Thursday, 5 January 2012

Special: Box of forgotten items!

 In the process of helping mom clear out the spare room I found an old moon cake box filled with goodies! (none to be consumed of course!)

Love getting my hands on little things!

Old metal mooncake box!

Love this scent.

Old oils from the Body Shop for aromatherapy!

Exotic does not smell very exotic to smells very sweet and cloying...maybe because it's so old!

A burst of freshness like cold morning this smell.

Looks like an old copper coin, eh?
Mini bottle of shisheido polish!
Cherry red color from Maybelline!
Tangerine orange...(yucky...not my taste!)
Mini eye wrinkle cream...definitely mom's!
Old old mini bottle of gel...

Carmex...I never got what a cold sore was....
And a handy mini funnel!

Just a bunch of fun long forgotten things in a metal box. Have you ever found a bunch of things that were forgotten and spent time fiddling through them?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Those are awesome finds! I regularly find things I put away in boxes years later! :P I know what you mean.


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