Thursday, 5 January 2012

(Late) Haul for Dec 2011 (Essence cosmetics, food & clothes!)

Happy New Year everyone!!! Getting on with a late haul post! Oh my...I could not have been happier when I saw this (below) at the Watsons in Takashimaya which is the biggest outlet in Singapore....I was like "Holy shit!!! Essence is in Singapore!"

 Even though it's a commonly found European drugstore brand it was such a nice surprise as nothing cosmetic ever sells under $15 in Singapore....the products were priced higher than they would be in Europe/US but everything is very inexpensive....single shadows for $3.30? Are you kidding!! No such thing in Singapore drugstores ever. Wow! I will be back for more!

Continue below for my essence haul, japanese eats and clothing haul!
Go to Watsons at Taka to get your dose of Essence cosmetics!

Lovely japanese set meals in the food hall in Taka! It's called Yonehachi!

Terriyaki chicken set with chestnut rice!

Packet of sesame seeds for the rice!

Yum yum!!

Hauling again!

My little bunch from essence! Eyeshadows for $3.30, polish for $2.80 and eyeliner for $3 ( i think) incredibly affordable!

Purple gel liner in 03 Berlin Rocks...

light shimmery taupe shade...

Navy blue shade...

Nail polishes!! Love the mini size, I'd definitely finish them and the duo chrome is amazing!

I couldn't wait to buy it cheaper! Purchased at $28.90 at Watsons!

It was made for me...fits amazingly and stops right above the knee...the blue is darker in person

Simple sheath dress...real comfy and casual...

Silky glitterly hot pink skirt! So party appropriate and for going out!

Very comfy cotton bejeweled top...

Make up pouch from F21~!

Taupe top, with capped sleeves...great with a jacket/blazer...

Simple block colored top.

My mom's top...she's really into the metal detailing of things...

Maroon jacket with embellished shoulder pads!

Ted Baker cropped size 3...amazing cut...amazing feel and at 40% it was the only time I'd be allowed to buy anything from them!

There Sirius stood...waiting for santa to come with his presents! Hehe

What things did you get during december? Any splurges? Was it on sale? Fancy essence, dorthy perkins, ted baker or forever 21? let me know!

Hope you enjoyed the haul! Thanks for stopping by!


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