Saturday, 14 January 2012

Food: Jaffa and Bourbon biscuits from M & S!

 Some lovely biscuits I picked up from Marks & Spencers last year. I'm a fan of anything chocolate that's not too sweet and orangy flavors. I've had jaffa before but from a local uk brand when I was in england.

Marks & Spencers Jaffa Viennese and Bourbon Biscuits!

Love the info on all M & S products!

Sirius yawning...waiting for his share!
Jaffa biscuit with sweet milk chocolate top!
Delicious Viennese bottom!
Too too sweet orange marmalade middle!
Well, sirius didn't mind!
Perfect for tea, Bourbon biscuits!
Plain chocolate biscuits with choco cream!
Tea is served!

And there he was trying to get another!

I really like the bourbon biscuits, the jaffa I will not be buying again. The milk chocolate and orange center were too sweet for my taste. Hope these photos were enjoyable!

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