Thursday, 30 October 2014

Food Post: Things eaten for the month of August/September 2014!

Roasts, muffins, and wanton noodles! I've been eating lots of yummy meals the last two months but here is a collection of the best of the home made and meals eaten out! For those who are hungry I shall warn you in advance but this post will be filled with delicious food!

Continue below for the full foodie post!

Food Post: Things eaten for the month of August/September 2014!

Roasted garlic stuffed chicken! Brined and then herbs, spices and crushed garlic stuffed under the skin, we baked this chicken without extra oils and the fats crisps the skin up in the oven!
Roast garlic and herb chicken served with gratin potato, blanched carrots and sauteed spinach!
Banana muffins with blueberries and chocolate chips! Golden brown to perfection!
Packaging them in boxes for the family to eat! I love my muffins with a crisps exterior and super moist, fluffy and soft inside!
Vegetarian kway teow noodle! Eaten at a local coffee shop! They have amazing yummy vegetarian!
Braised pork rice with salted vegetables! From a local chain of cafe serving simple hong kong fare!
My boyfriend giving me a face while eating away at the delicious buffalo wings!
A rack of BBQ pork ribs! Deliciously smoked and the sauce with so yummy! I loved the side of steamed vegetables! It's a good complement besides fries!
The meat was so tender and just falls off the bone and was nice and fatty!
Porridge dinner at home! Rice porridge with cubes of luncheon meat and fishballs. Side dishes of picked vegetable, braised sea clams, left over chicken stir fry and salted olive vegetable!
Char sui wanton noodles! Such a delicious fatty cut of meat with the yummy noodles and sauce!
Roasted pork belly and char sui rice! Both of these dishes were eaten at a coffee shop at Ang Mo Kio Central!
Home made char sui! My mom made a home made char sui marinade and used a super tender and fatty cut of meat that's way better than any found usually at usual food stalls!
Garlic, pepper and almond roasted chicken thigh served with home made coleslaw and sauteed spinach and lettuce!

Have you seen anything in my post that you'd like to eat?
What's the yummiest thing you'd had recently?
Let me know please!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Oh my goodness, SO MUCH DELICIOUS FOOD! The last time I had really good food was when I had Dim Sum a couple weeks back! Just thinking about it makes me hungry!
    <3 Pauline,

  2. *watermouth* you always go to the best food places
    c: I want to eat those homemade banana muffins
    with blueberries and chocolate chips!!

  3. Hi Sharlynn! (Fellow Singaporean here, currently and have been in Australia for years) I really didn't want to click on this post as I knew I would be tempted but here I am. I miss all the amazing food back home! xx Make Me Up Mandy

  4. always go for the best food mouth is watering now..i need some all dishes especially i want to eat those banana muffins...have a nice day pretty girl. Kisses !!

  5. omg i was just telling my trainer there isn't a lot of things i get excited about but food is one of them and these look SO GOOD>
    i really missing having chinese food consistently. there are LOTS of places to get it here in toronto but for whatever reason i just don't bother going to china town. man, roasted pork belly....yummmm

    A Beautiful Zen

  6. I love looking at your food posts, always gets me hungry.

  7. OH MY GOSH :O I want to eat all of this... everything looks so amazing
    *Im hungry now*




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