Monday, 20 October 2014

Review: Yves Rocher exfoliating shower gel in Blackberry!

Exfoliating Blackberry gel! For all those who have been following my blog for a while I usually don't have many skincare/body care product reviews but I'm hoping to slow increase them! I've been testing and using a lot of skincare and taking note of how they perform so that I'll be able to review them soon! This beautiful strong scented blackberry exfoliating shower gel is from Yves Rocher! I didn't plan to buy this but came across their new shop at the time in the basement of Ngee Ann city!

They have an amazing range of more usual scents and ingredients compared to The Body Shop but more importantly the prices are so much cheaper and you get the same or larger amount of product! I ended up walking out of the shop, spending less than $30 and two full sized body washes!

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Yves Rocher exfoliating shower gel in Blackberry!
My first Yves Rocher skincare haul from the shop in Ngee Ann City! Look at how many samples of perfumes, scrubs and face creams the sales lady gave me!
Yves Rocher exfoliating shower gel in Blackberry! I love that it has fruit seeds and looks like jelly!
Yves Rocher exfoliating shower gel in Blackberry! Filled with natural ingredients, this is a very gentle scrub that's intensely scented with a spicey berry smell! I didn't realize how spiced it was until I used it!
Packaging & Product!

This product all around is really quite superb, I'm not trying to make hype about this product but everything from this brand not only seems to be full of lots of natural goodness but they are so affordable and I love the thought of everyone being able to try something from them. The packaging is straight up lovely. This tube is a green and purple with the green cap matching the green in the label photo with the blackberries and their leaves. I love how these tubes are transparent and you can see the yummy jelly jam looking product inside! It really makes me excited seeing the product!

This exfoliating shower gel is a lovely medium gel like consistency! It's a lovely clear grape jam type color and is full of  black berry fruit seeds! At first sniff from the cap of the tube it smells like a deep dark blackberry scent that isn't very sweet but when you're using it, this has a strong spicy berry scent that smells like a pungent fruit preserve!

For exfoliating this isn't the best product, the bits of fruit seed aren't rough enough but they do give the skin a nice surface rub. I use this mainly for enjoyment purposes of the feeling of a shower gel and the scent!

Yves Rocher exfoliating shower gel in Blackberry!
Yves Rocher exfoliating shower gel in Blackberry!
Paid: $12 SGD or about $9.40USD 

 (This is so damn cheap compared to $20-35 from The Body Shop for similar products!)

Recommend: Yes! If you're a fan of spicey berry preserve type scents and a jelly texture with mild scrubby bits this is for you! In general if you love trying out different scents of shower gel Yves Rocher has a great affordable range!

Repurchase: No, not this particular scent. I didn't have the right impression of the smell in the shop and wasn't aware of how spicey it smells! When I mean 'spicey' I mean like a pastry dried spices type of spiciness. However I would love to buy another bottle from this line!

Bottom line: A very strongly scented, jam and jelly like shower gel with fruit seed scrubbing bits, this product is so nice to use! It's not the best exfoliator because the scrub seeds are not coarse enough however it's a lovely shower product!

Have you tried any shower gels from Yves Rocher?
Tried Blackberry before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I love Yves Rocher scrubs! So far I tried two of them and they were both great :)

  2. Sounds like a good brand! And affordable too! I love the fruit seeds :)

  3. Sounds like a great product!! I looove blackberries - too bad this one had an off scent for you!

  4. This looks so delicious right? ^^ I have the raspberry one (I think) and I love it!

  5. New follower :D
    Blackberries is always a good idea. Too bad i have no idea where to get Yves Rocher's products in the states! I used to use their products in Canada!

  6. Yves Rocher products look so good! :)
    Do join the international giveaway on my blog.

  7. Oh, I love Yves Rocher. I used have a bottle of body spritzer that smelled like real peaches. It is a shame that we cannot find them easily in the states. You're right, I think the brand is right up there with The Body Shop (or even better than Bath & Body Works). Blackberry shower gel looks scrumptious! :)




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