Thursday, 14 November 2013

FOTD: Sweetie pie eyes and meeting up with a friend!

Sweetie pie eyes! Having finally got my make up greedy hands on Sleek's Oh So Special Palette (my full review here!) I've been using it many times over! It has an amazing range of shades for what I think is a sweet to glamorous neutral palette with a gunmetal, purple, matte black and pinks!

I met up with an old school friend which shares the same love of eating and gaming (although she games almost all the time like how I blog all the time!) We enjoy counterstrike together but it's been a while and she's not in the country!

Continue below for the full look!
Sweetie pie eyes pink eye look using Sleek Oh So Special palette!
Sweetie pie eyes pink eye look using Sleek Oh So Special palette!
My favorite lashes, Fashion Eyelashes Double Flex Series AG8901! I usually cut them in half!
Products used: Sleek Oh So Special Palette (my review here), Bourjois healthy mix foundation (my review here), Sasatinnie blush ( my review here), Maybelline color tattoo (my review here), Revlon matte shadow (for eyebrows), Urban Decay shadow pencil in Sin, Maybelline Telescopic explosion, Kiss me Heroine make up eyeliner (my review here)

Absolutely love these lashes cut into half! They are so natural, the curve is so comfortable and the fullness and length is just nice!

Out and about in downtown Orchard Road it was late afternoon and we popped in some Popeyes chicken meals!
Omnomnomnom! Who doesn't love a bit of fast delicious fried food when just chatting?
Friends from Highschool, its really nice to meet up when possible, most of my friends have returned home or went to another country for Uni!

Do you still keep in touch or meet up with your Highschool friends?
What do you do when you catch up?
let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. love love love the eye make up!! def my cup of tea hehe :-D
    it's always nice to meet up with high school friends, I graduated from high school 5 years ago and I still miss high school so much, the best time ever imo.
    oh I didn't know popeye still exists in Sgp. It is no longer exist in Indonesia, I used to like them a lot!

  2. The eyeshadows you used are so pretty! Love the colours and the placement and blending. The lashes add that extra bit of glam as well :) There's nothing quite like high school buddies - I think those are the friendships that tend to last and go back the longest!

  3. This color combo is soft and pretty. :D
    Popeyes is such a guilty pleasure. =w=

  4. Pink and brown is such a pretty combo. I don't know why I dont try that often enough. I just have the tendency to go for taupes, bronze, and browns. Those eyelashes look lovely on you.




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