Thursday, 29 May 2014

Review: Manhattan Powder Rouge Tender Touch Blush in Elegant Violett!

Hand over that Powder Rouge! Blush, blush, blush...I never thought that I'd turn into such a blush hungry make up monster! Eyeing all blushes rose and berry, I can avoid repurchasing the same shades of eyeliner or eyeshadow and lipsticks but when it comes to blush, I literally cannot help it! 

I just love rose and berry tones for blush! It's just such a strong love that it doesn't matter how many similar types of rosy toned blushes I have, I'll always be happy to own more and try more! This lovely drugstore piece was gifted to me from Pam from Jade in the Palace blog in our last beauty swap! (Check out our swap here)

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Manhattan Powder Rouge Tender Touch Blush in Elegant Violett!

Manhattan Powder Rouge Tender Touch Blush in Elegant Violett!
Manhattan Powder Rouge Tender Touch Blush in Elegant Violett!
Packaging & Product!

Super light, simple and a bit cheap looking but I have absolutely no problems with this packaging! This brand is a drugstore european brand from my knowledge and also from experience these brands tend to have super great quality products even if they packaging on some of the products are light and flimsy but it doesn't matter when the product is A star!

I actually like being able to see through the cover of products to see the blush and the fact that this is super slim and light it's so easy to bring around and to keep in a tiny make up bag! It comes with a tiny brush but I won't be using it.

Just by looking at the blush it doesn't look amazing or that complicated or special. It's a straight up shimmery soft rose shade which is exactly the type of blush shade I love so no fuss there. HOWEVER! On further swatching and use, the color of this blush is so complex! It has a beautiful orangey warm earth undertone that makes the rosey tone more complex and interesting!

Manhattan Powder Rouge Tender Touch Blush in Elegant Violett!
This blush is super silky and soft and lightly pigmented, you'd need a few layers and dips into the blush with your brush to get a more medium amount like blended out below in the photo! 

The wear time of this blush is nothing amazing, however I've never had problems with blush wearing off throughout the day as I always have a good powder on below which I believe helps.

Swatch of Manhattan Powder Rouge Tender Touch Blush in Elegant Violett!
After swatching this, I immediately thought of another unique blush color and pulled our Sleek's Antique! It was in the Vintage Romance collection last year and the way that there's a warm undertone and how the rose tones have a super fine satin finish make them similar in that sense!

They are different in color but the undertones are just so beautifully similar! I love the sheernest of these types of shades and how your cheeks are just glowing!

Sleek blush in Antique (My review here!) and Manhattan blush in Elegant Violett!
Sleek blush in Antique and Manhattan blush in Elegant Violett!
Wearing Manhattan blush in Elegant Violett!
Manhattan Powder Rouge Tender Touch Blush in Elegant Violett!
Paid: Gifted to me in a beauty swap! (Retails for 3,25€ or about $5.60 SGD or about $4.50 USD)

Recommend: Yes! This blush is so beautiful for that sheer glow of color that's perfect for everyday! I wish I had more from this line! I saw a review of all the 8 singles and *swoon*, they are all so beautiful!

Repurchase: Yes! I totally would but unfortunately this isn't a brand found in asia!

Bottom line: A really beautiful blush with such an unexpectedly wonderful complex color! Totally recommend this and I love wearing this with any  eye look!

Do you like wearing rosy blushes?
Do you like sheer blush?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Such pretty colours & reasonably priced too!

  2. the glow is beautIFOE!! and the color is so pretty as well!

  3. Oooh, such a beautiful blush! It looks absolutely gorgeous on you!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  4. I have that same blush and think it's such a gorgeous shade! It looks beautiful on you!


  5. Oh Sharlynn, this looks lovely on you!! I like Manhattan blushes and have some on my stash.. Manhattan is another drugstore brand I love, their nail polishes are good quality and the lippies are great as well! I'm glad you're enjoying this one!

  6. Love the color! Just found your blog and really love it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, facebook and bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


  7. Lovely berry shade! Gives your face a nice, warm glow. Looks great on you, Sharlynn!

  8. OHHH!! so pretty that blush looks so beautiful on you! but i'm especially obsessed w/ that eye shadow.. the perfect color for you!

  9. This is insanely gorgeous!! I'm not usually one for deeper blush shades (something I seriously need to venture more into), BUT LET'S TALK ABOUT YOUR EYE MAKEUP. WHAT SHADES ARE THOSE???? HUBBA HUBBA.




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