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Review: Color Combos Ultra Smooth 2 way Cake in 02 Beige! (FOTD/ contouring)

How do I like my skin? Smooth, clear and matte! This was a goodie I picked up back in December when I was purchasing skincare bits! For those who don't know, I'm attending a culinary school, hence make up is not allowed. I do use powder, always, as its what I need at the least.

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Since I go through so much powder all the time I decided to try this which was on sale for $13 SGD instead of the UP of $19 SGD. It only had 2 shades, 01 and 02, I picked up 02 and currently after a lot of use have maybe 30% of product left!

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Continue below for the review, FOTD and contouring!
Color Combos Ultra Smooth 2 way Cake SPF 22 PA++ in shade 02 Beige

Color Combos Ultra Smooth 2 way Cake SPF 22 PA++ in shade 02 Beige

Sold at Sasa...they carry loads of asian skincare and make up brands.

Color Combos Ultra Smooth 2 way Cake SPF 22 PA++ in shade 02 Beige
Color Combos Ultra Smooth 2 way Cake SPF 22 PA++ in shade 02 Beige
  Packaging & Product!

Fairly regularly sized, this compact fits nicely in the palm of your hand. It has a slide out compartment under the powder for a slim face sponge.  I do love how the mirror can rotate and open up to 180 degrees which makes it useful when you're out. I was very drawn but the texture, smell and apparently the 14 grams of product you get labelled on the back.

This powder feels so fine and smooth and smells of bar soap which I adore! In time with use, I noticed how the yellow tone of this powder really matches well when my skin isn't so tanned and that the finish is flawless. I loved using this however the only down side I noticed was how much I had to use and how often I'd retouch my face because unlike my ZA powder when I wiped my sweat away this powder comes off too.

Besides the downside of the powder coming off easily when tapping your face with tissues I felt that the amount of product in the pan was not 14 grams but more like 7-9 grams as I compared the pan to my regular powder and they look to be the same size. I really doubt there was that much product in the compact. It doesn't change my opinion on the powder though because it is a really nice product.

     (On the left) Colors Combos Ultra Smooth 2 way Cake SPF 22 PA++ in 02 Beige                         (On the right)- Za Perfect Fit two-way foundation in shade 22 (OC 10)

 Swatched, my normal ZA powder seems to be more orange/beige but when blended out (see below) the two powders seem to be exactly the same in color. I find that the Colors Combo powder is much smoother when a second layer is applied where as adding more on with the ZA can make it cakey.

     (On the left) Combos Ultra Smooth 2 way Cake SPF 22 PA++ in shade 02 Beige                          (On the right)- Za Perfect Fit two-way foundation in shade 22 (OC 10)

Nothing but moisturizer and a good layer of the Colors Combo Ultra Smooth 2 way cake powder foundation. No concealer. Perfect match for fair- light/medium skin tones. Feels so smooth and smells like bar soap! Its addictive!

Paid: UP $19.90  SGD or about $16 USD (Got this on sale @ $13 SGD)

Recommend: Totally, for anyone who matches one of the two shades, this is worth trying out for medium to high coverage although keep in mind you need to touch up throughout the day!

Repurchase: Likely, I've been thinking that I should try out different face powders as I go through them regularly and will always use til I hit pan unless the powder is that crap. I love the smell of this powder but will be waiting for another sale to pick it up!

Bottom line: Smooth, fine, even coverage with a strong soap scent. It's too bad this only comes in 2 shades, two more darker shades would've been nice! I like the finish but find that I go through this very easily making it maybe not so worth for money! Do check it out and give it a try, its a great product in itself.

FOTD using the Color Combos Compact Powder!

 Products Used
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (My review here!), TheFaceShop Lovely ME:EX angel skin foundation (review to come), theBalm Mary-lou Manizer highlighter (my review here!), Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Quad (my review here), Maybelline Telescopic explosion mascara (review to come), Peri Pera very nice brush eyeliner (my review here!), Canmake Powder cheeks blush (my review here!), japanese loose powder
Really wanting a brush for contouring, this is a medium blush brush from Sasa
Narrow and dense but fluffy, this was great for blending out a contour...not too great for application of contour because its still a bit too wide.
Used a darker foundation powder from Revlon for the contour, love how the contour blends out and looks natural.
Smooth matte skin, pinky eyes and matching cheeks! Simple and pretty!

Do you go for cheaper powder foundations? Do you stick to a favorite? 
Scented or unscented products? 
let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
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  1. Your skin looks amazing! And that powder is really nice!!!!! :) It's so cool that you are in culinary school as well! ^___^

  2. Nice product.:)
    I loved the packaging.
    Your cat is cutie..<3

  3. Brilliant contouring! :D And I love your kitty! >w< And love your eye makeup as usual!
    I have only 2 powders, both are Maybelline. Lol! One is the Clear Glow one for winter because it feels creamier and doesn't make my skin look dry and patchy. The other is for the summer, the matte one because Mumbai is one humid city, I get oily in minutes. XD

  4. The packaging of the powder is really cool but I'm not sure if a rotating mirror is necessary. Your FOTD is lovely. I prefer liquid foundation so I only use a bit of powder to set my foundation. Typically, I would invest more on the liquid foundation and use whatever powder I have.

  5. Your skin is ridiculously flawless! As always I love the way you apply your contouring product and blush :) I don't use compact product foundations but this one seems to give really great coverage.

  6. wow the packaging is great! reminds me from the one from kevin aucoin? or hourglass? I can't remember. lol
    your skin looks flawless, Jia Lin! and I love the eye make up!

  7. The packaging of the cake looks a lot like this american brand for cosmetics that I can't remember the name of. i really like how neat and fine your winged liner is. xx :)

  8. oooh, the packaging looks really nice! the rotating mirror is awesome! ^_~

  9. Great review. The rotating mirror reminds me of my powder from Hourglass. It has the same mirror.

  10. Great review and in-depth post. I loove the packaging of this, looks so luxurious! You look beautiful & I really like your makeup here! Cute kitty, too. hehe

  11. Such a cute photo with your cat! I love the pink tones of the eyeshadows you used here.




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