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Rave review: Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation in 200 Soft Beige!

Stay Matte Mousse! Finally, on a sudden urge and also after searching on blogs for swatches for the best match I ordered this much raved about mousse foundation from! Rimmel used to have a full display at some Watsons outlets in Singapore but I haven't seen the display for the last year and think maybe it's pulled out? Not 100% sure but I can't wait to find out so I'm ordering!

This mousse foundation from their "Stay Matte" line claims to give good coverage and keep your skin matte which is something a lot of us combination/oily skin girls want!

Note: I have currently repurchased this product in the shade 103 True Ivory! It's a better match for my current skin tone! I have gotten quite fair the last few months!

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Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation in 200 Soft Beige
Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation in 200 Soft Beige
Claiming to be "feather-light", it also claims to "blend flawlessly" and "look natural"! This has so many claims I was looking forward to trying if it feels and looks as good as it sounds!
The tube is a squeeze out screw top nozzle, because the texture of the mousse comes out thick, it doesn't leak at all and you have great control over how much comes out!
Packaging & Product!

I really like the packaging, I don't know what it is but a lot of Rimmel's products have packaged very fun and colorful! I love seeing blues, greens, purples and bold colors on packaging of make up. This tube is really fun, it has the rimmel crown print and is purple, white and there's a band of the foundation shade on the front. 

Due to the fact that the foundation has a thickened quality, the tube packaging works out pretty good. It's easy to squeeze out without too much coming out! It's a very secure feeling screw on top and I'm not scared that it might come off.

My bare skin! It looks like this 90% of the time!
On first squeeze (Oooo that sounds dirty!) the product comes out like a softened butter texture, it can hold it's shape and really feels like a smooth paste that melts when rubbed with fingers. I love how it turns into a creamy liquid when applied with fingers, the product really does blend in very flawlessly and it has a slight powder like dry to the touch finish which is matte. 

Although this foundation is mousse, it really is lightweight and you barely feel it on your face! The coverage is medium to full and yet it feels so weightless and not cakey at all! I chose this shade online, I never had a chance to see any of these shades in person so I relied on other ladies who showed their faces with this and swatches of the foundation. 

I'm so glad I ended up picking this shade as it matches me perfectly! The shade 200 Soft Beige is  light neutral yellow shade, I could have made it work too if it were more neutral but I'm really glad it's more yellow and not too beige.

One layer of Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation in 200 Soft Beige
To be honest, I almost never go without setting my liquid/cream foundations with some kind of powder so I cannot tell you how it fares by itself. The weather is so humid in singapore, I honestly think that unless you can avoid the wet air or you don't sweat much, you'd be sort of an idiot to walk out of the house with a really dewy or wet finish unless you're in an airconditioned environment most of the day. 

 As you can see from my photo above and below, the finish is utterly beautiful! It looks so natural, isn't too shiny or matte actually! I love how this shade just works right into your skin, looks like there's light coming through and yet covers any discoloration very well!

I set this mousse foundation with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and together they work like a dream team! You don't need a heavy powder to set this foundation as it's quite a matte finish!

Close up of wearing Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation in 200 Soft Beige

Note: I have currently repurchased this product in the shade 103 True Ivory! It's a better match for my current skin tone! I have gotten quite fair the last few months!

Comparison to other foundations!

Swatches- Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream, Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse, Bourjois Healthy Mix 52, L'oreal Lucent Magique in N2
Swatches- Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream, Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse, Bourjois Healthy Mix 52 (my review), L'oreal Lucent Magique in N2 (my review)
The Rimmel and Bourjois are the perfect matches to my current skintone (which is my natural skin at it's fairest), the Lioele is a great match too but is slight more neutral and a tad pink which is needs a powder on top so it matches the rest of me better. 

The L'oreal is a good match but is too brightening and I have to wear a powder on top to add some more neutral tones back into my face since it's such a pale yellow!

Swatches- Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream, Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse, Bourjois Healthy Mix 52 (my review), L'oreal Lucent Magique in N2 (my review)
Paid: $14 SGD via (shipping is free) or about $11 USD

Recommend: Yes! This is a very well made product, aside from a very simple packaging which isn't important, the product really does what it says. I'd recommend it to girls with normal to combination skin! If you can find a match in their line this mousse foundation is great for medium coverage and stays matte all day with a light powder.

Repurchase: Yes! A foundation of this quality I'd definitely consider repurchasing as it's so easy to use, doesn't feel heavy at all and looks amazing! I really love how it feels and yet it's so flawless looking. I don't think I will be buying it again so soon though, I've got lot to use right now!

Bottom line: A seriously fantastic rave worthy find. It's so worth ordering this if you can't get it nearby in stores. The texture, color matching and finish and superior and I can see myself using this in all occasions!

Note: I have currently repurchased this product in the shade 103 True Ivory! It's a better match for my current skin tone! I have gotten quite fair the last few months!

Do you own/use any mousse foundations?
Tried this from Rimmel?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. Thanks for the review dear! I hope to get my hands on these :)

  2. i really want to try this foundation out :( but rimmer is not available here. i watched casey holmes' first impression video on this foundation and she says this accentuates her pores. and itsjudytime says that this feels heavy on her skin. I see lots of different opinions right here. but this is definitely something i quite want to try out after covergirl 3 in 1!

  3. Love this foundation, the coverage is very nice and the effect is so natural and beautiful on your face! I love your lovely skin! Have a nice day sweetie, kisses <3

  4. Awesome review, Sharlynn! I've seen the brand Rimmel but haven't got the chance to try. The shades of the foundation suit you well :)

  5. I'm never really interested in Rimmel as a brand besides for their amazing lip products, but this foundation sounds really good! Your skin is pretty much flawless in the before picture! x

  6. Gorgeous outcome! I can see how it's creamy and natural on your face. I'm definitely looking into this one.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  7. Oh, that looks really nice! But your skin looks perfect on its own anyway!

  8. Wow! I need this Foundation ;) great Review dear!
    Happy evening :)

  9. Thanks for reviewing!!! :) I really like Rimmel in general :)

  10. oh wow your skin really looks flawless with this foundation on! this foundation was constantly in my Asos shopping chart but I always removed it because I was not sure whether I'd love a matte foundation since I prefer dewy finish.. ^^
    Rimmel is no longer available in our drugstore as well, and Asos Germany didn't carry Rimmel until the last 1-2 months which is great news!

  11. That's really nice coverage <3

  12. You could sell any foundation to me - your skin always looks flawless! In the before photo you hardly need any coverage - I agree with Michelle that it's pretty much perfect already :)

  13. Yep, gonna pick this up next time I'm at the drugstore. That is a flawless finish and the coverage looks so good! Thanks for doing this review!

  14. Wow i love on it blends well and giving such as flawless finish ;)

  15. Wow! This looks amazing on you! I want to give this one a try. :D

  16. wow this product achieved great results, your face looks airbrushed! The finish is beautiful ^_^

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  17. Please give me your bare skin! It looks so clear. And the foundation looks so natural on you! I've heard otherwise from a few other people. I think Rimmel foundations break me out so I might skip this but glad you love it.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  18. Wow this sounds like a must-have. Love its finish on you!

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  19. Great review - totally agree with everything you've said! It looks amazing on you :) it's definitely a great bargain buy xx

  20. DANG you've done your research pretty well! Also, gotta love ASOS for free shipping on Rimmel makeup you can only find in the UK for now! (Looking at those liquid eyeshadows right now, UGH)
    You make this foundation sound amazing! And that finish is gorgeous! I'm actually surprised it isn't a completely matte finish, but thank goodness because UGH FINISH IS BEAUTIFUL. @_@

  21. I haven't tried many mousse foundations, this sounds like a great product. It wears flawlessly on your skin, very natural too!

  22. Hi Sharlynn! I recently chanced upon your blog and I must say, I am loving it! I live in Singapore and I am just starting to dip my toes in the world of makeup and your blog is by far one of the more helpful ones out there! After reading this post, I am tempted to go out and purchase the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation! I am currently using the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in 200 Nude and I set it with the Maybelling Dream Matte Powder (which has sadly been discontinued!). Do you think the RM Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in Soft Beige would be a good match for me? Also, which RM Stay Matte Powder would be a better choice for setting and can I use a normal cosmetic sponge to apply or would a puff be better? I know this is a long post but I do hope you'll take the time to read and advise. I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks! - Cher

    1. Hi! I'm so glad to hear that you find my blog helpful! Hope you're having fun getting into make up! There's so much stuff but the main thing in singapore is that make up at our pharmacies are quite pricey compared to a lot of other places so do shop carefully! Okay! So I did a comparison online of swatches of your revlon and I think rimmel's mousse in soft beige 200 should be a good match for you! I'm currently actually using a lighter shade but I would use a lighter revlon shade if I were to buy it so it should be a good match!

      I would totally recommend setting the rimmel foundation with a light loose powder or using a fluffy powder brush as the foundation itself is quite full coverage and using a puff/sponge may give you a heavy finish. If you have oilier skin and you want a totally full coverage, flawless, matte and long lasting finish, then go ahead and use a puff/sponge to press and roll your powder to set the foundation with!

      I've actually never tried the maybelline dream matte powder but I'm sure it's good (singapore has received many lines of products from major brands but only sells them for like a few months or a year and then gets discontinued as we have a much smaller market! Sort of sucks sometimes) I've used the rimmel stay matte powder but I find that it's a bit difficult to get a good shade match as you'd probably have to order it online and some have very pinkish undertones and others very yellow. If you do want a lighter powder with light coverage and am okay with the powder possible wearing off after a few hours (especially if you're sweating) then the rimmel would be okay. I personally would recommend using a regular pressed foundation powder to set your bases, especially if you want a long lasting matte finish. I LOVE ZA's pressed powders as well as l'oreal. Well, I hope you check back! And I hope this helped!

  23. Looks great on you!

    Lisa |




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