Friday, 24 October 2014

Smokin' molten chocolate taupe eyes with a matte red lip!

Molten chocolate eyes, red lips and delicious food! For the most part if you've seen the posts on this blog, it's generally either beauty related or food related....a touch of fashion and other occasions out but that's it! This post was of the day my boyfriend came back from being abroad for about two weeks two months ago. I was in a rush to the airport as the scheduled landing time was actually somewhat later than the actual landing time so I was on time!

I created my favorite smoking chocolate eye using the Smoked palette my boyfriend gifted me and went with something bolder on the lips! 

Continue below for the look, dinner and goodies!
Smokin' molten chocolate taupe eyes with a matte red lip! (Dinner at Penang Culture)
My favorite taupe/chocolate smokey eye look using the Urban Decay Smoked palette!
My favorite taupe/chocolate smokey eye look using the Urban Decay Smoked palette!
On my lips is my only favorite matte liquid stain from Bourjois! (My review here!)
The completed simple going out/date night look! Smokey brown eyes and a red lip! How more classic can we go?
Products used: Urban Decay Smoked palette, Sleek contour kit, Sleek blush pomegranate, Biore UV aqua watery cream, Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, Revlon matte (for brows), Sana Pore Putty BB Mineral powder, Urban Decay 24/7 shadow pencil, Clio gelpresso eyeliner, Kiss me Heroine mascara, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet
I went with a cranberry blush but if you want something more subtle go for a terracotta/nude toned blush!
Sleek's beautiful pomegranate blush!
On my lips is the best liquid matte cream I've tried (but also only the second I've tried)

Penang mee goreng! So delicious and tasty and slightly spicy! Lots of fried egg, prawns, fish, squid, cubes of potato and I love the chopped up lettuce on top! This was so damn good!
Black pepper mantis prawn! The prawn meat with battered with cornstarch and had such a great crunch! The lightly stir fried peppers and onion were perfect and the pepper sauce not too strong! We loved every bit of this!
Penang Fried Rice set! The rice has been fried with balachan which makes it fragrant! You get an assortment of egg omelet, onion slices, dried shrimp, green mango and stewed meat thing! The red chilli is a chilli with prawn paste!
Thai style fried tofu with apple/onion sweet chilli pickle! This was so damn delicious, crispy, soft, warm and so refreshing! I always love dishes like this but my boyfriend really really loved this when he normally doesn't!
Goodies my boyfriend brought back from Indonesia for me and his family! The famous Amanda steamed chocolate brownie cakes, fried pig's intestines, local tea, a box of my favorite chocolates (so happy!) and a chocolate bar!
These are both steamed chocolate brownie cakes topped with a chocolate crust. Unlike western brownies these are healthy in all senses, less sweet, less butter and are so moist, light, fluffy and are deliciously dark chocolate!
I'm sorry I just freaking love how my smokey eyes turn out every time I use the Urban Decay palette...the shadows just blend out so perfectly!
Posing with the dearest one! I was so happy to have him back and I was showing him the beanies I got for us! We always joke how he looks like a terrorist and we don't be surprised if he's stopped multiple times at the airport with this look!
What do you ladies think of my make up look?
Care to have joined us for dinner?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. beautiful look, love ur cheek color :)

  2. love the eye makeup and the matte red pout!!! You look gorgeous <3

  3. Love your FOTD! I agree, those Bourjois liquid lipsticks are to die for. I have Pink Pong and the red one, I forget the name. Crazy pigmented!

  4. I love the beautifully done eyes - those smokey colors are gorgeous and create a lot of depth and dimension!

  5. lovely make up as usual, Sharlynn! the lip color is very nice, the Bourjois lip creams are amazing, aren't they?
    oh look at those Indo food! How do you like Brownies Amanda? I am not really a fan unfortunately, but I love the brownies from Prima Rasa and Kartika Sari ( they are really famous in Bandung.. Does Lingga come from Brandung ? ) and the Silver Queen chocolate bar remains my favorite, even after years having european chocolate, Lindt, godiva, Guylian, I still miss Silver Queen the most. lol

  6. Steamed brownie cakes! Ugh, they look so good.
    Your makeup also looks good. As usual, haha.

  7. Your eye makeup always looks so nice! and that sleek blush looks like it has amazing pigmentation, too bad I'm not daring enough to pull it off myself :P

    t w o p l i c a t e s

  8. I shouldn't have read this post before lunch. I'm so hungry looking at all the good food pictures!

    That lip color looks amazing on you, btw! The blush is also a crazy beautiful color that I'm now lusting after. hahaha

  9. That lip stain looks amazing! Now I understand why you like darker colors lip products cause they do look perfff on you!




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