkness is all concealed very naturally and nicely! I just love how it looks by itself, I just wish I could get this in a matte finish so I wouldn't need to use so powder to set my bases with!

Wearing Mikatvonk Super 3 Smart BB Cream!
Wearing Mikatvonk Super 3 Smart BB Cream! The match of color is so good!
Wearing Mikatvonk Super 3 Smart BB Cream!

Paid: Sent to me for consideration! (Retails at $32.90 SGD or $26.50 USD)

Recommend: Yes! For those who don't have very dark spots/scars or a lot of blemishes this solid medium coverage light weight BB cream is wonderful! I love the light yellow shade and it will work nicely for those of NC20-25. You could mix this with a darker shade/base to match a tanner complexion. I think it's best for dry-normal skin types!

Repurchase: No, because this tube is HUGE! I think 40ml is a lot! I probably won't finish this up for a long time and likely won't repurchase as I like trying new products!

Bottom line: A very lightweight, high SPF and super perfect matching yellow tone BB cream that's great for dry-normal skin types! For those who haven't heard much about this brand, I can give them a thumbs up for this BB cream!

Do you like more yellow or beige tone BB creams?
Heard of Mikatvonk before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I love the packaging and I like it that it comes in a pump. The color match for your skin tone is really great. Love it :) I didn't know about this brand so thanks for the review :)

  2. looks great on you!! i love yellow toned bbcreams, matches my very yellow undertone perfectly!

  3. Wow this looks really great! As I have problems with blemishes and scars I looove high coverage BB creams but so far I wasn't very succesfull :( Any recommendations? I would love to try out his BB cream but I never heard of the brand and I fear I wont be able to buy it anywhere in Japan which is really a shame. You look gorgeous! :)

  4. That sounds great! And it's nice to see one that isn't ashy - I have that problem, as well.

  5. Great review you have here! I need to try Asian BB Creams, I've heard SO much about how awesome they are! The packaging is awesome and the color selection (aka it being yellow toned) makes me want to get it!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  6. the color match is perfect! looks like you don't wear anything on the face :D
    I have never heard of this brand, but it sounds good! I love BB Cream as base for my foundation since they're usually high in SPF and light in texture and finish..

  7. Wow that really is an amazing colour match. I'd love to try an eastern BB Cream but I wouldn't know where to start? xx

  8. I like the coverage but I have oily skin. I think it doesn't suit my skin tone as well. But it still seems interesting though. Thanks for the review. :D




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