Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Snacks of April : Daiso snacks haul!

OMNOMNOM SNACKS! Who doesn't love to have snacks? Crunchy, crispy, salty little bits that we just eat mindlessly because we can and because they are sooo yummy! I used to snack a lot when I was younger and not in terms of chips and candy and sodas but in terms of proper meal snacks like a small basket of fried wings and fries or wantons!

My boyfriend and I raided a Daiso recently and I told him that I plan to slowly eat through all the snacks sold at the Japanese $2 store by buying different snacks everytime we visit! Here's a bunch we picked up and ate through this last month!

Continue below for the snack review!

Daiso snack haul: Animal Vegetable Biscuits, Potato Salad Taste Rings, Pretzel Bits Tomato Taste, Springy Chocolate Cake!
Animal Vegetable Biscuits!
I mean who just wouldn' fall for this incredibly cute packaging? The animals, the vegetables, the bubbly writing and the biscuits on the box are just too cute and tempting...we all know the japanese do amazing things!

Different ingredients?
Looks like it would've been real fun if I could understand Japanese! It looks very educational!
They might be "vegetable" biscuits but beware...there's pork shortening in these yummy bits!
Animal Vegetable Biscuits: JUST OMG. Look at them! I've never seen animal biscuits with so many types of animals! These are for like a 10 year old level of animal knowledge! I was so impressed, there were even more types of animals than those here!
Springy Chocolate cake! They are a lot more like choco pies than a cake!

These things are so tiny! I'm very glad that they are individually packed!
Tiny little flatten pie like chocolate coated pieces!
It's like a chocolate filled chewy firm mochi! So yummy but such a small piece!
Potato Salad Taste rings! Again, the packaging is just sooo cute and lovely! Love seeing all the bits of vegetables, make me think I'm making a good choice! Hah!
Tons of vegetable extracts and powder for the flavorings!
Lovely crunchy super tasty vegetable flavored potato rings! These were so addictive, I totally need to buy this again!
A repeat favorite snack of mine. I've bought this many times in different flavors, tomato, garlic butter, chocolate and pepper! This is my favorite and is a good small size pack!
Delicious thin chocolate biscuits! It comes in a box which these individuals inside!
Like a short bread cookie but super thin and there's an even thinner layer of chocolate sandwiched inside! Melts in your mouth, they are delicious!
Pocky sticks! Milky Flavour! Not from Daiso though but this is a tiny box!

These milky flavored covered sticks are just snaps of love! These will never get old!
Daiso snack haul: Animal Vegetable Biscuits, Potato Salad Taste Rings, Pretzel Bits Tomato Taste, Springy Chocolate Cake!

All of these snacks from Daiso cost $2 SGD or about $1.60 USD. My favorites were the potato rings, pretzels and the animal biscuits! I totally can't wait to buy new snacks to try this month!

Which of these snacks would you like to try?
Salty or sweet?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. OMG, you're killing me with all these snacks! Hubby will kill me if I buy so much. Lol!

  2. haha I love daiso. I always buy a bunch of stuff there, $2!!! like you said hahahaha. and ahh japanese snacks, love them all!

  3. Japanese snacks are soooo cute...if only they came in large portion sizes!! Hahaha

  4. omgosh i'm so jealous! i wish they had diaso in germany.. i went CRAZY at daiso when i was in taiwan!!

    these snacks look so good.. i was surprised by the one w/ the mochi i thought it was like a spongy cake!! that is so neat.. ugh i want to try all of them lol!!


  5. I agree!! I love snacks and I've never been to Diaso, but a friend just brought me back a pineapple cake from Taiwan and I think it was from this place! Great post and nice blog too. I'm addicted to sweet and salty snacks lol





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