Saturday, 7 December 2013

Special 350th post: French food at Petit Paradis and home smoked pork ribs!

Good eats at Petit Paradis! Welcome ladies to something many of us (hopefully) love to do, eating! I treasure meals with loved ones as it's really time we get to spend together after many hours or days not seeing each other! I had wanted to try this little coffee shop outlet which sold french food at East Coast! It's near my boyfriend's home and so recently we went there for lunch!

This post marks happy 350th post since the start of my blogging days here on blogger! I am proud to announce that excluding a few posts which I deleted a while ago this is my 350th published post! I started blogging in April 2011, I posted only one time that month. I only really started regularly posting from the next month onwards until now. 

Every single one of my subscribers (except an old school friend and my best friend) are strangers! I've never followed for a follow, ever. I want those who follow me to really do so because my content interest them. If you've followed me because I've followed you, feel free to stop if my content isn't what you like reading. I like saying that my current small but strong following is very genuine.

Continue below for the food post!
Affordable french food at Petit Paradis at East Coast Road! Confit duck leg and roast pork neck!
My face with only Bourjois Healthy Mix shade 52 and ZA pressed powder in OC10
My simple sparkling green lined eye make up!
Super easy brown lid color, regular winged eyeliner with a slick of green over!
Products used: Bourjois Healthy Mix in 52 (my review here), theBalm Mary-lou manizer highlighter (my review here), Revlon matte (for eyebrows), Canmake highlight (my overview here), Maybelline color tattoos (my review here), Bourjois blush lilas d'or (my review here), ZA 2 way cake in OC 10, Kiss me Heroine make up mascara (my review here), Kiss me Heroine make up eyeliner (my review here) Kiko long lasting stick eyeshadow in 01
The completed look! I just wanted something neutral and a bit of green to match my top!
Notice that I rarely where lip color! That's my natural lip color, I suffer from lips that are always a bit dry! So lip products can be a hassle to apply and reapply when I peel or flake!
I asked my boyfriend to order me a calamansi juice which is a type of small lime. It's much more fragrant than normal limes and has a natural sweet smell as swell as milder taste, not as sharp as lemon or lime!
My other half having his green tea! He only takes it sweetened and doesn't enjoy the original!
Behold! My roasted pork neck with a smooth mash potato and brown jus sauce! (Jus, chicken jus, veal jus is basically a rich stock made with meat and vegetables reduced until thick and flavorful!)
I absolutely loved this dish. The pork was nicely roasted and the meat well done but very tender, no doubt due to the cut of neck but also their cooking was well done. Too many places only serve the typical 'chop' cut which is too lean and tends to get over cooked and dry. 

Their mash is super fine, smooth and creamy and the rich flavorful brown sauce complements the meat and mash very well. The small portion of salad with vinaigrette dressing is a lovely touch too.

This dish was $12.90 SGD or about $10.30 USD!

My boyfriend's main, he had the confit duck leg which takes a day or more to prepare as to confit is to cook in oil! Cooking slow, at a lower temperature, submerged in oil breaks down the muscles, keeps the meat tender as well as imparting flavor. They finish off by making the leg super crisp on the outside!
This too was a winning dish, flavorful, tender and moist, the meat inside was falling apart contrasted to the crispy outside! The smell of the duck still nice and strong and very well seasoned. It also is served with a smooth mash, salad and brown jus. This dish was $14.50 SGD or about $11.50 USD.

As you can see, we clearly enjoyed he food and I wiped my plate almost clean!
Taking photos while sitting on high chairs a bit tricky but done! See my green ensemble meant to match with my eyeliner!
The outside area of the coffee shop corner known as "Alibarbar", it has several stalls inside several different types of cuisine under one roof. They are separate businesses sharing the seating space.

A super comfortable and put together well, the coffee shop corner over looks a very busy street crossing with the I12 Katong mall across and many other cafes, restaurants and businesses up and down both sides of the street!
Later we crossed over to the Katong mall and got some durian ice cream to share! We always share ice cream! This was very textured which was lovely but we both found the durian taste was not strong enough.
A beautiful bunch of bananas still growing!
My baby's home smoked rack of pork ribs covered in a spice rub! We stopped smoking when the internal temperature hit 75 degrees C
The inside still is pink but is fully smoked and cooked! It's due to the lack of oxygen, that the pinkness color remains, very much like smoked salmon, how it remains so orange!
There was our delicious dinner! Smoked spice rub pork ribs, baked chicken drumsticks with a orange honey glaze, creamy cheesy mash and some veggies on the side!
Hope all you ladies (or men if they are any) are enjoying december. It's barely a week in and I've done a lot of online shopping and vow to not spend anymore until near the end of the month if possible!

Welcome my new followers as I've been noticing quite a few new add ons to my 'followers' box! Do stay tuned for lots more reviews and post beauty, skincare and food related! 

I totally recommend eating lunch or dinner at Petit Paradis at East Coast Road. It's so affordable for such good quality tasty french food. The menu is a very comfortable, managable size and everything I'm sure if worth trying. I really can't wait to go again and eat something different!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. The meals look so delicious! I really like that you explain how each dish is prepared and cooked. You seem to have a lot of interest in cooking? I love food and I love eating, but I feel like there's so much for me to learn in terms of making my own food. I think reading your blog sort of helps though. :)

    1. I usually don't go into so much detail but I felt that it was needed as the food was done so well! I am currently enrolled in a culinary course! I hope that people all will invest a bit more time into knowing what they're eating because it's so important! You're welcomed!

  2. All the food looks delicious :) Your natural lip colour is super pretty, someone might want to make a lipstick mimicking it :p The green eyeliner is such a gorgeous shade.

    1. Everything was damn delicious! Thanks, my lip color is just so pigmented on its own, and with dry lips I tend to wear nude shades more than anything bold!

  3. the food looks yummy :D


  4. Ohh goodness that food looks epic!! I've just eaten a whole bunch of chocolate but I'm pretty sure there's still room for all of that!

  5. the food look so yummY!!! this post really made me hella hungry in the middle of the night >_>~ I love your your matching greens ^_~

  6. (ohhay, you're in a culinary course right now? That's awesome/+ I'm jealous c: [the closest I've been to a 'culinary course' is watching Gordon Ramsay's 'Ultimate Cookery Course' video series HAHAHA])
    HUZZAH FOR 350 POSTS! That's one hell of a commitment, considering how much time + effort it goes into posts!
    Oi! I actually quite dislike durian, but nice to find somebody who enjoys it!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things




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