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Review: Shiseido Aqua label Bright White EX!

Light and Bright! For Asian women for many generations having a clear, bright and 'white' complexion has been an ideal! You'll see women in the hot and humid climates in south eat asia walking around or bike riding under the hot sun with long sleeves, sleeve caps or jackets just to prevent a tan. 

Aqua label's blue line of skincare products are meant for whitening and brightening! This whitening serum from Aqua label caught my eye as I was looking for one just for spot usage on my face on areas with visible pigmentation/scars. I've tried a concentrated whitening gel from them before so I thought I'd change it up with this instead!

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Shiseido Aqua label Bright White EX!
Shiseido Aqua label Bright White EX! Every product in this line has the m-tranexamic acid!
Shiseido Aqua label Bright White EX! This can be used all over or just on problem areas!
Shiseido Aqua label Bright White EX!
Shiseido Aqua label Bright White EX!
Shiseido Aqua label Bright White EX!

Packaging & Product!

Blue, clean, aqua, clear, fresh...these are the words I think of when I see the packaging from this line from Aqua label! I love the translucent blue packaging, if you look closely you can see the serum inside. This type of packaging not only looks pretty to the eyes but is also sturdy. I really enjoy the pump applicator of this product, it's easy to pump out just a bit or more, there is good control and the cap fits snugly. 

This serum is meant to prevent the forming of future pigmentation and is suppose to help 'cell turn over' which means helping the skin regenerate faster. Inadvertently this product is meant to aid skin brightening and to help prevent the skin from getting more damaged. This product is a super light textured milky gel serum. It says that it has a 'hint of rose' fragrance but honestly I don't think it's rose, it smells more like a clean spring water type of smell. 

I tend to use this in place of my moisturizer or I add this after it as a spot treatment on pigmentation on my neck, on freckles on the tops of my cheeks and under my eyes for a cooling treatment. I love how this feels on the skin and I love this light texture for quick absorption into the skin. The only sign that this could be making a difference is a pigmented area on my neck. Over the last few months, it has lightened in areas and now is a cluster of pigment instead of a big dark area. I'm not 100% sure it's just because I've been using this but I have confidence that this can help.
Shiseido Aqua label Bright White EX!

This product is very easy to use and feels lovely on the skin. I believe it's best to use as an additional step in your normal night care as most asian products are developed to be layered with other products for better absorption and effect. This product would be best for normal-oily skin types. 

Shiseido Aqua label Bright White EX!
Paid: $35.50 SGD or about $28 USD

Recommend: Yes, it's a lovely light textured serum that feels, smells and absorbs lovely into the skin. I think this would be suitable to most skin types and will not irritate any skin condition.

Repurchase: Maybe, this product is lovely but since my face moisturizer is mostly of a similar texture I would prefer to get a thicker more gel like serum/treatment! When I'm finish with this I think I most likely will repurchase the whitening gel in a pot instead of this!

Bottom line: This is a very easy to use and good skin condition boosting product. It's a great product to add to your night routine and it's definitely a product that would work well layered with others. This can't really get rid of long term scars/pigmentation but will help regeneration of skin and evening out the complexion effected by short term blemishes/redness.

What type of skin brightening/whitening product do you use?
Do you like layering your night time skincare?
Let me know!

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  1. I love that the packaging makes it easier to use but sucks that it's not quite as thick as the others. Especially with dry skin like mine, I need all the moisture I can get! Thanks for the review and Thank you visiting, hope to see you back sweets!

    Xo- Julie
    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. I like the pump bottle packaging, looks like a pretty impresssive product! Great review honey!




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