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Review: Catrice Defining Blush in 010 Toffee Fairy!

Toffee Fairy for you? Yes, it's a cute name! And yes, it's such an affordable blush! Ever since Catrice became available in the local pharmacy here in Singapore called Guardian I've been raiding their display for blushes, powders, foundations and eyeshadows! Basically trying all of their make up! I'm very glad to report that I've bought every shade except two which I don't like from the single blush range found in store! Check out my first Catrice haul here!

Do check out my reviews of the shades 050 Apricot (here), 060 Rosewood Forest (here) and 020 Rose Royce (here)!

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 Catrice Defining Blush in 010 Toffee Fairy
 Catrice Defining Blush in 010 Toffee Fairy
Packaging & Product!

Clear, simple and decent is how I'd summarize their packaging. The plastic is thick and it snaps shut very securely, however I have had an issue in the past after I dropped a single shadow and the hinge crack and broke which caused the clam shell case to seperate however given that the shadow was undamaged this thick plastic really is good at keeping the product safe. Catrice is so affordable and the packaging isn't flimsy in general so no complains!

This blush is no different from all the other single blush shades in terms of quality. Super silky smooth and soft, I absolutely love using a small fluffy round blush brush to pick this up and buff it into my cheeks and up onto the sides of the temples. Catrice's blushes have been one of my favorites for the last half year and I reach for them again and again, most are matte and some have slight shimmer. 

I was dying to get this shade as I thought it would be the easiest warm neutral blush to wear and pair with any look and I was right! The warm peachy tones in this terracotta type brown makes it warm up from a brown to a peachy brown on the skin and it can go with any look!

 Catrice Defining Blush in 010 Toffee Fairy
 Catrice Defining Blush in 010 Toffee Fairy
Swatches of Catrice Defining Blush in 010 Toffee Fairy
Swatches of Catrice Defining Blush in 010 Toffee Fairy (It's such a beautiful soft warm peachy terracotta shade, a great nude for the cheeks!)
As seen above, this blush looks like a medium brown in the pan but really is a peachy brown when used in light layers on the cheeks. It's too orange in my opinion for a bronzer for light skin so I'd say blush is best. The wear time is as other regular powder blushes unless you're having a hot and humid day or touch your cheeks. 

I find that this formula of blush from catrice just allows for the most flawless application with any blush brush and the product looks airbrushed on. For the super affordable price I'm yet thoroughly impressed by this shade as well! This is going to be the last shade from their single blushes I'm picking up! As I'm not keen on the other two shades sold here!

Wearing Catrice Defining Blush in 010 Toffee Fairy
Wearing Catrice Defining Blush in 010 Toffee Fairy (Check out my make up look here!)
Paid: $6.90 SGD or about $5.40 USD ( Super affordable considering drugstore blushes from    Maybelline, revlon, l'oreal are betweeen $18-22 SGD)

Recommend: Yes! These are so dead cheap affordable considering the cost of 'normal' or drugstore brand blushes. They have a decent range of 8 shades that vary from neutral, peach, pink, rose and coral! These are silky smooth, so soft and can't go wrong!

Repurchase: No, I've already purchased all the shades I've wanted from their line sold here! Do check out my reviews of the shades 050 Apricot (here), 060 Rosewood Forest (here) and 020 Rose Royce (here)!

Bottom line: Great affordable single blushes with lots of product, Catrice has really got a fantastic blush for the price. The colors are pigmented, soft and easy to wear, they blend so nicely onto the skin and it's hard not to go wrong even for a newbie to blushes! Do check them out!

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  1. never heard of the brand catrice before. maybe i should pick some when i visit sg :o -belinda

  2. That's a gorgeous shade! I wish Catrice were available here - I like their eye shadows, too!

  3. Love how natural this blush is! Thanks for sharing!!

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  4. This is so pigmented that it looks more like and eyeshadow color to me. It looks very natural and flattering on you, though! :)

  5. I've heard so many great things about these blushes that I've been kicking myself over not grabbing the one I saw in Europe. :(

  6. I love the look of this! Such a good for everything shade. I'm going to try hunt down Catrice, the formula sounds really great!

  7. This blush looks great!! All your reviews on Catrice makes me want to try their make up so bad but it's not available from where I live unfortunately! :(

  8. Oh dear lord that shade is gorgeous!! Kinda reminds me of Tarte's Exposed, and I keep saying this, BUT I NEEEED THE ENTIRE BLUSH SHADE RANGE because of you! We don't have Catrice here in Canada, which is a shame because LOOK AT THAT QUALITY. The orange-ness isn't really showing up on camera, otherwise I would've probably said it kinda doubles up as a contour-y shade




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