Monday, 21 April 2014

Rave Review: The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Aloe nose strip!

Aloe nose strip! Most of us suffer from clogged pores especially in the nose region, if not your nose then usually around the nose! I've been using nose pore strips from Biore since I was 13  and they are my favorite brand as over the years I've developed my technique of application so they work miracles for me compared to what I hear from some of my girlfriends.

When casually shopping around in The Face Shop I saw this and a few variations and decided to pick this Aloe one up! There was another one with charcoal and another regular one however I thought Aloe would be a nice alternative to try! I didn't think this would be fantastic as a lot of products in The Face Shop just only do the job but holy crap, I was wrong!

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The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Aloe nose strip
The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Aloe nose strip
Packaging & Product!

The Face Shop is a brand that really invests and thinks about their packaging in the most creative, fun and young ways! This simple product was no different! For this Aloe version of the nose strip, the packaging is pale blue and brown, whereas the version that has charcoal is all black/gray.  

They make it very clear what are the main ingredients/attractive things are about the product on the packaging and it doesn't hurt that it looks really cutesy either! I personally think this is especially nice on such a simple product as nose strips usually are packaged very plainly and there's nothing exciting about them!

Amazed! That's all I was after using this! I totally didn't expect this product to be that amazing. I assume it would do a decent job and remove my white/black heads regularly and maybe not even as well as my regular Biore strips but this did better!

The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Aloe nose strip
To apply, first pre-peel a bit of the strip off the plastic to get it ready to be applied. I have a mini spray bottle with water and spray onto my nose several times until there's water dripping down my upper lips and down my chin! With tissue in one hand I dab the extra water coming down my face.  

Next, remove the strip from the plastic and line it up so that the bottom curve on the strip which is  meant for your nose is on the tip of your nose before gently pressing both sides down.

I usually then sit front of a direct air con so that the strip dries as quickly as it can and do not touch the strip at all as that will make the strip not work as well. Wait until the strip feels hard and dry, then with both hands peel the strip off from both ends. This part usually hurts a bit but it's so worth it! To remove residual glue on the nose, just apply water and wipe off!

I just absolutely love how the shape of this nose strip fits so perfectly to my small flat nose!
Using The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Aloe nose strip! Just look at all that gunk!
This strip removed A LOT of white heads! I'm so impressed!
The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Blackhead Aloe nose strip
Paid: $7.90 SGD or about $6.30 USD (This is about 2x more expensive than plain Biore ones)

Recommend: Yes! These are amazing! They hurt a lot more to remove than Biore strips but they remove a lot more gunk than the Biore for me! I've had no irritation either after using them!

Repurchase:Yes! I probably will buy this again in the charcoal or plain version to try!

Bottom line: A surprisingly super effective product! I love how much gunk it removes although it hurts a bit while removing, it's worth it! Don't over look this simple product, this one's really a gem!

How often do you use nose pore strips?
What brand do you use?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
Thank you very much!


  1. I loooove this kind of nose strip! I remember my favorite was the one from Biore.. we don't have something like this in Germany, but I will def buy this in Jakarta! we have the face shop there ^^
    Do you think this one is much better than the biore one?

  2. Haha there's something just so satisfying about a good strip! I get a perverse pleasure in looking at all the white heads on the strip after I remove it :p I have never tried The Face Shop pore strips but your review convinced me to take a closer look next time :) Like you, I normally just go for the Biore ones. I also have a spray bottle to wet my nose before applying it (Avene Thermal Spring Water just has so many uses, lol).

  3. i have the pack version and it didn't remove as much as yours :( but i think ive used it more than 7 times so it has much more use than the strip version, which is nice i guess? biore ones are $3 in sg? it's only a dollar here lol so yea i think i'm going back to the biore ones after i finish mine bc it doesn't work any better (or i should try the strip version too)

  4. I've heard a lot about the Face Shop, but yet to try their products - but this sounds really nice.

  5. Pack nose strips seriously never work for me! But I'm game enough to give The Face Shop ago! It looks so effective! I'm stuck with using a clay mask once in awhile just to get rid of whiteheads.

  6. I have never used any nosestrips before :c
    I just don't have time for them :') but I should
    be using since my nosepores are sometimes
    so hideous... glad these works well for you ^_^

  7. I have the charcoal version! This one sounds promising too, might have to check it out next time I'm at the Face Shop! I actually really love the shape of the strips, they are so cute and remind me of the Batman icon! a weird way.

  8. Sounds very interesting. I must try this soon. Loved your review.

  9. ive tried the charcoal version but too bad it doesnt work that much of an amazing like yours, so i might try this one instead ;)




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