Saturday, 1 November 2014

Princess Pink Paradise eyes and cheeks!

Pink Paradise look! I know of many girls like me who love pink on the eyes, cheeks and lips! It's one of those colors that can work all over the face and I really do love a shimmery pale pink and a medium rose pink shade! There will also be those who will only reserve pinks for the cheeks and lips saying that it makes them look bruised on the eyes or look strange which I can understand. Nevertheless anyone can do whatever they want with make up on themselves and I love pinks all over my face!

This look was inspired by my new blusher from a brand called The Bakery which is by Beauty Buffet a very successful and popular beauty/skincare brand from Thailand! I've yet to review the blush but it's the perfect medium rose pink with the most glowing finish!

Continue below for the full look!
Princess Pink Paradise eyes!

Princess Pink Paradise eyes! Using Maybelline color tattoo in Inked in Pink as a base!
Princess Pink Paradise eyes! Using the a palette from Brigitte and Beauty Buffet's Gina McCray single shadow in Peach Pink!
I wanted to keep the look light, girly and brightening so I stuck to light shades and nothing too deep and dark even in the crease and outer V! See how there's such a glow on the eyes by using a pale and medium pink! It's my favorite way of using pink of the lids!

Princess Pink Paradise eyes! Wearing Beauty Buffet The Bakery Lollipop Blusher in 01!
Products Used: ZA two way foundation powder, Biore UV aqua watery cream, L'oral Lucent Magique foundation N2, Maybelline Color Tattoo Inked in Pink, Revlon Matte (for brows), Gino McCray single shadow in Peach Pink, The Bakery Lollipop blusher, Brigitte eyeshadow quad Romantic Prologue, Kiss me heroine eyeliner, Kiss me heroine mascara long & curl!
Trying to be cute winking! But I really haven't mastered it at all!
My completely look! Natural, pink, glowy and so easy to wear out! I have nothing on my lips!
I'm so in love with this look I'm inspired to do another pinky look soon!

What do you think of my Princess Pink Paradise look?
Do you like wearing pink on the eyes?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I have to say, I really love pinks on you! It is amazing!
    And that powder foundation case is so cute. ;)

  2. Pink really suits you! It looks soft and doesn't look too much.. :-)
    I like pink mostly on the lips. I have to be careful with pink on the eyes or on the cheeks, as long as the pink is warm enough because cool toned pink is definitely not my color..

  3. You pull off the pink really well! My pinks are usually neglected because I can't seem to work out the best way for myself...but should attempt again~^^

  4. Such a beautiful and feminine look! ^ v ^
    I love wearing pink on my eyes, cheeks and lips too! ^ ___ ^

  5. Totally princessy Sharlynn, just gorgeous.

  6. I adore anything pink & the word Princess makes me weak. Lol! I'm back from my trip & resuming my blog hopping. Hope you'd a great Halloween, dear!

  7. Princess Sharlynn.. this is beautiful as always :)

  8. Such a lovely look sweetie :)
    I love wearing pink, especially on my lips.. I find it a bit difficult for me to wear on the eyes but it can work and it looks so lovely :)
    On my lips and nails I love to wear pink :)

  9. Completely stunning, pink is just your color, you look gorgeous <3

  10. this is so pretty, you really look like a Disney princess :) I love the pink blush that you use.

  11. I love the softness of the look - very feminine and pretty. You have such beautiful skin too!

    Ellie | wunderstar

  12. Oooh, I love this look! So girly!
    Winking for the camera is SUPER hard! I don't think I could even do it again.




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