Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Beauty Blogger TAG!

Beauty Blogger Tag! To be honest, I've been very kindly tagged a few times by fellow beauty bloggers but have just never gotten around to these things. I'm super concentrated on my regular reviews and look posts so even when I receive a nomination or blog award I don't immediately get to it. For those who have been with my blog for a while it should be obvious that I don't show you much of my life but that's because I don't intend for this blog to be a window into my life however I really need to do a couple of these super fun tags!

No, I was not tagged by anyone to this one but I've seen several versions of questions by doing some light searching! I decided on using the set that Filia from My Sugarcoffee beauty blog did!

Continue below for the fun tag!

Having a day out visiting the famous Flower Domes at the Gardens by the Bay here in Sunny Singapore!
Getting to Know You!

3 Random Facts 
(but I'm going to give you more, because this is my blog)

1. I love a giant hole on beaches. I've dug a giant hole on beaches in three different countries now and every time it's either by myself or with a friend or my boyfriend. I just love having a hole big enough to sit in and have the water table fill it up somewhat.

That's my bestfriend in the background. We both could lie down in the hole with our limbs out and still have space!
2. In highschool I made my own bookshelf. Design, plan, cut, saw, sand, glue, stain, paint, sand, gloss...everything! The best pieces of furniture were made by the girls in class too, more of us turned out for extra hours on weekends to school to do our work unlike most of the boys.

 The shelf on the left is my bookshelf! The one on the right was my classmate's vanity desk before she stained and varnished it and glued a mirror onto it!

3. Our family cat Lis was a starving and sick stray that I picked up one night with my mom while walking home from my grandma's house. There was a litter but she was the only one that didn't run. She's an indoor/outdoor cat that comes and goes as she pleases. She's very small fully grown now 5 years later but I love her!

Lis the first night I brought her home, her first week with us all skinny, boney and sick! On the bottom is when she was one year old and then Lis playing around just this week! She's a small cat, about 4/5 kilos
4. I have a crazy love for fried asian foods. Springrolls I could eat everyday. Fried wantons. Fried fishcakes, fried squid, fried curry puffs, fried fishballs, fried taro pie, fried tempeh...OMG.

Simply mouth watering deliciously tasty and crunchy thai prawn cakes, vegetable springrolls and battered and friend Indonesian tempeh!
5. I enjoy catching certain bugs. Grasshoppers especially. I also enjoy gathering snails and releasing them or throwing them over to someone else's garden. It's not like I do this all the time but when I have the chance I take advantage of nature's little critters.

What country do you live in?
I'm currently living in Singapore! I've lived in Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia for a total of 15 years. My family returned to Singapore permenantly in 2010.

What's the meaning behind the name of your blog? 

'Blackmentos' comes from part of my personal email address which I made some years ago and decided to stick to as before that since I was young I constantly made new accounts with new names! 'Beauty box' comes from the idea of having this treasure trove of beauty products!
Why did you start blogging?
  Starting a beauty blog originally was not my idea at all! I didn't really get into reading regularly until a few years back. It was my best friend who knew I had a crazy interest in make up and told me to go start a I DID!

Make up!

If you could live off one foundation which one would it be?

 For foundation, Kate powderless liquid and for a BB cream it would be lioele Triple the Solution.

What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought?
The most expensive single item would be a duty free Dior eyeshadow palette! (my review here)


Which product have you repurchased the most?

Hands down my holy grail ZA cosmetics two way foundation powder. I easily go through one pan every month or every other month. I'm always using it despite also using other powders too and it's been like this the last 3 years!

On my recent trip to Bandung, Indonesia I bought 3 backups! They are half the price there!
Smokey and Sexy, Girl Next Door or Bright and Bold?

I love smokey brown eyes and bright pops but nothing crazy and avante garde looking!

Biggest Blogger/ Youtuber Inspiration?

I really don't have someone who I get inspiration from although on youtube I love Emily from Beautybroadcast and a few from the blogging world I love the ladies from The Makeup Edition, Sleep and Water and The Beauty Milk.

Drugstore or High End?
I own mostly drugstore. Although consider than a drugstore product here cost average of $15-20 USD. I do love high end products but they are a rare indulgence. Although I have no problem spending $150 on drugstore stuff! Just calculate the price breakdown below of the things I bought from the drugstore (excluding the polishes)

Etude House polishes ($2.90 each), Scrub $12.90, Bourjois lip velvets $25 each, Revlon lip butter $ 16.90 each, Kate foundation $34, ZA blush ($9.90), ZA powder ($18.90), Catrice blushes ($7.90 each), Catrice pure shine ($5.90), NYX lip pencils ($6 each), ZA brow pencil (free because of buy 1 get 1)
Bronzer or Blusher?

Blusher. At the moment I own one bronzer gifted to me!

The majority of my blushes are here! I love them so much! I love a good rose, shimmery pink or nude warm blush shade!


How many times a day do you wash your face?

Once, in the shower at night with my skincare routine. In the morning I use a toner/softener.

Biggest Skin Struggle?

Oiliness and pimples during my late teenage years. I never had many blemishes in my early teenage years 13-16 but then in my last few years of highschool and the stress and weird hours I had lots of pimples at all times.

This was what I woke up to everyday when I was was worse on most days with at least 4-6 pimples on my forehead and 2-3 big ones on my cheeks. When a few on the forehead went away some more came up!

What's your favorite way to pamper your skin?

1. A vanilla ice cream scented milk scrub. 
2. Any super moist face mask overnight.
3. Liquid Gold from Alpha-H. 

What's your skincare routine? 

My regular routine contains lots of products but I rotate them and use them depending on how my skin feels. First thing in the morning I use toner to clean off oils or left over products from the night before. At night I'd do all my make up removal, scrubbing, cleansing all in th shower. If I wore no make up that day I will tone throughout the day to remove excess oil but the rest remains the same. Then at night before I sleep in my shower, I tone, apply moisturizer or milk and then maybe some eye serum.

 I actually don't have a blogpost on this but I will make one soon!

Are you confident to go without makeup?

 Yes but it also depends where! To have a casual meal near by, visit the supermarket or do simple things with my family sure thing.  On my super minimal days I will wear pressed powder and some mascara with clear lipbalm.


Favourite hair product?

I'm lazy, my hair is super resist to heat styling even so I don't use any special hair products with the exception of some hair serum for my ends. My favorite hair product right now are my Body Shop and Mane n' Tail clarifying shampoos! I have an oily scalp and these are magic to make my hair silky smooth and airy.

First day hair or second day hair? 

I wash my hair everyday. My hair is so thick, my scalp gets oily, the humidy is 70-80% and temperature always 28-36 C in Singapore. I think you're freaking crazy if you wash every other day in this weather!

On both photos my hair is all natural with exception to my fringe which I use a flat iron to curl. My hair is naturally quite straight with slight waves at times depending on how much it dried before I slept! My hair will look the same second day but my scalp will be a bit greasy and I can't stand it.
How many times have you dyed your hair?

I tried once when I was 14 to die my black hair a dark brown at home. I knew nothing and still know very little about the process but it was a fail and I've never tried dying my hair again. My hair although is a natural dark brown and not jet black. It's very obvious against other people's hair or if I'm wearing a black top.


Neutral or Bright Colours?

When I was a teenager for the most part I wore only black tops and that was it. You'd never think I'd go from that to skirts, dresses, shorts, colorful jeans, silky blouses and all the things I wear now!
Winter or Summer Fashion?

I love summer type looking outfits for all year round because of the weather in Singapore/ south east asia but I love the look of boots and coats/blazer.

As you can see my wardrobe is full of color! Lots of blacks, pink, blues, whites, greens, greys...everything! I have lots of dresses and denim shorts! I used to have tonnes of t-shirts but I've since moved onto pretty tops!
 Jeans, Shorts, Skirts or Dresses? 

For day to day I always am in denim shorts here in Singapore. I have phases where I'm always in a dress or mini skirt or shorts but definitely not jeans. I can't take long pants here in Singapore. It's too hot for me, I would rather stay home than go out with jeans.

This was from a few days ago! A thick cotton weave plaid shirt and denim shorts with sandals! My typical outfit around town any day of the year in sunny Singapore!

Phew! There really wasn't that many questions but because of all my photos this post seems so long! Yep, all the answers I've given are candid and honest! This was very fun to put together and I actually have a more serious post with lots of text but thought this would be a super fun one to do first! If you haven't done this tag before feel free to do it too! I'd love to see your version!

Feel free to comment!

Thank you!


  1. Nice tag and I have enjoyed reading the answers,
    this way you get to know the blogger a bit more
    as well c: I'm really impressed by that homemade
    book shelf btw! Xx

  2. this is a nice tag, Sharlynn! I might want to do this as well xD
    it is ridiculous how drugstore make up in Singapore is solo expensive, esp Maybelline, Revlon, Loreal, they are mostly double the price compare to Indonesia or US for example. I stocked up on ZA concealer you gave me when I went to Indonesia, it is only Rp 80.000 there, very cheap for such a good quality!
    It is nice of you to take home a stray cat, she was so skinny but now so healthy !
    I love asian food as well, as much as I enjoy western food, nothing can beat good asian food :D..

  3. I loved reading this! Your cat Lis is adorable, you have looked after her well :) Looking at all those snails gives me the shivers, I dislike bugs and critters :P You eyeliner is always on point too, I'm super jealous- it's so hard to perfect it every time especially see as I have hooded monolids grrr. And your blush collection is beautiful :D

  4. Love the photos! Your cat is so cute! Mm fried food *drools*
    Gah I feel your acne pain! But your skin looks so nice now :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  5. Totally love this post, Sharlynn! Gosh, you're indeed multi-talented to have made those shelves! I'm a complete idiot when it comes to this kind stuff. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing about yourself! Certainly good to know you better~ Happy Sunday, dear!
    Luxury Haven

  6. it's so nice that you posted a photo of you with no make-up and with a not-so-nice skin. you're showing that we're all human here. we get pimples. :) actually, right now. i don't really like my skin. huhu. stress taking over. :( anyway, great tagging post!~

    xoxo, rae

  7. Lovely tag post ^^

    Beautiful eye make up and wow you've lived in so many places in asia....So cool ^____^

    恵美より ♥

  8. Hi Sharlynn,

    Seeing how you found and care for Lis, I know that you must be a sweet person. Personally, I know beauty radiates out out from beneath and clearly, you are a beautiful person... And, the makeup makes you prettier!


  9. Aww it's so sweet you took in your cat! I love cats and had one for several years but I slowly developed a horrible allergy to all cats so I had to give her away! :(

  10. FREAKING TOO EXCITED WHEN I SAW THAT BLUSH STASH. I applaud girls who can build and assemble their own furniture. I've built bookshelves myself (well, from a box anyways, LOL), but WE GET SHT DONE! We don't need boys to build our furniture ;)
    And loved that cat story! It's very compassionate, and it warms my heart whenever I read/hear about people rescuing stray dogs/cats. I should probably go into working with animals, haha.

    FRIED ANYTHING IS DELICIOUS, OK. And ergh, humidity is disgusting. I feel like I'm in constant need of a shower in humid weather/countries @_@

  11. I can't believe how skinny and sickly Lis was when you first rescued. So happy that she's healthy and happy now in your arms and I'm so glad you saved her. And I love giant holes in beaches as well!! I can spend all day digging holes in the sand
    I was so mesmerised by all the beautiful shades of blusher you have. So pretty!

  12. Awww! I can't believe how big Lis is now! I love cats so I think it's so sweet and amazing that you took her in and made all fat and healthy! She looks very happy now. And yes, I cannot imagine NOT washing my hair in Asia. I remember showering twice a day living in Malaysia!




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