Thursday, 5 January 2012

Review: The Body Shop Olive Body Butter & Scrub!

Some lovely stuff from The Body Shop that I actual do repurchase despite their ridiculously steep prices! The only things I've ever repurchased from them time after time are their body and foot scrubs as well as one of their new shampoos. 

In the past I've their lemon body scrub and it nearly killed my skin! It was so greasy when applied and the greasy feeling just wouldn't wash off properly. Afterwards when my skin dried it was unbearable itchy and dry. Just crazy opposites with one product!

Then I got the Olive body scrub and it was great. At $S30.90 a tub for this stuff, I'm glad I've got a loyalty card now!

Continue below for the review and close ups!

The Body shop Olive Body Butter & Body Scrub!

The Body Shop Olive body scrub, comes in a 200ml tub for $30.90!
Love the course texture of the grains..
The body shop olive body butter which I had accidentally bought instead of the scrub!
Very moisturizing, has a non-greasy finish and it smells light and fresh...

Packaging and Product!

Like all body shop products, both the scrub and body butter are packaged in recyclable plastic tubs which you can return to any outlet when used up. The name, amount, instructions and ingredients are all listed clearly as normal. I have no issues with tub packaging for both products, it helps me get to every little bit easily, although it may not be considered the most hygienic. I'll be using up both quite fast!

The scrub is a miracle product for me. I've got a skin condition on my arms that cause scabbing of dry skin and it makes the skin feel bumpy, hence a need for exfoliation to smoothen the texture. The scrub is full of olive stones which I'm assuming are the piths of the olive fruit crushed up. 

They make for a course and harsh scrub which I need. The scrub does not foam or feel creamy or greasy but more like a light moisturizer that smells fresh. After use the skin feels baby soft and after regular use the bumps on my arms are lessened and my skin doesn't clog up as much.

The body butter is something I love to use on my legs. It has a light, grease free feeling and reminds me of a day time moisturizer than a 'butter', it's definitely not heavy or creamy. It melts easily and smells very light and 'green' so to speak. I think it'd be great all over but I'm conserving it just to keep my legs moisturized and smooth after bathes and shaves. I don't think I'd repurchase this because $30 for 200ml of moisturizer is pricey, pricey, pricey!

Paid: $S30.90 for both scrub and butter ($24 USD)

Recommend: Yes! The scrub is a holy grail product and the moisturizer would be a lovely indulgent product if you favor something light and fresh.

Repurchase: The body scrub I have repurchase at least 4 times in the last year and I've got 3 back ups! Not the body butter, I'd rather try more affordable ones!

Bottom line: For those who need or prefer harsh, rougher scrubs for heavy duty exfoliation this olive scrub is great, it leaves the skin smooth and moisturized. The body butter is more of a moisturizer that leaves a nice soft finish, nothing rich like a butter.

Overall I'd give both products a 4/5!

Have you tried any body shop scrubs/butters? Do you regularly use body scrubs? Care to try? Let me know!

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