Sunday, 11 May 2014

Rave Review: B. Vibrant Lip & Cheek Color in Fandango!

Let's B. Vibrant! Having won this much raved about lip product from giveaway held by Evelyn from We Were Raised By Wolves I was so excited to try this out and to see if the formula would work with my very difficult lips that tend to be so dry and peel when I put on lip product!

After testing this out for a whole day at home, I was confident to try this on a night out and I totally didn't regret it at all. This is officially the best lip crayon I've tried this year!

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B. Vibrant Lip & Cheek Color in Fandango!
Packaging & Product!

B's version of the lip crayon/stain comes in a super sleek and slim twist up tube! I love how it's a skinny pencil because the more the use it won't get anywhere as chunky or difficult to apply as the normal thicker crayons would be.

The packaging is super simple and I very much like how it's clean cut in the design and is labelled very clearly. I have no concerns about packaging at all although a bit plain with the grey color!

Single and multiple layer swatch of B. Vibrant Lip & Cheek Color in Fandango
Right out of the tube onto my lips, I knew it would be love immediately when I felt it on. The texture is so balmy and smooth and feels like I have nothing on! That feeling where you aren't wearing anything on your lips? Yeah, that's what you get even with 2 or 3 layers of this! It's so light and thin in texture and feels so comfortable.

The shade is a beautiful blue toned fuchsia pink, my favorite type of pink shade. It's a really blue toned one and would be beautiful on all skin tones! It's deep in terms of color when layered but with one layer it would be a very wearable medium tone. I however like wearing this full force!

I wore this out for dinner with friends and through drinking, eating, greasy food, lots of talking and laughing...this still looked and felt as beautiful at the end of the night! My lips didn't peel anywhere as much as they'd normally do under regular lipsticks and I didn't have the heavy nasty feeling that most lipsticks give me after a long time. It's love!

B. Vibrant Lip & Cheek Color in Fandango
Lip swatch of B. Vibrant Lip & Cheek Color in Fandango (completely opaque!)
It has a beautiful light moist feel but will not move out of the lip line!
Love how my teeth look so white with this blue toned pink!
Yeah...I was just having some fun! Hehe!
Class of 2012 highschool reunion here in Singapore at Brewerkz! I was wearing Fandango and this was after dinner and 4 hours of talking, eating and drinking!
B. Vibrant Lip & Cheek Color in Fandango

Paid: £7.99 on or about ($17 SGD/ $13.60 USD) (I won this in a giveaway here!)

Recommend: Yes, this formula is just amazing. So comfortable, thin and yet pigmented and moisturizing. I think across the board everyone would love the feeling and color of this!

Repurchase: Yes! I would totally get more shades from this line as it's really a uniquely amazing formula I haven't found from other brand's lip crayons!

Bottom line: A super moisturizing, lightweight, pigmented and super staining and even wearing lip and cheek crayon! I'm completely blown away at how amazing it feels and how beautiful it looks and feels even after a whole night out! Totally would get another one in the future!

Do you like using lip crayons?
What type of shade?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. wow it still looked pretty much amazing after eating and drinking o_o i've never heard of this brand before though. thanks for the review!

  2. wow..i love the shade...n soo pretty swatches..

    my recent one :

  3. Oh my gosh what a gorgeous, gorgeous colour! I can't believe how pigmented it is! I must try one of these, what a lovely idea xx
    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Oh wowww, such a gorgeous shade, it looks HOT on your face, very pretty Sharlynn! You should wear this shade often because it suits you so well! Happy Monday sweetie, kisses <3

  5. Oooh that is so gorgeous :) So pigmented and what a beautiful color :)

  6. It really is a vibrant color!! Loved this on you! I have a similar color from Lakme which is an Indian brand. Your pictures are really cute.

  7. omgosh love!! that color is sooo so bright and pretty on you!! love that fuchsia!

  8. Loving that bright lipstick on you. Stunning!




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