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Rave Review: Sleek true colour lipsticks! (Vixen, Peaches & cream, Fuchsia, Candy Cane, Cherry)

True Colour Lipstick! No, I didn't go mad and put in an order for 5 lipsticks without trying one first! I picked up two shades from them many months ago int the sheen formula after looking at swatches and reviews for a while and I absolutely loved them both. I decided them to go ahead to buy 5 more shades while there was a discount still going on!

I already ordered and reviewed two shades a while ago, they were the reason why I decided to go ahead and buy all these! Check out my review of the shades Barely There and Coral reef!

Continue below for the haul and review!
Sleek true color lipstick in sheen- Vixen, Peaches & cream, Fuchsia, Candy Cane and Cherry
Sleek true color lipstick in sheen- Vixen, Peaches & cream, Fuchsia, Candy Cane and Cherry

Packaging & Product!

Right to the point, these little sleek bullets of lipstick are very lovely from top to toe, packaging to bullet! I love how although their packaging is very simple and 'sleek', it's cute and so compact and tiny compared to regular bullets. The best part is that these actually hold the same amount of product as normal lipsticks! 

First off, I think their box packaging is very coordinated and fun! Instead of just being a plain box with the labeling of the name and color shade, there's a 'swatch' of lipstick that matches the shade of the lipstick inside! Much like how a lot of brands have matching color on the bottoms of lipstick tubes or how the packaging of the compact of bourjois blushes match the shade, I really enjoy packaging like this!

However b I like how the material is slightly rubberized in feeling and matte so there is very good grip, however smudges, finger marks and product staining is very visible if they get on the tube!

A super cute tiny black oval tube!

Size comparision to Maybelline's colorsenstional lipstick and YSL rouge volupte!
I choose to only buy the sheen formula of their lipsticks. As I always have slight dry lips, anything matte or drying in finish will not work for me. I've bought two shades before, Coral Reef and Barely There and I loved both and hence decided to go ahead and order more!

The consistency of these lipsticks are very smooth, soft and creamy. You only need one layer for these to be opaque and no more! I love how although they are thicker in texture, they don't make lip lines more visible but melt into them and your lips look and feel so smooth! These feel like a heavier version of YSL rouge volupte lipticks except they have a thicker gripping feeling on the lips and yet are not drying at all. These have a nice 'sheen' to them definitely but it's not really shiny or glossy.

I have few problems wearing these for most of the day as they don't cause extra peeling on my lips  like some products do and they feel very comfortable, not too much slip and not drying although they stay on really well! I'm not afraid that the bold shades will stray outside the lipstick at all!

Sleek true color lipstick in sheen- Vixen, Peaches & cream, Fuchsia, Candy Cane and Cherry
Vixen: A bright cherry brick red! Perfect for your retro look or a simple red lip and eye look!

Peaches & Cream: A strong peachy based nude (I need to mix this with a brown or pink toned shade to make it work better on my skintone)

Fuchsia: A true hot barbie pink! I like how it isn't a light bright pink but a medium/deep bright pink!

Candy Cane: A super lovely pink toned red shade. A nice variant to have to just red!

Cherry: A deep blue based darker classic pink, it's not too vampy and dark!

Only after having been on my arm for about 5-10 mins, they stain! They seriously are super pigmented even with one swipe!
I love all the shades I purchased, however Peaches & Cream is a bit too orange and light for me so I add another pink or brown toned lipstick on top. Fuchsia also is a bit bright and barbie like and it clashes just a bit on my yellow tone skin so I also top this off with a browner shade to mute it down a bit. Otherwise the textures and shades of the rest and these too are absolutely lovely!

Sleek true color lipstick in sheen- Vixen, Peaches & cream, Fuchsia, Candy Cane and Cherry
 Paid: $6.49 USD or about $8.20 SGD (normal drugstore lipsticks are $15-20 SGD)

Recommend: Yes! If you prefer creamy, thicker textured lipsticks that feel weightless and have a sheen finish, these are perfect. They are so pigmented, even and feel so good especially on my drier lips! Do check them out, they have a huge shade range!

Repurchase: No, I have enough lipsticks from them!

Bottom line: Super pigmented, creamy and so comfortable although they aren't slippery and light in texture! These will work for those with drier and sensitive lips and you don't need to worry about bleeding or uneven wearing off! Check them out on Sleek's website!

What shade would you like to have?
Sheen or matte formula?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Peaches and Cream looks like a nice nude! And I love the cute packaging, so small and round! I prefer sheen formulas but non-drying mattes are nice too.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  2. Ooh! Thanks for the swatches! I was wondering how good they are. I'm liking the reds the most. I'm keen to buying mattes but I think these are worth trying. :D

  3. These look gorgeous! i love a good creamy lipstick as my lips are quite dry and most lipsticks leave my lips quite chapped!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  4. I still haven't picked any of these up haha, they do sound amazing! Peaches and cream looks so pretty, I've tried other shades similar and I have the same issue - they're too pale! It's a shame though because I really love that shade.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  5. Gosh! 5 lipsticks at one go?? I've never got past two. Hahaha! Then again, it's a great way to test out the shade.

  6. wowieee all the colors look so pretty & vibrant <3
    haven't tried any sleek lipsticks yet... but i have an eye shadow palette and i love iiiit:)
    i guess my fave color here is the barbie pink (middle) so pretty & perfect for summer:)

    lots of love xx

  7. Gorgeous colors dear. Loved the Vixen color very much :-)

  8. OMG these are a dream! I would love to try the Peaches one as I never had an orange lipstick so far!

  9. Wow, you have picked some lovely shades sweets, I want the Vixen, it's so pretty color and I'm loving red these days! I really love quality of Sleek Makeup <3 Can't wait to see these shades on your lovely lips <3

  10. Wow, thats some lippy haul. They look so beautifully pigmented and if they are even heavier frrmula than YSLthen I'm interested too. I

  11. These look gorgeous! Love all these bright shades <3

    Pink Frenzy

  12. Gorgeous shades!! I've been eyeing these for a while-- I love the chubby packaging! :)

  13. Oh my gosh... all of these are so darn pretty. I want them all :D
    I have a matte lipstick by Sleek and I do not love it at all... it feels too waxy and weird :/ I think Id love these though :)

  14. Cherry is gorgeous! I usually into my pink and corals but the dark red seems to beat all other color! Great review hun ~ I'll def grab myself one to try.. (that's if they're not too expensive over here).

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay




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