Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Acid Green Forest eye and a cranberry cheek! (Dim Sum lunch)

Gimme that Acid! Here I have to present a super bright acid green forest gradient eye look! I just took a look into my greens and realized I wanted something super bright but wanted it to still be wearable for going out in the day time! Most people would like to wear neons or super bright colors but it's a bit scary so turning it into a gradient makes it more wearable although quite done up!

For lunch, my family and I headed over to an outlet of Peach Garden at Thomson Plaza. We ate a total of 17 dim sum items! This is because there was my brother and I who are huge eaters when it comes to dim sum! The food was just delicious!

Continue below for the look and dim sum!
Acid Green Forest eye look! A touch of cranberry on the cheeks and a nude lip!
For my base I used Maybelline's Pure Mineral BB Compact! It's a cream cake BB cream!
For my brows, something super easy to use and super natural is a brow mascara from Art Deco!
Acid green forest eyes! Using Sleek, Urban Decay and 4U2 eyeshadows!
Acid green forest eyes! Using Sleek, Urban Decay and 4U2 eyeshadows!
Products used: Biore UV aqua watery cream, Maybelline Pure Mineral BB cream, ZA two way powder foundation, Revlon matte (for brows), Catrice multicolor blush, Green eyeshadows top to bottom (4U2 I-pro palette, Urban Decay Vice, Sleek Snapshots), Maybelline color tattoo, Heavy Rotation eyeliner, Art Deco brow gel, Kiss me heroine mascara, It cosmetics 5 in 1 mascara, Maybelline color sensational lipstick 

The completed Acid Green Forest look! I decided to go with a touch of cranberry on the cheeks but a nude warm blush also would be perfect for this look! 

On my cheeks was this limited edition blush Pam helped me find in Germany! It's from Catrice and is amazing! You just need a tiny touch of this!
Giant dim sum lunch at Peach Garden! Lunch with my mom, grandma and my brother! In total we ate 17 different dim sum items! Crazy right!
Vegetarian mushroom dumplings!
Shrimp dumplings! The skin was so beautiful and the translucent quality makes it visually pleasing!
Baked Char Sui pastries! Filled with sweet pork, the pastry is flaky and breaks apart in the mouth!
Steamed beancurd wrapped seaweed and prawns! Healthier than the others and so yummy!
Deep fried taro dumplings! Oh damn! These were so damn perfect. The filling is tasty, fragrant and just melt in your mouth! I love taro and it has bits of mushroom and dried shrimp!
Deep fried mango and shrimp rolls! These are freaking amazing and some how are quite popular now! The mango is sweet and soft and the shrimp so crunchy! The skin is lovely and crisp like a wanton skin!
And the guilty pleasure of the lunch! Super crispy pork belly! The cut was perfect, the perfect amount of fat and meat! Every bite was a dream!

When was the last time you pigged out on dim sum or Asian food?
Would you wear this acid green eye?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you so much!


  1. That lunch looks AMAZING. Your food pictures always make so hungry, and I just ate breakfast!

    I love green eye shadow and this look is killer. I also really like the lipstick you paired with it!

  2. YUM dimsum! We should totally do that :P
    Looks like you and your mum and grandma
    had a nice one ;)
    Love your eye makeup as well, green acid
    suits you! Xx

  3. va va voom ! wonderful <3 love this acid green Look on you <3

  4. OMG the food!!! you are torturing me!! xD
    anyway, the make up is so beautiful!! love the green eye look , you def can pull off any color!!
    and the cream cake BB cream? never heard of it, hope you write about it later :-D

  5. Another great look! I love incorporating colours into an eye look!
    I need to to go to yum cha soon!!! It looks soooo yummy!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  6. Green is so pretty on brunettes. Love this x

  7. Wow, you look stunning in green eyeshadow! I love how rich the colors are. And mmm, dim sum. I haven't had that in ages. Now I'm totally craving some!

  8. Wow, I had never thought that green eye shadow would look that good with brown eyes!

  9. I'm so craving for dimsum, especially the hakao! T_T the shrimp rolls look so yummy too. Urghh..


  10. Love, love, love! This looks SO GOOD on you! I love the more brown-toned lip colour with the really bright eyes. I must bookmark this, it's amazing!

  11. I've only ever had dim sum twice with some fellow bloggers but I totally loved it - you make me want it again right now!
    I think that blush colour goes perfectly with the green of the eye, and man I am envious of your liner skills

  12. I love the green shadow on you! The blush colour is super fabulous, too!

  13. Such a beautiful makeup look :D I love the greens!

  14. We seldom eat Asian type food here but I would love to eat some dim sum... Ive heard so many good things about it :)
    What a WONDERFUL makeup look sweetie and as usual the pictures are lovely and the food make me hungry :D

  15. Green is a gorgeous colour on your eyes. I love the look and yes I would probably wear it as green is suppose to compliment brown eyes! I haven't had dim sum in a while but was thinking of buying dumplings the other day I was craving them so bad! :p

    Michelle | A Lovely Allure

  16. There is something so pretty about green shadows, especially with dark hair.




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