Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Rave Review: Vanill Press Powder in 02!

Vanill Press Powder! I don't know about other ladies here in the blogsphere but I am in love with powders. All pressed powders, any type of pressed powder with coverage I want to try! I got through about one 7-9 gram pan of pressed powder every month, I just love using it on its own or to set my base. 

I took the opportunity while I was there to purchase make up and items from brands not found here in Singapore and I got a big bunch of pressed powders knowing that I will eventually use all of them up within the next 6 months to a year!

On my trip to Bangkok last year I bought a bunch of pressed powders including this one! (Check out my Bangkok beauty haul here!)

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Vanill Press Powder in shade 02
Vanill Press Powder in shade 02
It claims to have 17g but I think it's mislabeled. From my experience with so many pressed powders, the product probably actually has 7-9 grams.
Vanill Press Powder in shade 02

A very classic rounded bulky type of multi layered compact. This powder compact comes with a mirror, a pan of powder in the middle and a empty space below that holds a nice thick round sponge! I'm not a fan of packagings like this because I find that they are too bulky and I much rather use a retractable kabuki brush for touching up.

I do like using sponges to touch up powder but I find this round shape a bit more difficult and prefer rectangular shaped compacts with sponges because they are slimmer and less bulky. Otherwise I have no real problems or issues with the packaging. It's straightforward and a very interesting deep shiny teak red shade.

Vanill Press Powder in shade 02
Vanill Press Powder in shade 02

A straight up super pigmented and silky smooth pressed powder! I picked this up in a local mall in Bangkok, there was no tester for this shade but the lady promised me that she had a shade that matched me for this powder. This powder matches me perfectly now that I'm a bit tanner from my beach holiday. This shade is a beige yellow (matching NC 25-30)and used lightly it's not very beige and a light yellow, it's still actually darker than my face but it matches with my chest and shoulders very well.

It's a really good powder, smooth, easy to blend and a great color match with my yellow and tan tones. I judge powders by coverage, wear time, color matching and how it looks throughout the day. This powder has great medium to full coverage and use on it's own or over a base the color doesn't change.

I love how the coverage can be built to full and darkness under the eyes and moles/pigment spots are covered very well. This is a product I've been happily reaching for to wear by itself or dusted with a big fluffy brush to set my base.

My bare face. I have light pigmentation on the cheeks and darkness around the eyes.
Wearing  Vanill Press Powder in 02 buffed into my face! See the awesome coverage! (worn alone, it's more yellow toned but layered on foundation it's more beige)
Close up: Look at how smooth and flawless the finish is! The darkness under my eyes and light spots almost completely covered up!
A flawless face using Vanill Press Powder in 02! It's a med-full coverage powder! Love it!
Paid: 200 THB (thai) or about $7.60 SGD (This is super cheap considering similar compact
                                                                       powders at $15-22 SGD in Singapore)

Recommend:Yes! This powder is heavy coverage and super silky and very fine and comfortable throughout the day, I'm only quite sure that unless you are in Thailand you'd never find this!

Repurchase: No, although it's lovely and I've got 10% left in the pan, it's  a bit too beige for me right now and I'll probably never be able to buy this again since it's from a local shop in Bangkok!

Bottom line: A really great powder, high coverage, silky smooth, a shade that can work for light to medium skin tones with strong yellow/beige undertones. Unfortunately only found in thailand, however it's a product worth raving about!

Do you like powder with heavy coverage?
What undertone are you?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Wow gorgeous :)

    It looks amazing :D:D

    Stop by my blog whenever you have time for a chat :D

    Visit The Fashion Milkshake Blog

  2. ahh only found in Thailand. I would have to go to Thailand to get it :) haha I've been wanting to go back there for a while now!

  3. Woah, great price! Looks like a great powder. I am curious what they mean by all day whitening? I have some creams for dark spots that have similar text, but it is the first time I've seen it on a powder.
    L A

  4. Great price and it looks like a great powder also :)


  5. Holy cow, you go through at least one powder a month? That is INSANE. I could never go through one a month O.O That being said, it looks like a great product to have. Sadly, it seems like it can only be found in Thailand... maybe if I ever get a chance to go there I will grab it :B
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  6. i've been using my current powder for a year as a setting powder and i've only seen a slighttt curve and the pan isn't even close. i see you review so many powders and you only got 10% of this left? o_o that's hella amazing. i would pass this powder though simply because of the ingredients, it contains mineral oil. even though i've never experienced breakouts from mineral oil but ya know, better safe than sorry.


  7. The finish of this is lovely, it wears so natural and does not appear too cakey. It's a shame that it's only available in Thailand though. :(




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