Thursday, 7 November 2013

Special: Beauty Swap with 'Jade in the Palace'!

Beauty Blogger Swap! Hello all! I'm so excited for November, there's so much happening, I'm planning out every free day of time to see people and get things done! I did a beauty swap with the loveliest Pam from ("Jade in the Palace" beauty blog) and our packages arrived during mid-september! Mine took a bit longer to get to her but hers got to me very quickly!

I wasn't expecting so much in the pacakage as although we agreed to spend a certain amount we did include more things for each other, however I think Pam went all out and got me so much more! So many lovely sample sized products and lovely bits and bobs!

Check out Pam's post on (our swap here!)

Continue below for the full post!
Beauty swap: I had basically asked for a whole lot of stuff from the brand Kiko! But Pam got me so much more!

Unlike myself who packed everything in ziplock bags and pink paper, Pam put all the small bits into a pretty bag!  This is how I received the items from her, until I opened the bag up and poured everything out!
Beauty swap: Amazing extra bits! A rich scented perfumed moisturizer, clarins firming cream, opi minis, P2 polish, Essie polish, sample Benefit foundation, Beyu Lip crayon (freaking amazing this lippie is, so moisturizing and pigmented!)
So many skincare bits, Balea masks (OMG they smell sooo good!), Clarins and Biotherm skincare samples (I've used all these up already, they're so good), Maybelline/l'oreal foundation BB cream samples! (I've yet to try either of these before)
Even more goodies! A labello (nivea in europe) lipbalm (feels okay but unfortunately I really don't like the pale purple tint, doesn't look good on me), a pair of primark lashes, a beauty blending sponge and some lovely chunky jewelry! I can't wait to pair the necklace with a dress!
Beauty swap: All these with the exception of the amazing sunbronzing blush (an extra pam picked for me) were the products I asked for! So basically everything above were generous extras! My jaw dropped the moment I went through all of these!
Kiko longlasting eyeshadow sticks, natural concealer, Stila lipgloss
Art Deco eyebrow gel, Kiko foundation, mixing solution, lipstick
Kiko color shock longlasting eyeshadow, Too Face Lock Down shadow base
A Kiehl's skincare set! Oh my goodness, this is an expensive brand here, very marked up prices so I'm excited to try this, Pam said it's some of her favorite skincare bits! Benefit foundation sample (being only a shade darker and with a warmer tone she knows my shade), a smokey gray green shadow palette from Douglas!
And lastly two products that I use a lot an love, Kiko pressed mineral powder and the MOST AMAZING BLUSH EVER. This is the Sun bronzing blush, with all rosy toned shades, a warm bronzey one that adds contour, a mid tone rose (my fave type of shade), a lighter glowy pink (amazing for highlighting the cheekbones)
I have nothing but complete awe and appreciation for all the goodies I received. In my whole life, my family and myself never practice gift giving. We are taken out for a meal or go shopping together, we rarely packaging and gift each other. This is the second swap we've done, the first was when we met up in person in March this year! (Check out our meet up here!)

Overwhelmed at first, I also felt a bit guilty that Pam got me so much more than I got her this time! Items in singapore tend also to cost a lot more per piece hence I was able to ask for so many things from Kiko for the agreed price but at the end of the day we both have the intention to add in lots of goodies based on preferences we know of each other or things we have told each other!

On the left is my package for Pam for our Christmas swap! (It's not complete yet! Still some shopping to do) On the right is a handbag with make up goodies for my best friend who's in Japan!

After we both received our packages, I proposed to do another swap for christmas time! Currently both of us are getting our packages ready to be sent by this month in time for Christmas time! I've still got some pieces to pick up for her and can't wait to get the chance to go shopping, even for someone else! I can't wait to see what she gets me and I hope she'll love all the bits I've got for her. I'm definitely going to be making up for all the extras she got me!

Have you done a beauty swap with anyone recently?
What products do you love receiving?
let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. awwwwh Sharlynn!! this is so sweet of you! I'm so happy that you like most of the stuffs.. I love gift exchange and I enjoy buying gifts from other people very very much :-D
    I really like all the stuffs you got me!! the liner from heroine brand is my everyday staple now!! love it so much. It stays the whole day, no smudging at all, very impressive!

    I am already excited for the xmas swap!! I feel the spirit already now!! :-D

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wow!
    so many great products!
    Pam is soooooo sweet! and very very very NICE person <3 <3 <3
    Have fun with this wonderful stuff!

  3. Wahhhh, thats a lot of goodies....can't wait for your review with the kiko cosmetics ;)

  4. Wow amazing swap, I am so jealous of the kiko products!

  5. Ohlala , you are spoiled :) You received some nice gems ;)

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhh Sharlynn, so many great products! What are you doing honey? I'm so jealous of you. I wish I could find Kiko products here in India! Can't wait to see their reviews! Hope you'll do it soon <3

  7. That's an amazing swap! T_T Jealous! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Wow, that an awesome package! Pam definitely was very generous :) All those KIKO goodies would be so fun to try out - I really like their eyeshadow sticks though I only have one of them. It's been my favourite thing to use in the mornings, especially when I'm in a rush.

  9. amazing goodies!!!




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