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Special Haul: Bangkok holiday make up! (Oct 2013)

Holiday make up Haul! Hello lovely ladies! If you didn't know or had to chance to read already I was away in Bangkok for 5 days almost three weeks ago with my mother during my school break. While there we shopped and ate and walked! We made our biggest buys at Boots, Beautrium and Beauty Buffet. All three were make up and skincare, body care stops for us! (Mostly me)

I definitely got a tonne of things at such great prices, I'm officially a lifetime member of Boots, Beauty Buffet and a korean make up store in Bangkok!

If you haven't seen my Bangkok holiday post (check it out here!)

Continue below for the haul!
Huge holiday make up haul from Bangkok! (Beauty Buffet, Boots, Duty free, Beautrium)
Pressed Powders: For those who don't know I love and use so much pressed powders for setting and foundation. These are from a factory outlet, Boots and Beautrium!
An amazing colorful, pigmented and metallic palette from Beautrium!
Duty Free at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport!
Two Shu Uemura skincare mini sets, a lancome and maybelline mascara and travel set of YSL lipsticks!

Virtuose mascara, non-waterproof. I tried this years ago and still remember how good it applied, looked and lasted although non waterproof! It was so affordable compared to singapore prices that I had to get it.
Maybelline the false lash volum' express, this is the version from japan and it has lots of fibers! I've never tried this before and really want to since I love the Magnum mascara
I have not owned or used a lash curler for more than 6 years and when I did when I was younger I had no confidence to use it as I always pinched myself! This is my first proper lash curler and it fits amazingly!
A super cute and very pigmented and smooth blush from Cathy Doll cosmetics!
A beautiful peachy toned mosaic blush from IN2IT from Beautrium, this is for my best friend!
Rejoice shampoo and conditioner! I love this brand, they smell so sweet, fruity and rich, they sell in thailand and vietnam, laos but not here in singapore!
Boots: Fruit essence shampoo, Beer & egg conditioner (smells like sweet custard), A papaya and Caribbean cocktail body scrub! I love how boots products all smell sooo good! And all boots brands products were 50% at the outlet we went to!
Tea tree and witch hazel products! I'm a huge fan of these ingredients, there used to be a line exactly like this in the local pharmacy Guardian here in Singapore but it's been discontinued! I would've bought more but it's liquid and heavy when added together!
A nice big tube of aloe vera gel for multi purposes! It was only about 4 SGD dollars, this would cost at least $15 here!
Two body sprays that smell like heaven! The papaya one is so fruity and the musk one smells like Patchouli oil! I couldn't choose so I got both!
I finally found this brand again after so many years! My mom got this a long time ago and I only realized it was from bangkok after finding it in the super market! Just got one though because I have enough face washes at home!
Botanics mattifying toner! My mom bought a huge ton of skincare from them where I just got this one toner for my oily skin!
My mother's boots haul: She bought up a whole bunch of stuff and back ups from their Botanics line! And the two hand cream sets smell sooo good, one's fruity scents (mango, mandarin, grape) and the other flowery (rose, jasmine, honey suckle)
Since I didn't get any skincare for anti aging I decided to get this one very affordable vitamin C cream!
From Beauty Buffet: Pomegranate body bath and body gel scrub! Holy these smell sooo sweet and fresh and like pomegrantes! And the cream bath is so shimmery!
A very fine grained texture face scrub from Beauty Buffet. The SA said all the products from this 'whitening line' was their best selling range and everything smelled so much of sweet condensed milk!
Another yummy skincare tub from Beauty Buffet. This big heavy tub is of a medium grain body scrub, smells sooo strongly of sweet apricots!
Single eye shadows from a line inside Beauty Buffet. The pink is a very rich smooth complex rose gold and the blue is a sort of mermaidish duochrome blue with gold too!
Another AHA/BHA product! Mine have all mine face wash so this is in replacement of a moisturizer. This  smells of blue berry jam!
Anna Sui perfume set, purchased on board with vouchers! These are of her most popular scents!
Forbidden Affair, Secret Wish, Fairy Dance: Secret Wish, Flight of Fancy, Dolly Girl
Also purchased on board, I thought this was a skincare item but it's actually a make up base!

My mom's SK II purchases which used most of our vouchers!
Purchases from Karmart (make up store selling korean cosmetics) and bits from other places!
Victoria's Secret trio make up, toiletry pouch set from Bangkok International Airport Duty Free!
At 1,580 baht, that's about $62 SGD, this sells for about $80 SGD here!
A mini Nivea charcoal whitening face wash!
This awesome new colored lipbalm line from Maybelline! Not found in Singapore yet! I regret only buying one shade!
Lastly a good array of face masks!

Yes ladies! As you can see I did lots of shopping! This is not all, just the skincare and make up part! We really did some damage! But at the end of the day I'm very happy with everything and actually wish I had picked up more things from Cathy Doll and Karmart as they were so affordable!

Again if you missed my official  Bangkok holiday post  (do check it out here!)

Stay tuned for the follow up shopping haul!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. oooh all those face masks look awesome, I love face masks haha

    1. They aren't all for me though! Lots for gifting! ^^

  2. The shadows in the Beautrium palette look so pretty. Looks you have an awesome haul here!

    1. It is amazing in real life! There were two more with very interesting ranges of shades but this bold one caught my eye!

  3. So jealous of this haul! Maybelline Falsies is some of my favorite mascara - the packaging is tripping me out because it looks so much different from over here! The actual tube looks the same but I've never seen it come in a clear little box like that. The perfume set looks great and all the pressed powders, oh my! ;o

    1. Haha, that's nice to hear! It's normal for packaging to be like this or to just have the product wrapped twice with plastic.

  4. OMG Sharlynn! you really hauled a lot!! bangkok is amazing isn't it?? my mom and my sis love bangkok so much, they go there at least 2 a year to shop.. everything is so cheap and the people are friendly :-D
    the anna sui perfume set looks so pretty! anna sui is actually my 1st proper perfume, i had the rose on in black purple bottle. loved it so much but I guess they discontinued it now T.T

    1. Yes, I did! Bangkok is awesome, I totally need to go again JUST TO BUY HANDBAGS! And to hit boots!

  5. woah!! huge haul!! I can spot a lot of very interesting products ^_~ The in2it blush reminds me so much of canmake (just dont know how the pigmentation and consistency was?) The apricot scrub sounds yummy too!! ^_~

    1. Yes, there were so many awesome things I haven't seen in singapore, the range is sooo huge! The blush felt very silky when I swatched it in store! I'm not too concerned if its too pigmented because my bestfriend likes just a light flush!

  6. One word—WOOOOOWWWWW!!! SO much new stuff I can't even pick one that I want to read a post about! <3

    1. Hahaha! That's how I felt when i stepped into Beautrium in bangkok! OMG SO MANY THINGS! ^^

  7. I'm heading to bangkok next month! Can't wait to check out the goodies. Any suggestions on brand/stores?

    Cute blog btw :)
    Would appreciate if you checked out mine

  8. Oh Em Gee! I bet it felt like Christmas. Look at all those goodies!

  9. OMG, wow, woww, Huge haul Sharlynn, So jealous of this haul! You have selected some tremendous products! Can't wait to see their detail review and swatches! How lucky you are! Bangkok is amazing place,isn't it?




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