Saturday, 21 January 2012

Special: Chinese New Year Goodies! (Food + pic heavy!)

To those who don't know...this coming Monday, the 23rd of January is the lunar new year! Or chinese new year or simply the 'new year' to the chinese diaspora! 

It's a time for family, food and traditions, food is the one thing I'm most interested in! Here's just a bunch of photos of snacks and goodies we've bought so far...and directly below is a photo of a yu sheng which is a appetizer dish.

The different ingredients have meanings, we shredded our own fresh ingredients, raddish, pear, carrots, cucumbers, abalone, jellyfish and much more for freshness instead of using just the ingredients provided in pre-packed yu sheng which we use.

The yu sheng or lo hei prepared for tonight's pre-reunion dinner (reunion dinners are the day before new years day, which is tomorrow!)

Just check out the entire aisle of cny snacks and goodies! To fill living/dining room trays!

The few times the stacks will be over 6 feet tall...

Running low on chicken!

Boxes upon boxes of oranges! You gotta queue up to get your box if you want them checked!

Prawn crackers! So yummy!

All the stuff we got on one trip...lots of ba kwa (roasted sweeten meat) and oranges!

Big box o'oranges!

Mandarin orange...the kind that peels easily...
Packed in a hard cardboard magnetic shut box!

Full of meat!

One of the well known ba kwa stores in Singapore....

More than $100 worth of roasted meat! We asked for bags for packing!
Cny special bag....
Real nice...

Dried shitake mushrooms!
Pineapple tarts

Kueh bolu...they're like little muffins...
Trio pack of pork, chicken and fish floss...
Fish floss!

Roasted chestnuts!

Pebbles watching me handling the goodies!

Soup stock...useful as a base for dishes...

To be sprinkled over the yu sheng! my favorite part...

Pre-packed dyi yu sheng....comes with all the preserved vegetables and sauces...

We have baby ones and regular sized ones too!
Nian gao in the shape of a fish!

Best stuff...sweetened peanut powder melts in the mouth!

Love letters or egg rolls...crispy and a common snack!

Peanuts crushed and made into wafers...
Oh so crunchy!

For those who celebrate, have a great prosperous new year ahead! 

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  1. This is so cool! I especially love the fish thing :D It would be hard to cook something in a fishy shape. I saw that at my Chinese market too :D

    1. Thanks! It's yummy when sliced up and pan-fried but it looks too pretty to eat!

  2. LOL. My parents and I went shopping too for Chinese New Year. So excited for spring festival's arrival.

    1. Yes, I always am too! Age doesn't seem to affect the excitement for this time of year! :)

  3. The pineapple tarts look yumm!! How is it? :)



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