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Skincare: Olay White Radiance brightening intensive serum!

White Radiance Serum! For the longest time I've known about skincare since I was about 10 years old, it's been drilled into me that it's very important to take care of your skin. I'm not yet 20 but will be later this year and it's definitely time to start taking care of our skin from as early as possible. I'm really considering buying more high end skincare to prevent and improve the condition of my skin.

I have light pigmentation on my cheeks, my skin is normal/slightly oily and my main concern is just to keep my skin plump, even textured and clear! I was in the pharmacy with my mother and decided to pick up this very affordable product!

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Olay White Radiance brightening intensive serum

Olay White Radiance brightening intensive serum

Having not been a user of any Olay skincare products I have no impression of them except of being a quite popular drugstore skincare brand for anti-aging, skin tightening and youth enhancing products. I do like the simple packaging for this serum. It's a lightweight bottle, matte plastic with a slightly teal tinted reflective metal looking cap and bottom capping. I also really like that it matches with the text on the tube. The bottle is see through and as seen the product is clearly seen inside with the little capsules.

Instructions are fairly straightforward. This is meant to be used twice a day and this product should help improve 'radiance' in the skin and brightening the complexion. I was just hoping for a light textured soothing product for my sometimes dull tired skin!

Even the plastic plump is transparent teal!
Olay White Radiance brightening intensive serum (the product is clear with little beads)


Right after pumping out my first few squirts I knew I would love the feeling and experience of using this product regardless of weather it made a difference! The product is light and liquid gel like, a serum basically and it smells beautifully of a light soapy citrus scent which I love! One pump is not much product but this spreads out very much and you could do the whole face with 2-3 pumps but I often go up to 6 pumps and brings this down to my neck and chest.

As seen, there are little beads inside with the 'vitamin complex beads', however although you do feel them when first pumped out, they have already been broken and there's no sensation of beads on application. I usually apply this on a clean face and only use this with maybe an under eye product and lip balm. I don't like layering skincare, a bit concerned about how they might counter act each other or not work at all.

I haven't taken notice of any really dramatic improvements although this feels amazingly cool and with the cold air con running at night, this dries on the face and feels so good. This totally makes your skin feel refreshed and soft in the morning. I've had no problems using this and am about half through now. Definitely an interesting product for short term relief and hydration but I don't believe this will give you long term results or major imporvements.

Olay White Radiance brightening intensive serum
Paid: $24.90 SGD or about ($19.80 USD)

Repurchase: No, this has been a lovely product and it's so refreshing and relaxing to use over night as a skin plumper and hydrating serum, however I'm keen on moving on to try new products!

Recommend: Yes, this is a very good product if you like light and oil free hydrating products. It's more of something to make your tired skin back to a more bright and refreshed look than a product that actually changes the pigmentation or scars.

Bottom line: A lovely light serum product, I like using it at night so it feels cold and dries while I sleep. This does brighten the complexion over night but a good night of sleep and moisturizer can do the same thing. This is something that you can skip picking up!

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  1. Nice review :) I nominated you for the Sunshine blogger award check it out if you have the time sweety!

  2. Oh, I don't think this is being sold here, but it sounds really interesting! And yes, that's a good point about layering skincare. I often wonder if by mixing brands and such, I'm really doing a good thing...

  3. Sounds like a lovely product! Too bad it didn't really live up to your expectations. I need to start reworking serums into my daily routine.. I'm so lazy these days haha

  4. I haven't heard of this product before until you mentioned it! I have used Olay moisturizers before but I haven't ventured into their other skincare products. You bring up a good number of points on the effective skincare products and layering skincare... I think layering makes a big of a difference... but not quite sure if layering different brands would help. I need to be more consistent about my skincare routine...
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  5. You may already know this, but I swear by serums. They are a part of a daily routine. I haven't seen this one before so it may not be available in Australian shores.

  6. Sounds pretty interesting! And I'm just like you, even if I liked a product I don't always repurchase it as I want to try new things :D

  7. Sounds a wonder product. I have used Olay serums and before I loved them. This is the new one from them. Nice and honest review dear :)




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