Friday, 30 May 2014

Overview: My Catrice Defining Blush Collection!

My Catrice Blush Collection! Feast your eyes on my Catrice defining blush collection! For those who aren't aware, I freaking love blush! I used to be scared of blushes, scared I'd turn into my mother who wears mostly just lipsticks and blush but the last few years have turned me into a blush monster!

Catrice landed in Singapore's shores in early 2013 and since then I've been trying to try out all of their range from their blushes, quads, concealer and foundations! I've just gone nuts because the range sells here for a price range of $3-20 SGD which is amazing considering international drugstore brands start selling at $20 SGD!

Continue below for the swatches!
Overview: My collection of Catrice Defining Blush singles! (Rosewood Forest, Toffee Fairy, Rose Royce, Apricot)
Overview: My collection of Catrice Defining Blush singles! (Rosewood Forest, Toffee Fairy, Rose Royce, Apricot)
Apricot (My review here!): A midtone pinky coral apricot shade that has fine gold shimmer! It's a very natural peachy flush and has a soft matte finish where the shimmer isn't very visible.

Rose Royce (My review here!): My first and favorite shade from the four, it's a midtone rosy shade. It's perfection in my eyes, it's not completely matte but shares the same finish as all the rest.

Rosewood Forest (My review here!): A deeper plummy rose shade that's beautiful worn lightly for a berry glow or heavily for those with tans or deep complexions for a rosy blush!

Toffee Fairy (My review here!): A favorite new warm neutral shade for the perfect defined cheeks. This warm teracotta shade looks a bit peachy and seems to be a lighter version of Sleek's Suede.
Swatches of Catrice Defining Blush singles! (Apricot, Rose Royce, Rosewood Forest, Toffee Fairy)
Apricot and Rose Royce!
Wearing Rose Royce lightly!
Wearing Apricot on my cheeks!
Rosewood Forest and Toffee Fairy!
Wearing Rosewood forest with a highlight from canmake!
Wearing Toffee Fairy!
Overview: My collection of Catrice Defining Blush singles! (Apricot, Rose Royce, Rosewood Forest, Toffee Fairy)

Paid: $6.90 SGD or about $5.40 USD ( Super affordable considering drugstore blushes from    Maybelline, revlon, l'oreal are betweeen $18-22 SGD)

The bottom line is that these blushes are smooth, pigmented, soft, easy to apply and blend. I love how they all have this soft matte finish that's slightly glowy and definitely super natural looking on the cheeks. There are more shades in this line but I've picked up the four that I want and I'm very happy! I do recommend this to all those on a budget or who simply are looking for cheap and good blushes!

Do you have any Catrice blushes in your collection?
Which shade do you like most?

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. maybelline blushes only cost around 3-7 bucks here! i think im gonna grab one of these when i visit sg this summer!

  2. Beautiful shades! I love the richness of Rosewood Forest!

  3. your skin is so flawless <3

  4. Catrice blushes are my drugstore faves!
    Rosewood forest is a staple for me :)) glad that catrice is now more widely available as they have great products for great prices!

  5. oh wow these look so pretty!!

  6. Apricot is my favourite on you, such a gorgeous colour :) These blushes look so pigmented and it's a bonus they're super affordable! I wish Catrice were available where I live - the only comparable brand that's stocked here is Essence but I think Catrice has a nicer colour range.

  7. they look really nice and pigmented! I want to try Apricot!
    Loved your blue eye makeup. It's lovely!

  8. They look like such pretty blushes! I've never tried anything from Catrice but I really would love to xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. What a lovely collection! I wished they'd sell the brand here in the US.

  10. I've never heard of this brand but from your swatches it looks like they are fantastic quality :) they all look gorgeous on you, but I particularly love how nice rosewood forest looks :)

  11. STOP TEMPTING ME WITH THESE. I want all of these, especially Apricot and Rose Royce! But lord knows I don't need anymore blushes, despite how pretty these are!




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