Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Dinner date at Jerry's BBQ & Grill at Jalan Kayu!

Level 4 Buffalo wings for dinner! For those who love wings, soups, fried appetizers and that kind of steak house, BBQ house type of foods my advance apologies for possibly starting your tummy on a frenzy! There's a really awesome western dining cafe near by where I live (which is a remotish part of singapore) and having not been there for more than 5 years I thought it was time to go back!

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Dinner date at Jerry's BBQ & Grill at Jalan Kayu!
Check out my papaya tree! Grown from seeds as I do every year or so! In past years the tree managed to grow up to 7 feet or even taller! It's still young now though!
Posing with the giant papaya leaf!
I love how my papaya trees are so healthy that the leaves are so big!
Funny faces! Well, me mostly! I loved the lighting! It was perfect that evening! I never edit any of my photos EVER. At most I resize and crop but I never change the color or anything like that!
Jerry's BBQ & Grill at Jalan Kayu! The original outlet in Singapore is about a 12 min walk and then a 5 minute bus ride away from my home! It's considered to be a more remote area of Singapore but it's near me!
Jerry's BBQ & Grill at Jalan Kayu! I really love the modern blue and yellow color scheme! In the past it was so plain and boring!
The menu! Although I still think it's too extensive and they should just focus on their amazing buffalo wings and smoked meats this menu looks so much better than their older GIANT menu with only text!
We ordered a half dozen of the level 4 'chef challenge' level of buffalo wings! These for me are spicy but not deadly spicy or a spiciness that stings and hurts. It's a bit numbing at first bite but then it's so tasty, crunchy, saucy and just amazing! Stay below a level 2 if you're not a spicy food person!
We had a side of jalapeno poppers too with a chilled salsa dip! Yummy and so guilty!
We also had a yummy clam chowder! Although it tasted more like a light creamy seafood soup than a strong chowder. The bread bowl was toasted so well on the bottom so it stayed in one piece!
As you can see by my boyfriends slight smirk, dinner was so filling and yummy! Nothing much but some bones left from the wings and a piece of bread from the soup bowl!
Favorite photo of the day! Loved the lighting and this shot in general! I love him to death! It's been four years and I hope we have plenty more together!

Have you eaten buffalo wings or BBQ type foods recently?
What do you think of my papaya tree?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Thank God I just went to a steakhouse yesterday to celebrate my 5th anniversary with my BF, otherwise I'd go crazy to see this BBQ goodness! xDD
    We also have papaya tree at home, my mom sometimes cook the leaves.. I hate them because they are so bitter, but my parents love them ^^

  2. cute pics!! :)


  3. Dinner looks lovely!!! :) CUTE!

  4. Look at that cute papaya tree c; Is it giving
    fruit yet? I love BBQ party everyone is so
    relaxed :P You look lovely as usual ^^

  5. You're so cute, Sharlynn! I'm on a diet and looking at your pictures are torture! They look so delicious and I know I can't eat any of those for a while. :( But it looks like you guys really had a wonderful time!

  6. My mouth has started watering, such delicious food!!! Love the pictures, especially yours with the papaya leaves!

    Have a great day honey!

  7. haha I love wings, and I go for wings every Monday night here!! you two are adorable!

  8. Aaah your Papaya tree is so adorable... so big and beautiful :)
    The food looks amazing :O
    And Im so happy that you have your love by your side... it is a very special feeling to love and be loved :)
    You always have such amazing pictures :)




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