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Review: ItCosmetics Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Mascara!

Hello Lashes! For some reason why are women always looking for the next best thing to make what we have 100X more or better looking even though we are happy healthy people without them? For me mascara is one of these things and I'm so happy to have this little sucker!

This very exciting little guy was sent to me from a blogger friend of mine Pam from Jade in the Palace beauty blog and she included it in a huge swap package we did for each other last year for Christmas! Check out what she got me here!

On first impressions I was so excited because the brush looks amazing and a lot like the Benefit's Their Real mascara which I really want to get. I already am very soulfully satisfied with my holy grail and still my very holy grail mascara the Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl mascara! However I'm very open to trying mascaras that give me definition and length which I need over volume!

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 ItCosmetics Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Mascara
 ItCosmetics Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Mascara

Very simply packaged, I very much like the very easily recognized "ItCosmetics' logo and brand on the tube. This is a mini sized mascara that Pam got me and I'm very happy with it as I'm always using 2-3 full sized mascaras at the same time and I'm just a lover of mini products too. 

I quite like the matte black tube as it's not a finish I often see on most mascaras, the rubberized firm foam handle is very good for having a secure grip that definitely would not slip or move when applying the product. This is something other brands should pick up on as sometimes handles on products can slip or move a bit when applying as they are often smooth surfaces and inexperienced hands can find this very helpful.

ItCosmetics Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Mascara mini sized at 4.8ml in black!
Look at that brush! I love the rubber bristles! It's short and spiky and the ball on top is great for getting the lashes on the outer corners!


Well! Where I do begin! I love it! I need to scream and shout that I love it! Although I'm a huge believer in Asian brands from mascaras and foundations because they seem to always work better for our skin tone and our short eyelashes this brush and this formula of mascara works amazing on me!

The brush I believe makes up half of the quality, the short, spiky bristles and the ball on top helps to lengthen and to define my lashes amazingly! The finish on my lashes really look a lot like my holy grail mascara only that this formula isn't waterproof.

The color is a good solid black and I find that the brush although quite long is easy to move around as it's flexible and can get into the inside and outside corners real good. I've worn this out a few times and it hasn't flaked or smudged at all. I however much more prefer waterproof versions for absolute assurance.

My favorite thing about this mascara is that it looks so natural and plush on my lashes. It's like a natural lash booster without someone going "Damn! You've got so much mascara on!".

The left side with mascara, the right without any!
 ItCosmetics Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Mascara
See how natural they look! There's no clumping and the roots aren't stuck together!
My holy grail mascara- Kiss me Heroine Long & Curl mascara! See how similar they are?

 ItCosmetics Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Mascara
Paid: Gifted to me! (Full-sized is $24 USD from which is $30 SGD!

Recommend: Yes! It still doesn't beat my Holy Grail mascara (my review here) in terms of volume and waterproof qualities but I totally believe that this mascara would lengthen and define asian lashes just right so that it looks naturally plush and yet it doesn't clump at all! The formula isn't too wet either when new so it's very friendly to lashes when first opened to use!

Repurchase: No, not because there's anything wrong with this because I really really love how it performed but I really want to get Benefit's Their Real mascara next up!

Bottom line: A very defining, lengthening, black and not too wet formula mascara, I think these are the qualities that are best for short, thin asian lashes! I really love how they look plush without being clumped or over done. This has been a great mascara and I'm so glad Pam gifted me this mini to try and I'm sure I'm going to use this up!

Are you a fan of this type of rubber bristle brush?
Prefer lengthening or volumizing mascara?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I love the look of that brush! I have one of It Cosmetics' concealers and it's heavy duty stuff!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  2. That sounds really good and the mascara's definitely helped to define your lashes! I actually like volumising more than lengthening!

  3. yay I am glad it works very well for you! this one is indeed very similar to Benefit They're real! I also have another mini tube of this and I ran out of it already T.T , unfortunately it cosmetics is not widely available so I can't repurchase it easily.. A friend of mine visited the US few months ago that's how I managed to get my hands on some it cosmetics products, they're amazing!!
    You have way better lashes than mine to begin with! Mine are so pathetic, barely there! T-T

  4. 5-in-1? Gosh! It's certainly something new to me, Sharlynn!

  5. Wow! Very nice! I want to try this too!
    I have Benefit They're Real but I don't like it!

  6. I think I prefer the more traditional bristle Brush rather than plastic as I feel it helps to give more volume whereas plastic bristles give extra length xx




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