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Review: Boots Botanics Mattifying Toner Shine Away!

Botanics Mattifying Toner! I used to suffer from oily skin all the time but after being on medication to help control my oiliness I have combination skin at worse. This very interesting toner from Boots Botanics range was picked up during my holiday in Bangkok last year! Check out my Bangkok beauty/skincare haul here!

I often like using toner at home when I'm not wearing any make up and love using it at night before applying any skincare. Toner is a great for a skincare routine when you have oilier skin!

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Boots Botanics mattifying Toner Shine Away!

Boots Botanics mattifying Toner Shine Away!
Packaging & Product!

Simple and lovely. This product is part of the Botanics line from Boots where the skincare are enriched with plant based extracts which is meant to be enriching and good for the skin. This toner is in a tall bottle, with a screw on cap, nothing new or special or exciting  although I am quite a sucker for the simple stuff because I find it very humble and not like some products that promise the earth and sky!

The toner is perfect if you've got oilier skin, especially combination and don't need something super strong and oil stripping. There's a lovely light herbal scent, nothing as sharp as tea tree oil but more like a dusty, musky witch hazel. I like how the toner turns into a milky light green, maybe not so appealing to the eyes but I can definitely feel the product cleaning off the layer of excess oil instantly on contact with a cotton pad.

This product is super cooling and effectively removes grease and even bits of make up. I've had no problems while using it and am currently about 80% finish with the bottle which is a lot to say since I've stopped using toners regularly the last half year and relied on softners which are much more gentle. 

Not an amazing product but it does the job very well and my skin doesn't feel too tight or dry afterwards or after many repeated uses of this during the same day. I totally would recommend this!

Boots Botanics mattifying Toner Shine Away!
Paid: 200 THB (Thai Baht) or about $7.60 SGD) This was on sale at Boots there, it retails normally for about $7.50 USD in the US)

Recommend: Yes, if you have oilier skin and need to cleanse your face to remove extra grease, this is a super gentle toner that effectively removes the extra grease!

Repurchase: Maybe, it's a very good product and I would buy it again but I really want to try other brands for toners too! You can actually find this now in Singapore from certain Guardian pharmacies!

Bottom line: An effective, cooling and very gentle and oil stripping toner that leaves the skin clean, soft and happy. I personally do enjoy the scent that's slightly herbal and musky, for those who can get their hands on this, do try it!

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  1. Not a bad price either. We have this in Target, but we don't have Boots. Still, I'd be happy to try it.

  2. Never try this brand but good review

  3. Hello lovely just came across your blog and it's awesome! :)

    I'm your newest follower and look forward to your next post!

    Please check out my blog if you can, thank you! :)





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