Sunday, 8 December 2013

Empties for the past 3 months!

Mega empties post!  For about the last 3 or 4 months I've been gathering up bunches and bunches of products I've been using up or tossing out.

I tend to go through hair products like shampoo and conditioners the most as I've got long thick hair and use quite a lot. I also use pressed powders up regularly and usually finish one refill a month!

Continue below for all the empties!

The Blackmentos beauty box: Empties for the past 3 months!

 Nivea energy fresh liquid roller ball deo: First time buying this, the scent is lovely and like fresh air but the formula leaves my armpits a bit dry! I don't like it. Repurchase: NO.

Pantene Night Miracle leave in hair cream: Lovely lighter version of Pantene's hair products scents, this is light and non greasy but it doesn't dissapear into the hair after massaging it in, it leaves your hair clumpy and stuck together even after sleeping with it in! And you're suppose to put this in and go out? Repurchase: NO.

Herbal Essences smooth lovin' smooth & weighty conditioner: I love their products, from when I was 4 until now as I'm 19...the scent lingers long after you've washed your hair, so sweet and fresh, this always works on thick and dry ends. Even though the new packaging is less product I'm a huge fan and buy all the scents and formulas! Repurchase: YES, always!

EverSoft double moisturizing  Milk & Honey cleanser: A brand I had used cleansers from before they revamped their packaging two years ago. I also like their cucumber and tomato cleanser very much. A very squeaky clean type of wash, it totally keeps the grease at bay. Repurchase: Probably not. I have a lot of cleanser at home!

A whole bunch of old make up bits that I haven't used in ages!
 Silky Girl eyeshadow quads: Solid shades, these have good pigmentation but need a base to really keep them on and to get best payout. I really advocate the duo eyeshadows from them. Cheap and very pigmented but these have so much fallout and are not good for beginners! I won't be reaching for them anymore. Repurchase: NO.

Maybelline 8 pan eyeshadows: I got my mom to help me buy this when she was in Australia as these were not avalible in Singapore for very long. A lot of products produced by Maybelline for the US or Australia come for a few months and then are no longer selling. I found the pigmentation of these pretty decent but I just never reach for this with so many other better choices in my collection! Repurchase: NO.

Hello Kitty Mac shadow: Bought in Cambodia when I used to live there, although it's fake mac, the black is super soft and buttery and pigmented but I rarely use black and it was so cheap! Time to throw out! Repurchase: NO

Canmake Eye Nuance Trio: Good quality, pigmented and very wearable but I honestly hate baby blue shadow for some reason and I bought this like in 2005 so it's time to be trashed!  
Repurchased: NO. 

Bourjois single shadow: The old formula and packaging, this is a sheer beige highlight shade, great for under brow highlight and the inner corner but I've got other shades I prefer! Repurchase: NO

Optical Girls Shimmer powder: Purchased in Bangkok at a beauty shop in 2005, this a fine white shimmer powder, wonderful product but never used and very messy when you screw the cap off

The Body Shop Rainforest Balance shampoo: I love this for cleansing the scalp, this removes all the grease, especially if you're having a very dirty hair day. It also smells like a fresh sweet rain forest, I love this even if it's pricey for a shampoo! Repurchase: YES!

Aqua Rine Peach Bath Sea salt:
A salt scrub for the body, this does smell of peaches but a very artificial peachy scent. It's a nice slightly wet sea salt body scrub and I did enjoy using it on my legs and arms! Repurchase: Maybe, but in another scent!

Cetaphil: Gentle skin cleanser: The famous gentle skin cleanser from them...the texture of light gel, this with a scrubbing accessory in the shower really helps keep the skin even! I really highly recommend this for those with normal skin or sensitive skin. Repurchase: Probably not, I've got too many cleanser now!

Sasatinnie 2 way cake foundation (my review here): A mid coverage pressed face powder, silky smooth and a good yellow beige match for my light asian skin. I really enjoyed this and used it up very quickly. Repurchase: Probably not, I've got so many pressed powders to use now!

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship conditioner for long hair: My favorite scent which is tied with the pink bottle. I love the super rich deep sweet scent in this one. It works my hair like magic as I said before, my thick and dry ends get softened and it last for the entire day after I wash my hair! Repurchase: YES, always!

Pantene Nourished Shine Shampoo: One of my favorite shampoos of all time, I love Pantene scents for anyday, any occasion! I love how its so cleansing of the scalp and lathers up like crazy. Repurchase: YES, always!

ZA Concealer Perfection concealer (my review here): Quite a holy grail type concealer, I sometimes even end up using this all over my face as a foundation when I'm not home or in a rush and don't want to use so many products. There are only 3 shades but if you match any of them, this has a matte finish and covers up redness or blemishes very well. Repurchase: YES!

Canmake powder cheeks blush (my review here): One of my most used peachy/orange blushes. I love all my blushes from Canmake a lot as they are so silky and pigmented! Unfortunately this one cracked and then finally broke eventually! Time to chuck it out! Repurchase: YES!

Alcon Opti Free contact lense solution: The current brand of contact lens solution I'm using. I've been wearing contacts since I was 11 or 12! On a daily basis I wear colorless contacts with power as I'm short sighted. I've tried daily lenses, monthly but I've settled happily on bi-weekly ones which sometimes I throw out after a week! However I've worn all colors of lenses! Green, brown, blue, hazel, grey! All of them! It's fun and I should repurchase some soon! Repurchase: YES, I need to!

 Nivea extra whitening liquid deo roller: My favorite liquid deo ever. I love the sweet floral scent and it really does help to keep the armpits fair or at least the same color as the rest of you! I love how it keeps you dry and doesn't change the quality of you armpit skin negatively in any way.
Repurchase: YES.

Organix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger conditioner:I absolutely love the macadamia oil conditioner from them so thought I'd try another one from the line. This scent is a light sweet spiced ginger smell, however the formula is thinner than the macadamia and it doesn't really moisturizer and penetrate my hair as much. My hair really feels no difference after using this. Quite dissapointed.
Repurchase: NO, not this one at least.

Isle of Dog Everyday Deep Cleaning Shampoo: Yes, this is a dog shampoo! I buy from this brand because their shampoos deep clean our dog's hair soo well! Our older dog has greasy hair and so even though she doesn't spend much time outside, her hair gathers a lot of dirt and grease throughout the week. This totally rids her coat and skin of grease and dirt and does the same for our Husky! It lathers us amazing and is very scented! Repurchase: YES, also in other scents!

Bioderma Sebium H2O (my review here): A very good toner for oilier skin, this has a nice light fresh scent. It's good at keeping the skin fresh as well as removing the last bits of make up and removing make up remover grease after initial make up removal! 
Repurchase: YES, but I'm using others now!

L'oreal Gentle lip and eye make up remover for waterproof make up: An oil make up remover, it is half filled with a blue oil like many other types of similar removers for waterpoof make up. This is my favorite one, it's very affordable at the local beauty shops here in Singapore. I use this strictly for my waterproof mascara! Repurchase: YES, always!

Laneige water sleeping pack (my review here): A super watery gel mask, applied thinly overnight you wake up with the softest and most plump skin! I love this as a treat, I sometimes use this for several nights in a row to make my skin more hydrated. I've found a cheaper alternative with Neutrogena so far! Repurchase: Probably not, I'm using other products for hydration!

Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge: If this came in a 100 or 200ml or larger size I'm sure it'd sell just as well. This is so good at washing out make up from brushes and sponges, espcially gel eyeliner and cream shadows and foundations that stain brushes and sponges! I buy this 2 or 3 bottles at a time from the $2 Japanese store Diaso! Repurchase: YES, always!

What have you been using up the last few months? 
Going to repurchase anything before year end?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thanks!


  1. woa, mega empties post indeed!
    i always struggle emptying anything, so i feel jealous seeing posts like this. lol
    i think the organix products are hit or miss. i liked the argan oil set but didn't have much luck with the vanilla scented one.

  2. I use the same deo :) hehe Im gonna try out the ZA concealer and Bioderma, thanks for sharing!

  3. I would also always repurchase the Daiso sponge cleaner.

    I've not tried Herbal Essences eve since they changed packaging. The old packaging with transparent bottle looks so herbal and traditional. I love the smell too and I think I should try to purchase the conditioner. All the hair products I'm using now doesn't leave smell and I don't like it.

  4. wowza, well-emptied Sharlynn! So about the Organix you would prefer the Macademia version over the Awapuhi Ginger? I do like their line but I will avoid the Awapuhi now: still curious about the Argan version and I did like the Macademia too (but so good you emptied a conditioner that didn't really work for you).
    Yeh, really glad about Charlotte Tilbury. I will make a shimmer-compare post in the future featuring one of my faves of gorgeous mature shimmer: Coffret d'or & thinking about a D&G palette too. Shimmer is important in eyeshadow: sometimes even more than colour : )

  5. Whoa! That's a whole lot of products! You've got me curious now about the Daiso Detergent, I'm currently using the beauty blender one but I go through it quickly and it's not exactly very affordable - I'll have to keep at eye out next time I'm at Daiso!

  6. I didn't know you were from Singapore too! :D Hey! And I just followed you, thanks for always reading and commenting on my blog.

    Congrats on finishing up your empties! I've seen those silkygirl eyeshadows whenever I visit Singapore so at least now I know to pass on them . :) And I've heard so much great things about that Daiso cleaner.




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